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Things to Do ...

    Things to Do Beach:

    1. Walk out of the house driveway and hang a left. Go to the Plage des Ondes yahoo! Bring

    floaties and scuba stuff from the house. Swim out the bouys every day.

2. If you prefer a lounger, a waiter to serve cocktails, and a swanky lunch place, then walk

    towards Juan Les Pins and stop off at Pecheurs beach club.

3. Do a hobie-cat or windsurfing course. The school is on the Plage Salis, which is just

    outside the Antibes, on your way around the Cap (highly recommended)


    Walk the Cap Perimeter. Go to Plage des Ondes, walk along the coast, pass the Musee ndNapoleon, Hotel du Cap. Take the 2 road on the right, and you will eventually find yourself on a super rocky walk around the Cap. Leave the house at 10am, with a view to arriving in

    Antibes around 1pm, with a hearty appetite.

    Walk to Villa Thuret Botanical Garden, just off Rue Raymond, on the top of the Cap. This is a marvellous botanical garden. Notice the amazing Pine section, where none of the pines


    Walk to the Phare (lighthouse), on the top of the Cap. Great views, and a church (Mass 11:30 on Sunday).

    Walk up Musee Napolean weird hours. (Try and find the great man in the lead soldier battle scene!)

Visit Antibes, walk down the harbour. (Secret beach on right through the arch). Walk all the

    way down to see the amazing yachts with helicopters etc. (memo: Ask for a pay rise)

Have a drink in the Hotel du Cap. Bring cash.

Big Trips:

    Le Grand Canyon de Verdon (BRING a TORCH we left one in drawr) this is a five hour

    one-way (with a stop for lunch) walk along the base of the canyon with a good few ups and

    downs- including one with 264 steps (not too difficult, but not a walk in the park). Spectacular views of what is supposedly the largest Canyon in EU. The drive there takes

    about 2 hours through Grasse (and I mean through, geting past this sprawling hill town takes

    a significant part of the journey) then on up the N85 to the village of Castellane (billed as the

    gateway to the gorge). Here you can get info from the tourist office (closed 12.30 to 14.00).

    Take the road to La Palaud sur Verdon as far as Point Sublime. This is the end of the walk.

    Here you have two choices it 2 cars leave one here and drive the second on to start at La Maline via La Palaud. Other options are a taxi from P. Sublime to La Maline in the morning

    or drive on to La Maline and get a taxi back when you complete the walk in the evening.

    There are numbers on the yellow piece of paper you will get from the Tourist office (on also

    in Villa Corasire with Map 3442 which covers the walk). The torch is for the two tunnels

    100m and 650m near the end of the walk. In the summer there are busses that do the trip from

    P Sublim to La Maline but also thousands of people (2400 per day apparently) leading to

    traffic jams on the steps necessary to get past some of the difficult bits. (red and white way

    marks guide the way along the route)

If you want to stay the night nearby apparently the Auberge in La Gare just before Castellane

    on the N85 has very good food if simple food also a great shop in La Gare which sells

    delicious fresh ravioli.. We stayed in the Petit Auberge in Castellane which wasn‟t great

    though village is pretty with amazing Church 180m up in the air on a rock.

We also did a beautiful walk around the village of Coursegoules(Walk 7 in the Rando Moyen

    Pays book we left in the sitting room and map 3642 the book seems to have some incorrect

    waymarks but the map has the right ones) a much shorter drive also. From JLP go to Antibes and take the N98 towards Nice as far as Cagnes sur Mer. Here turn for Vence and

    after Vence for Col de Vence and Coursegoules. There is Parkings (sic) at the top of the

    village where you can leave the car to be at the end of the walk. Stroll back to the sart of the

    village where there is a marker No. 11 pointing to Baisse de Vieriou this leads you up on to the ridge behind the village with spectacular views right back to the coast. Follow the ridge to

    point 146 (if you are feeling energetic you can take a de-tour up the peak at 147 this is

    incorrectly maked in the book) then take the twisting path back to the village via the old

    church of St Michel beautiful vie of the village as you approach. Easily done in less than 3

    hours with plenty of time to take in the views. (yellow waymarks guide the way on the route)

Train Trip, take “Le train des Pignes” from Gare de Sud in Nice along the river Var valley

    (insland) to Entrevaux wherer Louis XIV engineer Vauban created a hilltop fortification

    where you can see 3 valleys.

