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    Railway Station: Sapri or Maratea

? Log onto to check train schedules.

? Train tickets must be stamped before boarding the train. Look for yellow box on pillars at

    the station to stamp tickets.

? The fastest train is called the Eurostar (ES).

    ? For those taking trains from Rome’s Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) airport:

    ? follow signs to the train station within the airport, then purchase your tickets to

    your final destination at the ticket office in front of the platform

    ? the train takes 40 minutes to the main train station in Rome (Termini)

? For those flying into Rome’s Ciampino airport:

    ? Buy a Bus ticket in the main concourse this will take you near the main train

    station in Rome (Termini) where you can purchase train tickets to your final


? For those flying into Naples airport

    ? There is bus service outside the terminal doors which goes to the Central train station

    (Stazione Centrale at Piazza Garibaldi), which is about 3-4 miles. The cost is about ?

    3. Take note that there are 2 platforms at the train station: P.GA is on the lower

    level and NA CLE is on the main platform.

    ? For those flying into Lamezia Terme International Airport. Website for airport:

    ? There is a shuttle bus outside the terminal doors that goes to the train station

    (Lamezia Terme Centrale), which is about 1.5 miles (2 km). We don’t know the cost,

    but it should be a minimal.

? Very Important: If you do not have a cell phone that works in Italy, you need to purchase

    an International phone card (called the Columbus card) at the airport, or when you get

    to Rome, Naples or Lamezia purchase one (called scheda telefonica) so that you can call a

    taxi if there are none at the Station when you arrive.

    ? For those that are staying in the Maratea area, the best train station to arrive at is Sapri

    (which is the main station) because it has more trains. It’s about 10 miles (about 16 km) to

    Maratea. There are phones in front of the Sapri Train station that you can use. See

    below for Maratea station.

    o Taxis: You need to give the taxis the name of the hotel or villa and address. If there

    are no taxis there, please call Eurotravel (taxi service) at +39 0973 876077 or + 39

    339 6991878. There office is in the town centre of Maratea.

    should be some taxis in front of the Sapri Train station ? Sapri station: There until about 11:00 pm. The taxis from Sapri could cost anywhere from ? 30-

    ? 50 depending on final destination, how many passengers and how many pieces

    of luggage.

    ? Maratea station: does not usually have taxis in low season (October through

    May). During the months of June, July, August & September taxis are

    there all day till about 12 midnight.

    ? Before you arrive at your stop, make sure you know how to open the train doors. Watch

    other people opening the door at previous stops.

    ? If there are multiple people and bags getting off, use more doors because the trains

    typically only stop for 1 minute before taking off again. Or make sure you have a bag

    stopping the door from closing.

    ? If you have any problems, please call:

    Lucia Pepice from Slow Dreams (cell): 333 7742889

    Directions from Naples Airport to Hotel San Diego Some Notes:

    ? Ask your car rental company for how to get on to the A3 highway. It varies depending on

    the car company.

    ? Bring some cash for toll or you can use your credit card (less than ?5)

    ? All distances are very approximate

    Go NORTH on A3 (towards Rome) to the A16 (Naples to Bari highway). Take A16 east, to A30.

    Follow signs south to Salerno (direction Reggio Calabria). At Salerno you will rejoin the A3.

    Continue south on A3.

    Exit at Lagonegro Nord (North). Follow this road (SS 585) and exit at Maratea Nord (North). This

    road becomes SS 104 and follow signs for Sapri.

    The drive down the hill is about 25 minutes, when you get to the bottom of the hill (Sapri), take a

    left and you will be on the coast of Maratea, 7 kilometres beyond Sapri you will enter the village

    Acquafredda. Drive through the village centre carefully - the road is only wide enough for 1

    vehicle at a time so you need be aware of where you can pull into if a truck comes at you head-on.

    On the far side of the village, you will see a sign for Hotel San Diego. The check in is on the left

    hand side of the road and the car park is on the right.

Hotel San Diego

85044 Acquafredda di Maratea (PZ)

Tel: 0973 878004

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