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sample articles

    Sample Essays for Students

    ( May 20, 2004)

    I. 议论文与说明文

    1. Directions: You are advised to spend a maximum of 30 minutes on this task. Most young people without a partner would prefer to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Yet being in a relationship when you are young is not always a good idea. As part of a class project, write about whether you agree or disagree, and give reasons why.

    You should write at least 250 words.


    When you are young, there is often a great deal of peer pressure put upon you to be in a relationship. Although most young people spend a lot of time dreaming about finding the right boyfriend or girl friend, I believe that early relationships can lead to many problems which young men and women might not be able to solve easily. Firstly, having a special friend is a large responsibility. It takes up a lot of time looking after the needs and interests of another person. It could be better to spend this time studying or playing sport. After all, there will be plenty of opportunity for young persons to share their lives later, when they are grown up.

    Next, there is the financial situation to consider. Some activities are cheaper to do together, but most are not. Often one partner has more money than the other and must pay for both when, for instance, they go to the movies or to a restaurant. Also, young people love to buy each other gifts, and may try to impress by spending more than necessary.

    Some people argue that today s youth are better informed than their parents were, and, therefore, might be more capable of making a relationship succeed. This may be true, but young people today still have many emotional problems to face ', in a relationship it is more difficult. For instance, it is hard to have complete trust in someone without a strong commitment. Jealousy can be very destructive, especially at an early age. In general, while it is true that, for young people, being together and in love is a

    wonderful, there are often many difficult issues to cope with in a full-time


    2. Directions: Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic.

    Fast food is rapidly becoming popular all over the world. Some people worry that this type of food is lacking in nutritional content. Furthermore, they also worry that traditional cuisines will disappear if the tread toward fast food continues. How far do you agree or disagrees with this point of view?

    Give reasons for your answer.

    You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your

arguments with examples and relevant evidence.


    In my opinion, fast food, such as hamburgers, fried chicken, etc. , is as much a part of modern life as the automobile and the computer. In an age like the present, when time is money , people can not afford to sit in restaurants enjoying long, leisurely lunches, or at home reading the newspaper waiting for breakfast to be prepared. So, nobody would deny that fast food is a blessing for busy people , as it helps them make more efficient use of their time.

    On the other hand, there are those who complain that fast food has little nutritional value. They worry that if people get used to living on a diet of fast food their health will suffer, and so will their productivity. In addition, the opponents of fast food decry the way that its worldwide popularity has led to a decline in traditional cuisines thus helping to erode the cultural values held dear by the various nations of the world.

    Although there is merit in both these points of view, I am inclined to take a more balanced position. For one thing, few people eat fast food all the time-usually only for breakfast and/or lunch, so they can help to balance their diet by eating a sensible evening meal. As for the fear of fast food leading to the extinction of national cuisines, there is little evidence that this is happening. On the contrary, the contrast with fast food makes traditional cooking all the more appetizing !

    3. Directions:

    A. Write an essay that conveys the following information accompanied by your comments.

     B. Word limit: at least 120 words

     C. Your essay should be written clearly on the ANSWER SHEET







    Preserving Natural Resources

    Through the changes in the ways of making a living in a family over several

    generations, the cartoon aims at sounding a warning against man's wasteful use of

    natural resources and emphasizing the urgent need to preserve these resources.

     Ever since man appeared on the earth man's survival has been heavily relied on

    nature. Almost everything we use in our everyday life comes from nature, ranging

    from the food we eat, the water we drink, to the wood which is turned into furniture.

    With the development of technology and population growth, the amount and range

    of materials used has increased at an alarming rate. However, natural resources are

    not inexhaustible. Some reserves are already on the brink of exhaustion and there is

    no hope of replacing them. The widespread water shortage is an example in point. If

    man continued to squander natural resources with no thought for the future, the later generations would end up selling sand, as is the case in the cartoon, and the whole

    world would be in a mess.

     Time is running out. It is up to us to take effective measures before the

situation gets out of hand.

