Along with Chinese rapid developmen8

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Along with Chinese rapid developmen8


    Along with Chinese rapid development and communication in the last few years day by day convenient, The foreign culture as well as the West start in China to invade the market popularlyEach kind of many European and

    American as well as the Japanese and South Korean culture product starts in Chinese each big small and medium-sized town and cities to start to popularize Presented “the date race”, “Hahanzu”, “the street dance”, “the maximal exercise”, after “80”, and so on new term. The careful observation is

    not difficult to discover that each city nearly has MacDonald, Kentuckey, When supermarket purchase daily necessities, exceptional many are the foreign goods all These phenomena are all showed that the foreign culture had already integrated Chinese people's life

    The mighty wave of western culture

    China's popular musical world, mostly receives the US basically, places the such as the Japan and South Korea influences, the song melody, the cultural connotation which in the middle of the lyrics includes is also the foreign culture flavor, But has our country culture music to be very actually few, even if has, also not too receives the domestic singer fan's support and welcome. Is supported mostly is some 20 over young singers, but their song belongs basically exactly imitates Europe's and America's style. We knew that each country's culture is evolves slowly with their country social background as well as the development condition, therefore each country their cultural branch has our country cultural connotation, because develops the historical month is long, the culture also had some traditions and the ancient flavor, this is precisely key, because China's cultural tradition is very just ancient, causes the domestic young people to think that the Chinese culture is old, causes to worship foreign countries curries favor with foreign powers. The culture is a national cohesive force, what is pitiful is China's younger generation receives is the foreign culture gradually influences and has not realized the question the gravity . Cites an example again, most recent several years, Mr. Li Lianjie's new piece "Huo Yuanjia" has screened, the entire flat and thin piece whole is very good, lets the human look has been very affected, but movie final, Huo Yuanjia, because the Japanese poisoned drops down, is also precisely overall situation highest tide time, actually suddenly jumped a Zhou Jielun to start laughing, under sub-has disrupted movie fan's formerly mood, therefore the entire high tide fragment gave a song for to do pounds. This explained that the different social background after-crops the culture which unfolds in many situations to be unable to fuse mutually.

     Compares the film and television industry, China's animation enterprise is horrible to look. Likes being very simple with the Japanese animation reason: The domestically produced cartoon manufacture is rough, an its content mostly similar political education primarily. But Japan's animation is just the opposite, is flooding love and the resort to violence is even the violence scene, this is exactly the young people most is interested the thing.

    The Japanese animation is infatuated the community in China, generally in 10-16 year-old age section, this age section's person, mostly the world outlook, the outlook on life as well as some gets along with people the principle also immaturely, saw has liked the thing excessively blind worship, what but in Japan's animation will manifest will be the most Japan traditional culture and the spirit. Conceives, China's younger generation, in the brain installs is Japan's culture, is looked the Japanese culture grows up child, when after our generation has grown up, did our China famous race for several thousand year culture also some who remember, a famous race's cohesive force also from where seeks?

    Deep rooted Chinese culture

    Westerner's marital view and Chinese's marital view has the enormous difference. Because they thought: The marriage is purely individual private affair, anybody cannot interfere; Simultaneously the marriage does not belong to the moral question. A person is authorized the human who chooses and his/her most likes to live in together, once discovered that the existing marriage is a mistake, his/she has does as a temporary measure the second choice. If husbands and wives a side have fallen in love with third party, any side will not receive condemned. In their opinion: Forces the human who two do not fall in love to live in is together cruel . China's traditional marriage view, speaks the happy union lasting a hundred years generally, certainly lifelong. The question is, in the real life, because of such question, in the family presents the crack even to set at variance also a substantial number, the small question like this may mediate, the major problem principled question, difficult to say likely, is supporting by hard and stubborn effort, it is not necessarily true that Yu Jiyu the people are good ......Western concept the marital view, is dissimilar, after establishing the family, throughout is fastidious about one “the sentiment” the character, has “the sentiment” then to gather in the same place, does not have “the sentiment” then to separate ......

    The Chinese always takes the family question, this and other countries are different, the Chinese " the country " will even call it " the country ". the foreign country populace are the extroversion, compares calls the turn the people to long for home, takes the family. the China's attachment to family and other countries are different, the Chinese is familiar with Yu Congjia the angle to regard the outside thing. The child education is situated the front row is also so. In the Chinese culture the child education is not only the career development, more importantly social position approval.

    Comparatively, the social collective services and so on macroscopic aspect factor seems is the function in each person, but in fact is not, can only say some social collective services coverage big, interrelatedness high, some opposite. looking from another angle, the more microscopic level is more direct to the happy heart influence, this is also " the family is harmonious ", “the health”, “the child education " to arrange at the front reason. the happy

    heart from many aspects, probably the human is the same in one day in the different time interval's different role. Works satisfies, the family harmony, the health is the happy heart manifests the form, but in the emotion factor is more important. the research indicated that marriage crowd happiness is higher than the non-marriage public figure, lives together to be higher than unmarried, this is the emotion security needs.

    in the China's cultural shape take the human relations relations as the central person and the principle values and the behavior pursue, is occupying the important position. Is the Chinese famous race prominent characteristic.

    The intense harmonious consciousness is the Chinese famous race has the formidable famous race cohesive force and famous race centripetal force the China culture is one kind of mainland agrarian civilization, for several thousand years, by the agriculture primarily, stressed agriculture damp business have been the policy which all previous dynasties ruler carried out positively, the agricultural civilization simple repetition production method had decided the Chinese culture had pays great attention the reality, most asked the stable characteristic, the heavy rationality and the humanities educated .

    China is humanist, but is not take the god as the book, has the ultra religious emotion and the function. A Confucianist civilization brings honor to the rational spirit for the main body China traditional culture joy for its primary intention, not only repel religion, moreover discussed the thought to the religious god to carry on the profound critique. This materialism and atheism tradition, for humanism, rational attention powerful support .

    In addition, the Chinese writing tone, the pictographic elephant is an example, elaborated and illustrated the Chinese culture core - - China's thought method. Inside the traditional culture, inside China's literature, US this idea, very important is must simplify, must concentrate, must abstract, finally seeped to inside the entire Chinese philosophy thinking mode.

     Glyph's mark's creation and the explanation, itself formed one kind in person's brains to ask the principle phenomenologically the thought method, enabled the people facing to have the excellent fine simplification on the concrete thing, the concentration, abstraction, clarification ability. Conclusion

    Constantly caters to the foreigner “to seek novelty” at heart, is liked by opposite party leading by the nose, certainly not long-time plan. The traditional cultural promotion method cannot adapt modern people's cultural demand completely, the Chinese culture promotion should enlarge to the cultural excavation and the emphasis, guides the foreigner to pay attention to like ethics morals positively, the way to keep in good health, gets along with people the philosophy and so on to be rich in the Chinese culture characteristic the stratification plane, simultaneously creates is popular expands the promoted method. The cultural promotion is long-term, vast project. China's cultural promotion is impossible to get it done in one action,

    needs to have the step, advance by stages. First, must strengthen the culture and education, improves people's cultural tradition quality, raises the culture to promote the talented person! On the other hand, while enhances the entire famous race diligently traditional culture quality, trains the specialized personnel to develop China's culture . The mainstream culture needs several generation of people to be able to realize diligently, must instill into the mainstream culture to people's blood vessels, and passes around from generation to generation. Why can pass around from generation to generation, this is because of today's world on the whole West culture leadership world. But the cultural decision idea, the idea decides the behavior. We must inherit the Chinese outstanding culture, is because it has the very big tolerance, may enrich the human culture .

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