Go Skiing in Isola 2000 (1 hour drive) only in winter.


    We like the „La Pinede‟ in Juan le Pins. Walk along the coast, through Port Gallice. Stick to

    the coast, along the pier front of Belles Rives hotel. It is on the next beach,. You can sit on the

    beach and eat the „special of the day‟ and have a pichet of rosé. It is very nice to do this the

    day after you arrive from dreary Dublin. It is medium pricey.

Aparently Le Perroquet, facing the square in Juan Les Pins, Ave Gallice, 04.93610220, is

    excellent. I think Angela Rippon goes there.

On plage Garoupe, the restaurant Le Cesar is supposed to be excellent.

Dead posh: Pecheurs and Belles Rives. Both are on your route to Juan Les Pins. In Cannes

    goto 3 star Palme d‟Or in Hotel Martinez.

Pizza: Great pizza in Don Camillo (33 Rue Vauban) in the back streets of Antibes always

    lively even off-season.

The Provencal market (fruit and veg) is open in Antibes every morning. It closes at lunchtime

    and becomes a set of restaurants. Cheap ok‟ish food. Way better is the little Mamalou Italian

    (Sicilian) joint on the strip just before where the market begins (on 11 Cours Massena) book

    (04-93344007), as it is popular. (This is a great restaurant!)

In Juan Les Pins, Vesuvio is good for pizza, duck magret etc. Medium price. Weather

    permitting, all beachfront restaurants are great (eg: La Pinede)

Top of Cap hill, the Tabac beside the Casino shop has a great lunch, and nice waitress.

    Further along the top of the Cap, there is a nice little set of food shops.

Nice: We found a dead posh Jap/Franch restaurant. The amuse gullets (2) are great. No sign

    outside. 22 ter rue de france. Tel 0493822606. No need to book for lunch. La Petit Maison is

    posh and full of celebs apparently. 11 Rue Saint François de Paule, 04 93925959

DIY: Buy a Bar/Loup fish from the vendors on the Pecheurs port on the way into Juan Les

    Pins open in the mornings. The Rick Stein book in the house tells you how to BBQ it and

    make a pernod mayo!


    Go to the Matisse church in Vence (see guide books in sitting room). Walk around nearby St Paul. Have a posh lunch in Colombe d’Or and enjoy amazing pictures.

Get the ferry to Iles des Lerins from Cannes or Juan Les Pins. Nice Natural Park.

Visit Menton last town before Italy. Visit the spectacular graveyard at the peak of the hill.

    Try and find the grave of the guy who invented Rugby (I couldn‟t)

Visit Valauris hill town up being Golfe Juan (near Juan Les Pins). Famous for its pottery.

    Try and visit the Picasso pottery shop. Only place in the world licensed to sell his designs.

    Weird hours I‟ve never got in!

Visit Grasse , the home of perfume. Perhaps of interest if you have seen the movie, Perfume.

Two Villas nearby (they are both beside each other) that are recommended are:


    Apparently the nightclub „Village‟ in Juan Les Pins is good.

There are dodgems in the park in Juan Le Pins. Walk further down the boardwalk to find the

    mini-car racing and trampolines. These are underground, and easily missed.

Visit Belles Rives hotel and do a spot of water skiing. (60 Euros for an exhausting 15


Yellow glass bottom boat from Juan Le Pins tour. Guide never talks about nature, only about

    who is who on the cap great fun but in French

Rent a motor boat at the Antibes harbour

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