Half-Life and Counter-Strike CVar list

By Aaron Gonzales,2014-02-10 21:47
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Half-Life and Counter-Strike CVar list

    Half-Life and Counter-Strike CVar list

    ? Copyright and with big thanks to AnAkIn

    ; Counter-Strike specific CVar

    ; Half-Life and other mods only (Not in Counter-Strike) ; Broken or disabled CVar

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    OSMiMaTypD3SFCateg CVar Default GDescription P n x e D T ory L

    booallow_spectserve 1 0 1 lea Allows players to join as spectator. ators r n

    booEnables ATI's TRUform technology, this will result vide ati_npatch 1 0 1 lea in higher quality models but will decrease o n performance.

    This is the ATI TRUform level, the higher you go intevide ati_subdiv 2 0 7 (with ati_npatch set to 1) the more polygons are ger o added to the models to smooth them out

    inteaudi bgmbuffer 4096 Sets the allocated memory for CD/MP3 music in kB. ger o

    booWhen disabled, it pauses the current sound which is soun bgmvolume 1 0 1 lea being played with "mp3" or "cd" command. To d n unpause, just reenable.

    25intevideSets the bottom color of your model in Half-Life that bottomcolor 0 0 5 ger o others see.

    intevide brightness 1 0 2 Sets the brightness value. ger o

    booEnable Third Person. It's the same as the command cam_comma 0 0 1 lea cheat "thirdperson". In HL, it doesn't need sv_cheats 1 to nd n work.


     cam_contain 0 lea cheat


cam_idealdifloaThe distance of the camera in third person. See 64 cheat st t cam_command.

    cam_idealpitfloaThe pitch of the third person camera. See 0 cheat ch t cam_command.

    cam_idealyafloaThe yaw of the third person camera. See 90 cheat w t cam_command.

    If enabled, your view angles will move as the same boospeed as your movements instead of moving your cam_snapto 0 0 1 lea cheat view angles faster than your movements. Only in n third person. See cam_command.

    This is thirdperson, like cam_command 1, except boocamethat it only works in single player and when you chase_active 0 0 1 lea ra move your mouse, it is like zooming in your player n model.

    floacameIt sets how far the camera is behind you when chase_back 100 t ra chase_active is 1.

    It sets how far the camera is at your right you when

    floacamechase_active is 1. chase_right 0 t ra If you want to make the camera at your left, use

    negative values.

    floacameIt sets how far the camera is above you when chase_up 16 t ra chase_active is 1.

    connstriSets the port that the client connects to the server clientport 27005 ectiong through. n

    It's designed to combat the speedhacks being used

    in-game. The default value for this cvar is "0.5". As

    you lower the value (0.3, 0.1, 0.01, etc.), modem clockwindofloaserve 0.5 clients' games should feel jittery. Adjusting w t r "clockwindow" does not affect the server. This

    doesn't really block the speedhacks now, but just

    make the speedhacker lag a lot when speedhacking.

    booconncl_allowdowAllow maps, models, sounds, sprites, textures 1 0 1 lea ectionload download when connecting to a server. n n

    booconncl_allowuplAllow the upload of your custom spray when 1 0 1