    4. Success in Life【成功】

    Success means different things for different people. Some may equate it with fame, some with wealth and still some with accomplishments. For me, it means fulfilling one's dreams. Whatever your dreams are, you have a goal there and then focus all your attention on it. Dreams bring you hope and happiness. In the process of struggling for it, you cry, sweat, complain or even curse, but the joy of harvesting makes you forget all the pains and troubles you have gone through. So an old proverb says that the sweetest fruit is one that has undergone the bitterest ordeal.

    There are several keys to success. First, your goal must be practical and practicable. If you set your goal too high, chances are that you will never attain it. Next, you have to make a plan of doing it. You can take some steps to realize it. Since the process is quite tough, you need to be diligent, patient and persevering. Even if you meet with some difficulties or frustrations, just take them in your stride. You can always tell yourself that there is nothing insurmountable. With this will and determination, success is sure to wait for you at the end of the tunnel!

5. Shopping on The Net 网上购物

    Nowadays the Internet is revolutionizing our globe and greatly facilitating our modern life. As a matter of fact, we can do almost everything on the Net. To

    illustrate, we can conduct E-business, advertise our products, book an air ticket, buy

    and sell stocks, even hunt a new job on the Web. Recently, shopping on the Net is

    gradually becoming popular in modern cities. However, people take different

    attitudes towards the new way of shopping.

    Some people who prefer shopping on the virtual shopping centers or the E-commerce portals, hold that the new way of shopping has many advantages. First,

    the web-stores can keep customers updated about the best selling products. Besides,

    they can provide customers with a wider range of choices. Most important of all, it is

    very convenient and timesaving. People can stay at home shopping whatever they

    want online.

    However, others who stick to shopping in the real-life stores have their reasons. First, they argue that though time-saving, it's a little bit complicated to pay on the

    Web. Besides, they think that customers can never rest assured of the quality of the commodities unless they see them with their own eyes. Finally, they believe the best

    way to on guard against the fake and poor quality commodities is to shop in the traditional way. Therefore, they don't show any interest in shopping online. However,

    more and more people will prefer shopping on the Web. And it's believed that it will

    eventually be an irresistible trend of shopping in the twenty-first century.

6. Holiday Economy 假日经济

    The lengthy holidays have caused unexpected great travel craze and brisk economic activities. Holiday spending, however, adds fuel to the Chinese economy,

    which in turn leads to the creation of a new term "Holiday Economy". But,

meanwhile it sparks a hot debate about it.

    Some economists are in favor of the Holiday Economy. They believe it has many

    advantages. First, tourism-based Holiday Economy will raise consumption, up

    spending and therefore, help to spur the domestic demand. In addition, it benefits

    tourism, transportation, catering, hotels and service industries and enables them to thrive during holidays, which in turn adds fuel to the overall economic growth.

    However, others overstate its disadvantages and hold that it brings undeniable problems. First, the travel craze puts a heavy burden on the traffic system, causing

    serious traffic jams. Besides, thousands and thousands of tourists flood scenic spots, jamming railways stations and airports, causing some overcrowding and safety problems. Therefore, we shouldn't neglect the new problems.

    I believe its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. After all, it greatly

    benefits our overall economy. Finally, I suggest the government take effective

    measures to solve the aforementioned problems. Only in this way can the Holiday

    Economy develop in a sound way.

7. The Choice of Leisure Activity Time: 1'22"

    Physical activities and intellectual activities are the two basic ways in which we spend our leisure time. Physical recreation affords us the opportunities to strength our bodies and to satisfy our competitive nature. Activities range from violent sports such as running, playing basketball, or boxing to moderate sports like swimming, jogging, or a round of badminton. Yet their special benefits may vary according to different

    individuals. Likewise, intellectual activities can also be beneficial to people. Some

    people undertake reading as a kind of private pleasure because they think that books are necessary nourishment for mind and spirit. Traditionally, listening to music is a popular hobby. Besides indoor games such as chess, cards and table tennis, other hobbies such as gardening and stamp-collecting are also enjoyable.

    I prefer a balance of these activities to provide both the physical training and mental stimulation I need to face the daily grind. As for my opinion about the

    choice of leisure activity, I'd pick traveling in preference to anything else. Because I shall feel much happier and more energetic after having relaxed with traveling.

8. TV and My Family

    Many people think that TV can't teach you anything and most TV programs are just silly. True, there are a lot of shows that are anything but good. But if you watch, you will find that TV is still a powerful educational tool.

