Spark English Vocabulary Series

By Luis Willis,2014-10-12 11:20
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Spark English Vocabulary Series


    China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.


    I will cherish my visit here in memory, as long as I live! ascribe

    The agency ascribed the temperature climb mainly to increased greenhouse gases emissions, cyclical temperature fluctuations and less cold air generated from the Arctic.


    Her taste in music coincides with her husband’s.


    Our team overwhelmed the visitors by 40 points.


    Beijing took an overwhelming majority of votes and won the Olympic bid. pursuit

    We’ve simply reaffirmed an old truth: the pursuit of affluence does not always end with happiness.


    China will strictly comply with the universally acknowledged market rules. conspicuous

    The house standing on the island is very conspicuous. endeavo(u)r

    Despite our best endeavors, we couldn’t get the machine started.


    Milk and cream are homogeneous foods, and they are both dairy products. immerse

    She was so deeply immersed in reading that she forgot the supper. indulge

    Will you indulge my curiosity and tell me how much it cost? persistent

    She eventually married the most persistent of her admirers. retrieve

    The shopkeeper went to the window and retrieved Reuben’s treasure.


    Peter tried to revive the frozen robin; but it was stone-dead. suppress

    All these movement were suppressed by the government. testify

    This excellent book testifies to the author’s ability.


    The hunter is trying to accustom his hunting dog to the noise of a gun. ambiguous

    That’s a rather ambiguous answer--what exactly do you mean?


    Step by step the ladder is ascended.


    The billionaire is campaigning for political reform. brisk

    Taking a brisk walk can often induce a feeling of well-being. certify

    You are basically asking people to certify, with big penalties, that nobody has lied on their expense accounts.


    The coach conceived the strategy that won the game for us. contemplate

    She stood contemplating the painting.


    An accident disabled him from playing football.


    A few weeks later I began saving again. Was I becoming an eccentric hoarder? Not at all.


    Senior citizen discounts are the essence of the very thing older Americans are fighting against discrimination by age.


    When asked to use three words to describe society's rich, the top responses were “extravagant”, “greedy” and “corrupt”.


    The child's cheeks were flushed with fever.


    Even Hilton Hotels has shown interest in the space tourism industry and the possibility of

    building or co-funding a space hotel.


    Granted, some amount of delusion (错觉) is probably part of the human condition. haunt

    He was haunted by memories of his unhappy childhood well into his adult life.


    The concept of a “non-smoking” Olympics, initiated in 1988, has been put into practice since the 1992 Barcelona Games.


    The intrinsic value of a coin is the value of the metal it is made of. intuition

    Nobody told me where to find you. It was sheer intuition. irritate

    The boy's foolish question irritated his mother.


    She manifested little interest in her studies.


    Security men mingled with the crowd.


    I received a letter of complaint from them; but the letters of the sign were made obscure by rain.


    “More haste,less speed” is a paradox.


    With seven people squashed in one house, you don't get much privacy. radiate

    The sun radiates both light and heat.


    You must be able to refrain yourself in some matters in order to accomplish others.


    The supervisor didn't have time so far to go into it at length, but he gave us an idea about his plan.


    The doctors and nurses had surgical masks on.


    I am always suspicious of anyone who wants to sell me something on the cheap. terminate

    They terminated their agreement and renewed another one according to the situation.


    Terrorists hijacked an airplane with 260 people on board. tumble

    I tumbled several times when learning to skate for the first time. absurd

    She said to herself that the idea was absurd.


    You alleged that the accused man was seen at the scene of the crime, didn't you? analogy

    My theory applies to you and by analogy to others like you.


    The royal couple appeared in splendid array.


    It is believed that girls are usually more articulate than boys. ascertain

    The researcher ascertained that he had discovered a new element which led to the SARS.


    Katsue Reynolds has argued that girls nowadays are using more assertive language strategies

    in order to be able to compete with boys in schools and out. availability

    Human population growth and technological development result in dramatic reductions and alterations in quality and availability of wildlife habitat. baffle

    She was completely baffled by his strange behavior.


