The third period

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    The third period

I. 教材分析?



    Language topic: Does he like salad? Yes, he does.

     Does she like salad? No, she doesn’t.

    Language strategies: Talk about likes and dislikes.

    Main vocabulary: egg, apple, carrot, chicken, fruit, vegetable, breakfast, lunch, dinner

II.语言结构: like一般现在时第三人称单数的一般疑问句及回答。


IV.活动设计?Guessing game

V. Teaching steps:

Step 1:

Greetings. Greet as many students in the classroom as possible.

Step 2:

Words: (由对话引出)

(Ask a boy)Do you like bananas? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

    (Ask another student) Does he like bananas? Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

    (Ask a girl)Do you like eggs? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

    (Ask another student) Does she like bananas? Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.

    依次类推 chicken, apple, carrot, fruit, vegetable.

    Do you like eggs for breakfast? Breakfast is the first meal of a day. Do you like vegetables for lunch? And do you like chicken for dinner? (转到第三人称) Does he or she like carrots for lunch? Yes, he does./No, he


    Ask the students to remember the new words


    Step 3:

    1a Write the number in the box next to the correct food. (P34)

    1. broccoli2.salad 3.eggs cream 6. hamburger7. banana 8. orange 9.carrots 10.chicken

Step 4:

     2a Listen and circle the words from 1a that you hear. (P34)

Step 5:

    1b How many other words can you add to the lists? (P34)

Fruit: apples

    Vegetables: broccoli

    Add five new words to your Vocabulary. Ask the students to remember them.

Step 6:

    Write down what your family like to eat.

My father: eggs, apples…

    My mother: chicken, oranges, carrots…

    My sister: hamburgers, ice cream…

    My brother:

    Ask another student to guess: What does my father like? Does he like vegetables? No, he doesn’t.

    What does my sister like? Does she like ice cream? Yes, she does.

Step 7:

Let’s see what we’ve learned today.



    Something else:


Step 8:


1. Remember the words.

    2. Practice the dialogue in pairs.

    3. Finish the workbook.

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