    With the emergence of the public TV in our country we now have more helpings of food for the mind. Take the travelogue "the world we live in" it provides us not only with vicarious travel experience but also with the histories and cultures of various nations. Spec live, what they wear and how they talk even though I cant

    afford to travel to those countries.

    My family often sit together to watch a program and discuss it afterward. Sometimes my parents ask us what we would do in a similar situation and this gives

    us the opportunity to rethink. We should not forget that TV can be an excellent teacher. In this era of mass media we believe that TV, if guided into the right channel, can really fire our imagination and contribute to family cohesion.

9. Directions: rite a composition about WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT GRADES

    in three paragraphs. Since you have difficulty in beginning it, the first paragraph is given to you. So your part of the composition is to follow the first paragraph to rganize he second and the last paragraphs in about 120 word. Make sure that your o

    composition has unity and coherence.

    What Do You Think about Grades

    1. Grades are really important things for most students. Schools and society as a

    whole often evaluate a student just by his or her performance in the subjects.

    Students with higher grades are considered as winners. On the other hand, those

    with lower grades are, unfortunately, looked on as losers. Forced by this

    expectation, students try as they might to get higher grades no matter how they

    like the courses.

    2. __________________________________________________________________



    3. __________________________________________________________________





    Grades are really important things for most students. Schools and society as a whole often evaluate a student just by his or her performance in the subjects. Students with higher grades are considered as winners. On the other hand, those with lower grades are, unfortunately, looked on as losers. Forced by this expectation, students try as they might to get higher grades no matter how they like the courses.

     Last year, when I entered this college and took the regular courses, I found the competition here was even harder. All the courses are new and demanding. For example, in the English classes, the teacher spoke too fast, and I often felt like a dumb elementary kid. Tough I worked harder than anyone else did in my class, I had no expectation that I would be a winner.

     I believe that a grading system is good for a school, but it is not the only measure of a person’s ability. Schools should set up more elective courses, for instance, to train the students to solve practical problems. Or they can give more thoughts to some varieties which can arouse the learning interest of the students than just give grades.

    10(Directions: Many young people choose to continue their education at colleges or universities in English-speaking countries such as Britain, Australia or America. What are the benefits of studying abroad? What are some of the problems that students might experience when studying in a foreign country? Give reasons for your answer. You should write at least 120 words.


     Studying overseas has clear advantages , but it is not without its problems.

     The main benefits of studying overseas are academic ones. Generally, the standard of education is higher. This is because colleges and universities have up-to-date equipment and other resources. Also, teachers and lecturers are highly-skilled professionals who are aware of all the latest developments in their fields of interest. A final point is that the qualifications which a student obtains are valid usually anywhere in the world.

    As well as the obvious academic benefits, students also gain experience of another culture , improve their language skills and meet many new people. Thus, they will develop many interpersonal skills and become more tolerant. They will become more emotionally mature as they deal with living apart from their family. This helps their personal development as they become more independent.

    However, in some cases, there are some negative effects. Most importantly, if students are not properly prepared academically before they go abroad, they could have difficulties following lectures or writing assignments. Furthermore, young students may have problems adjusting to a new culture and could experience loneliness and homesickness. A final problem could he that they adapt so much to western culture that they have problems readjusting when they finally return home.

     Other possible problems are difficulties in adjusting to a different climate, different food and different lifestyle. With appropriate preparation and support most students should he able to avoid or overcome these obstacles.

    However , in general, I consider the advantages of an overseas education much greater than any of the disadvantages described above.


    You are advised to spend a maximum of 30 minutes on this task.

    Your college tutor has asked you to write an essay on the following topic. Studying the English language in an English-speaking country is the best but not the only way to learn the language.

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    You should write at least 120 words.

    You are required to support your arguments with relevant information and examples based on your own ideas, knowledge and experience.


    Studying a language in a country where it is widely spoken has many advantages. It is , therefore, a good idea to study English in a country such as Australia. However , I believe it is not the only way to learn the language.

    In the first place, most students in. non-English-speaking countries learn English at high school, and sometimes at university nowadays. Although their spoken English is not usually of a very high standard, their knowledge of grammar is often quite advanced. . This is certainly useful when students come to an English-speaking country to perfect the language.

