UUnit Four YLE

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UUnit Four YLE

     Unit Four

    Choose the best answer(选出正确的答案)

     1.Theres___________min the wordmouth.

     A .a B .an C .the D ./

     ( ) 2.Tim liked the comic dialogue____________ than the dance

     A .best B .well C .good D .better

     ( ) 3.The children are reading the words one after _____________.

     A .another B .other C .one D .the other

     ( ) 4. My cousin ______________ his hometown since last year.

     A .was away from B .left from C .has been away from D .left for

     ( ) 5.-All the boys like playing football ,dont they?

     -__________ .

     A .some dont B .some do C .some are and some arent. D .some do and some dont

     ( ) 6.Mary and Alice are going to___________ a writing contest next month.

     A .take part B .take part in C .join with D .join

     ( ) 7.It s time ___________ class.

     A .in B .with C .for D .to

     ( ) 8.My parents _____________ doctors.

     A .both are B .are both C .are neither D .are all

     ( ) 9.The boy _____________ and _____________ some birds in the tree.

     A .looked upsaw B .looks upwatch C .looked atsee D .looks atnotice

     ( )10.My class teacher said ________a smile,you worked very _____________ ,good girl .

     A .ingood B .tobetter C . for …best D . with …well

     ( )11.Its raining __________ now. Youd better ___________ out.

     A .heavilynot to go B .heavynot go C .heavilynot go D .hardlynot to go

     ( )12.__________ of the students in our class are fourteen years old.

     A .Two-fifth B .Two-thirds C .Second-third D .Second-fifths. ( ) 13.That sounds like a lot of ____________.

     A .good B .funny C .fun D .interesting

     ( ) 14.Youve got __________ nice pictures.

     A .so many B .too much C .so little D .such much

     ( ) 15.Mr. Smith is __________ all of us.

     A .friend with B .friend of C .friendly from D .friendly to

     ( )16.Li Hui picked ________ a new pen ________ her way ________.

     A .upinhome B .uponhome C .withtoto home D .uptohome

     ( ) 17..-I dont like milk!

    - ____________ .

     A .Neither does my cousin B .So am I

     C .Neither is my brother D .So does he

     ( ) 18.Lindas never late _________ school, _____________ she ?

     A .toisnt B .fromis C .foris D .forisnt

     ( ) 19.Most of the young people enjoy __________ pop songs.

     A .listen to B .listening to C .to listen to D .listening

     ( ) 20.My uncle __________ Australia twice.

     A .went B .has been C .has gone to D .has been to

     ( ) 21.Jenny, you __________ look out of the window in class.

     A .had better not to B .had not better to C .had not better D .had better not

     ( )22.My father has ___________ an engineer ___________ 1992.

     A .work asfor B .worked forfor C .worked assince D .work assince

     ( )23. __________ important information Tim has got!

     A .What B .What a C .What an D .How

     ( )24. __________ of them __________ workers.

     A .Eachis B .Bothare C .Everyis D .Neitheris

    ( ) 25.Jack jumps as ___________ as Mike.

     A .higher B .high C .much higher D .highest

     ( ) 26.My uncle has been to Australia ___________ .

     A .sometime B .some time C .sometimes D .some times

     ( )27.Can you ___________ your pen?

     A .keep you B .borrow you C .lend me D .give me

     ( )28.This text is easy for us to read because there are ____________ new words in it.

     A .few B .a few C .little D .a little

     ( ) 29.-Would you like to go to the park with us tomorrow?


    A .yes, l like B .yes, ld love to C .yes, l would D .yes, would

     ( )30.The lady called a taxi and _____________ it.

     A .went on B .went into C .got into D .got on

     ( )31.We use computer a lot ___________ many ways.

     A .in B .of C .to D .on

     ( ) 32.The old man had little bread this morning ____________ .

     A .did he B .had he C .hadnt he D .didnt he

     ( ) 33.Smoking makes my uncle __________ a lot.

     A .to cough B .coughed D .coughing D .cough

     ( )34.These days the boys were busy ___________ the model planes.

     A . makes B .to make C .making D .make

     ( )35.It was a very difficult problem , but that little boy can _________.

     A .work of it B .work it out C .work it of D .work out it

     ( )36.Jack, ___________ football in the street.

     A .dont play B .not play C .not to play D .to not play Fill in the blank with the word or phrase in its proper from (用方框内所给单词或词组的适当形式填空)

    Take place, startwith, neither, put on, catch, announce

    1. -Jack didnt watch TV yesterday. -__________ did Tom.

    2. -Have the police ____________ the thieves? -No, not yet.

    3.-What item did you ______________ the English Evening _________________? -An English song.

    4.-Who _____________________ the opening of the art festival? -Our headmaster did.

     5. The students of Class One _________________ the short play Snow White and the seven

    Dwarfs this time yesterday.

6. Our school art festival ______________ once a year.

    no wonder, show…around, congratulation, popular, luck, final

    1. Jack was en minutes late for the maths contest. _______________ , he still got the first place. 2. My cousins parents are maths teachers. ________________ , he is good at maths. 3. Last Friday many people are maths teachers. _______________ Jenny on her success. 4. Let me _____________ you _____________ our college.

    5. ___________________ , Mary passed the exam with her teachers help.

    6. Sally is very ______________ among her classmates.

    Finally, lucky, while, Germany, health, life

    1 .Mr. Li showed some ____________around our school

    2 .Most of those young people like to watch a____________ broadcast. 3 .What bad ______________ for those people!

    4 .The boys were playing football ____________ the girls were playing volleyball. 5 .You should relax from time if you want to keep ______________.

    Fill in the blanks with the verbs in the their proper forms (用所给动词的适当形式填空)

    1. Alice always ____________ (helps) me with my English. So l ___________(make) great progress since l came here.

    2. The plane ____________(leave) here ten minutes ago.

    3.The Greens ____________ (have) dinner already.

    4. Tom together with his classmates ____________(draw) pictures from two to three yesterday. 5. Tom _______ (write) a letter while his farther ______ (read) newspaper this time yesterday. 6. Listen! Someone ______________ (sing) a beautiful song in the next room. 7. ____________ you ever ____________ (been) to Nanjing before?

    8. The earth ______________ (go) round the sun.

    9.- __________ you ever __________ (be) to Australia? -No, never.

    10 .What _________ you __________ (do) at eight last night?

    11 .The story _______________ (happen) ten years ago.

    12 .l ______________ (write) to you as l arrive in Beijing

    13.-Wheres Tom? -He __________(go) to the library.

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