a special place

By Tina Kelly,2014-11-01 20:55
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a special place




    A Special Place

    Like most people, l have been to many places, and some of those are famous and desirable. Such as Wangfujing,the Great Wall, Mountain Lao in Qingdao provinceEven so the special place l loved most is not in there. Yes, its the

    playground in our high school.

    When you walk into our school, there is a long road in front of you. Go straight for half of a minute and then turn left, you will see a double-deck library. Next to the library is the door of the playground,it is a fence made of iron. Through the fence, a large grass lawn covering a wide area is in your eyes. Its our playground!

    It’s not as big as BITs playground, but its full of warmth. When l felt lonely or l

    quarreled with someone, l ran a few laps on the runway. Then l will feel better. In other words, this is a place to let out ones emotion. In the senior year, it

    accompanied me through the most difficult period of time. L love it a lot, it is a special place to me.

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