    Secondly, studying the basics of English at secondary school is less stressful than learning the language while overseas. This is because students living at home do not

    have to worry about problems such as finding accommodation. paying for their study and living costs. and trying to survive in a foreign country where day to day living causes much stress.

    However, there are obvious advantages of learning English in Australia. Everyday there are opportunities to practice listening to and speaking with Australians. Also, students can experience the culture first-hand, which is a great help when trying to understand the language. This is especially true. If they choose to live with Australians, as part of a home-stay family, for example, furthermore, if students attend a language school full-time, the teachers will be native speakers. In this case, not only will students speaking and listening skills improve, but attention can be given to developing reading and writing skills as well.

    In general, even though it is preferable to study English in an English-speaking country, a reasonable level of English can be achieved in one ' s own country, if a student is gifted and dedicated to study.


     English has become an international language. Many countries in the world use English, and more and more people are learning English. They regard English as an important tool with which to communicate with the outside world.

     We have to learn English well to trade with foreign businessmen because most of them speak English. And we must learn English well to enrich our knowledge because many valuable books are written in English. Moreover, if we dont learn English well

    which is a significant subject in the university, our future will be greatly affected. Therefore, we have every reason to learn English well for our countrys development

    and for our own future.

     There are various ways to improve our English. The most important is a great amount of practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing. No matter how busy you are, you should set aside enough time to read English every day. Morning reading is especially important to English learners. Only by this can we make greater progress in studying English.

13. My Dream 梦想

     Everyone has his own dream, which can be realized or not and which can be

    different from time to time. However, there must be a long-term one in one's mind. In

    other words, it is not easy to be realized. I have a dream: to pass CET-6 before I

    graduate from the university. It's maybe easy for most of my classmates, but to me it

    is as difficult as cracking the hardest nut in the world.

    I have been studying English for about 10 years. It should not be the No.1 task in

    my university agenda, but too many failures forced me to do so. I entered one of the

    most famous universities in China with the almost lowest English mark among all my fellow students. I was really disappointed about that. Although I was not good at

    English when I was in the middle school, it was at least about the average. I had no

    strength to face the frustration. After a semester's study I was the lowest indeed. I

have never cried for my study before, but this time I shed tears. Since then, I made up

    my mind to pass CET-6 before my graduation.

    Glanced back to my English studying experience, I realized that interest is one of

    the key factors to grasp knowledge. I studied English only for the examination before,

    but not the language itself. That is the weakest point of me. I must overcome it so as

    to realize my dream. I made a plan: read one story until I can recite it each day; listen to the tapes related to the books as well. English is not so disgusting for me now. I

    will persist in doing so even after I pass CET -6. I wish my English would be as good

    as my native language in the future.




    II. 记叙文和描叙文;

    14. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled An Unforgettable Experience. You should base your composition on the

    following outline (given in Chinese). Write no less than 120 words. Outline:



    An Unforgettable Experience

    I don’t think that I can remember all of my experience though they are rare. I always believe that on every morning, there is a new rising sun and you can always have a new experience. However, there are some that influenced me to such an extent that I’ll benefit from them for the rest of my life and here is one that will never be forgot.

    It was my first day as a college student. Everything around me was so fresh that I was in a state of excitement. My heart was full of feeling of having grown up as a young girl. When I was on the way to the registration center, a young man came up to me and offered to help me. I felt scared. I thought I had not met him beforehand. Why on earth was he trying to help me? He must have some bad idea in his mind. Inexperienced as I was then, I made a fuss over it, running away as fast as I could, leaving the man behind me. This experience often made me feel stupid.

    Till today, I still can’t help feeling sorry for him, because I misunderstood his kindness. But I hope the memory will remain as long as I live, guiding me to have a better understanding of people around me.

    15. My Neighbor

    We have moved into this apartment for nineteen months. Our neighbors are an assorted group including merchants, teachers, grocers and government employees.

