A Word that Has Changed the World

By Micheal Hicks,2014-07-08 10:36
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A Word that Has Changed the Worldword,that,has,the,world,Word,That,Has,World,WORD

    A Word That Has Changed the World


     Needless to say, everyone eagers for a world filled with beauty and freedom, without any trouble or obstacles. Indeed, we are satisfied with the fantastic and lovely world. However, before human beings

    appearance on the earth, the world was not what we see today. Initially, human beings practice or activities were like animals. They didnt have

    any concept of labor, tools and so on. As a result, they confronted with many difficulties that even threatened their lives. But they were not defeated. Instead, they learnt a kind of character. That is the topic word that has changed the world-invincible. With the word, human beings created a totally different world despite difficulties on the way.

     A spark of shower flew up the fire. From then on, the chilly moon light was not the only light source at night. The world became warm and peaceful for human beings invincibility when faced with all kinds of


     Earnest Hemingway once said in an article: In a calm sea, everyone is a pilot. But all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life at all. Just like human society, from the initial to the modern, a lot of difficulties, even disasters, occurred in human history. But never give up, never say no, were invincible so that a fantastic and marvelous human civilization appeared on the earth. As for individuals, in our own world we may be stuck with some difficulties. Just remember the word that our ancestors gave to us from generation to generation. We shouldnt

    complain about the cross we bear, instead, we must realize it is preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see but we cannot. So as long as we are invincible, the world may be changed by our efforts and become more lovely.

     Finally, the following extract taken from the poem Invictus by William

    Ernest Henley is for all of you. I believe you could get the power from this word:

    It matters not how strait the gate,

    How charged with punishments the scroll,

    I am the master of my fate;

I am the captain of my soul.

By Zhang Xiaonan

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