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    Career Dialogue Worksheet

    1. Based on my current performance, two areas I will focus on to continue to grow in my current role are:

    ____________________________________________, and ______________________________________________ 2. Considering my current level of performance, and after reviewing the Career Assessment Questions and

    the Career Development Frameworks (see “Preparing for your career dialogue”), I have identified the

    following Career role as my focus (this could be your current role or a possible next role):

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Based on the Career Development Frameworks (including the Development Grid for this role), the skills

    and knowledge I need to acquire are:


    ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Using the Development Grid template to identify key experiences, the experiences I need to prepare

    for the role selected are: (please indicate the experience in the appropriate quadrant)

    Development Grid

    Business Model Customer Segment/Size &




    Function Geography


    5. Additional insights from the assessment tools, including the HP Leadership Standards, are:


    _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. To continue my growth and learning, the two to three priority actions I commit to are:

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