    Once I went hurriedly to work and forgot to turn off the faucet connected by a hose to the washing machine. It was only when I got to my office that I remembered what I neglected to do. Anxious and uneasy, I called up one of my neighbors, a Mrs. Lin, to ask her to take care of the faucet. She was obliging enough to do what she was told to do and I was so grateful. According to an old Chinese saying, a distant relative is less likely to help you out than a near neighbor. There is certainly a ring of truth in this. There are, however, neighbors and neighbors. Although our neighbors are

    generally friendly and always ready to help us, there are some who tend to do something unpleasant. They scatter their garbage where it is not supposed to be scattered and a couple living on the floor just above us often quarrel and fight around midnight with so much noise that I simply cannot have a good sleep at all.

    The Bible says, "Love thy neighbor." Well said, but I would like to add: Make yourself lovable before you expect to be loved by others. I really hope all of my neighbors will love each other. Only under such circumstances can we find our hours at home enjoyable.


     As I am now eighteen years old, I have a great many friends. But one of them I like much better than any others, because he and I have been living together for ten years.

     He is a man of a sweet and soft temper, but looks grave and solemn. He sometimes appears very old and sometimes very young and bright, but he is always clever, active and alert. He knows everything and studies nearly all the languages spoken by mankind. Moreover, his memory is extremely remarkable. He remembers what has ever happened in the world. He is also a great teacher. He has taught millions and millions of young men. Therefore, he is known by everybody.

     Though I have lived with him for a long time, I have never heard his voice, wherever I ask him questions, he never answers with mouth, but shows me the answer on his face.

    17. A True Friend

     I have quite a number of friends, but the one I like most is named Li Hong. I made friends with him when we were in middle school.

     At that time we lived in the same village on the side of a valley. One summer, there was a huge flood in the valley, and our house below Li Hongs was destroyed by the

    flood, but Li Hongs house was high enough to keep safe from the flood. So when the water had receded, our house was standing there with no roof and no walls, his house was still all right.

     Li Hongs house was quite small, and he had had a big family thenhis parents, his

    grandparents, and his brother, but Li Hong asked his parents to take in my family who had lost everything in the flood and shared his home with us until it was possible for us to build our house again. Our two families lived together in the same house quite some time.

    Li Hong is a true friend of mine. He and his families helped us a lot in times of difficulty. A friend in need is a friend indeed. My family and I are grateful to his family and him for all that they did for us. I shall always be ready to stretch out a helping hand to those who run into difficulties.

    18 An Outlook on My Future展望我的未来

    I earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. Judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books. As I am from a farming family, I

    particularly enjoy being close to earth. If I can afford to live a pastoral life in the countryside, I will feel most blessed. As far as social life is concerned, simplicity is what I intend to pursue, so I really don't need too many friends.

    All these will be mere talk if I am idle now. To attain my goal, I must make a point of training my body and mind. This is a highly competitive society in which everyone is eager to come out on top. That is not only a competition of physical strength and mental power, but a marathon of patience, faith, and perseverance. Life is not all roses, but with what I am being equipped with by the top teachers in this elite school, I surely deserve a promising prospect.


III. 信件

    19. Application letter

     Physics Department

     SW Teachers’ University

     Chongqing, China

     November 18, 1999

Dear Principal Chou,

     I will soon graduate from the university. I write this letter to inquire whether there is possibility of being offered a teaching position in your school, and to ask you to consider my qualifications.

    I am 22 years old, a student majoring in physics. Having passed the examinations of all courses, I have excellent academic records, I won a top prize in an intercollegiate physics competition, and my teaching practice was graded A.

    Teaching has always been a tempting job for me. If I am accepted as one member of the faculty, I will help to raise the teaching level of physics and increase the proportion of students entering colleges and universities.

    A sunny and articulate person, I am competent, dependable and able to get along well with other people. I have no undesirable traits of character and personality.

    I am sure these qualities, together with enthusiasm for, and devotion to the teaching work, will make you consider favorably my acceptance.

     Yours sincerely

     Wang Ping

    20 Letter Writing

    Dear Jenny,

    Thank you for inviting me to holiday with you, which was what I had been

    expecting all the time.

    I would have gladly accepted your invitation, but now I am afraid I can't.

    Yesterday I received a letter from my parents in which they said they hadn't seen me for long and hoped therefore I could be back at home for a while. They missed me not

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