    There are about 98% thick continental ice sheet and 2% barren rock in Antarctica. bewilder

    The child was bewildered by the noise and the crowds.


    Is there any coincidence between your statistics and your friends'? conform

    Nowadays, it is commonly observed that young women are not conforming to the feminine linguistic ideal.


    This essay is a most conscientious piece of work.


    As we all know, too many countries lapse back into violence when efforts to consolidate peace or

    create stability are weak.


    Software, consultancy and mobile telephones use far less oil than steel or car production.


    After much difficulty I contrived to pull the boat onto the beach. converge

    Capitalism and socialism will not eventually converge.


    Your English proficiency is the decisive factor in getting the job. deduce

    You will notice water rising in the tube; now what do you deduce from that? deem

He deemed that it was his duty to help.


    It is absolutely unfair that these children are deprived of the rights to receive education.


    Leather quickly deteriorates in hot, damp climate.


    The amount of water in the pond will diminish as the dry season comes. disciplined

    The inventiveness of the early Americans shed light on disciplined school management.


    A thunderstorm came up and dispersed the picnickers.


    Once young offenders embark on a life of crime, prison does little to divert them. eject

    The fire ejected yellow flames into the night sky.


    Three years have elapsed since we last met.


    A special device elevated the stage for the finale.


    At last we've elicited the truth from him.


    Only native-born citizens who are over 18 are eligible to the office of president. emission

    The emission of radio signals was interrupted by a power failure. endanger

    Drunk drivers endanger the lives of others.


    She endowed the new hospital with a large sum of money.


    The vision of that big black car hitting the sidewalk a few feet from us will never be erased

    from my memory.


    The exhaustion of the army's ammunition caused its defeat. exquisite

    He has an exquisite ear for music.


    The newspaper extracted several passages from the speech and printed them on the front page.


    There is a flaw in the marble near the base of the statue. fraud

    Bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud.


    Our progress was hampered by the bad weather.


    A good teacher should impart wisdom to his pupils.


    His words gave me incentive, and I worked twice as hard. incidentally

    Incidentally, your letter came only this morning.


    He was most indignant with me when I asked for a day's leave. infectious

    An infectious disease is one that can be passed from one person to another.


    So you fitted that wire through that little hole there: that's very ingenious! instantaneous

    She accidentally swallowed the poison and death was instantaneous. integral

    The form, the sound and the grammar rules are integral parts of a language. intelligible

    He used so many archaisms in his speech that half of it was barely intelligible. jeopardize

    The security of the whole operation has been jeopardized by one careless person. lawsuit

    A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit.


    She lingered after the concert, hoping to meet the star. magnify

    The microscope magnified the object one hundred times.


    This highly polite style is no doubt something that young women have been expected to“grow into”--

    after all, it is a sign not simply of femininity, but of maturity and refinement. migrate

    Wealthy people often migrate in winter to warmer, sunnier countries. misfortune

    Think about the misfortune of others that you may be satisfied with your own lot. negligible

    The damage to my car is negligible.


    Maradona, a most famous football star, is a notorious drug addict. outdate

    More companies are learning the importance of destructive technologies --innovations that hold

    the potential to make a product line, or even an entire business segment, virtually outdated.


    We watched the heavy outflow of the tide.


    On a spring moonlit night, birds are singing, the air is permeated with the fragrance of flowers.


    A porch is a covered entrance to a building.


    Her predominant characteristic is her friendliness.


    She feels fine now that the doctor has made fine adjustments to her prescription. prevalent

    Traveling by motor car is becoming more and more prevalent in the country. profound

    The doctor's discovery will have a profound influence on mankind. prolong

    I do not want to prolong our talk; it is time to go home.


    What reassures executives does not always reward shareholders. rectify

    Once we get to know our mistakes, we should rectify them as soon as possible. refute

    You can easily refute his argument.


    The soldiers repelled the attacking enemy.


    She reproached him for forgetting their anniversary.


    I could not keep my anger down when I was roughly treated.


    After a sensational trial, the football player was cleared off the killing. simulate

The computer simulates conditions on the sea bed.


    “Music expressed its ti