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     TITLE Train The Trainer

    TARGET GROUP Departmental Trainers,

    Supervisors & Managers

    DURATION Day 3 of 3



    TRAINED BY Training Manager


    To create skilful, enthusiastic Departmental Trainers who support quality standards by

    competently delivering and evaluating department-specific training.


    ; Participants are selected by HOD‟s

    ; Useful for a team member who is keen to develop their career but is not yet ready

    for a supervisory position

    ; This is one of the required programmes for all Supervisors & Managers


    By the end of this session participants will be able to: 1. List the 5 stages of the Training Cycle

    2. Identify Training Needs within their department

    3. Explain the role of a Departmental Trainer

    4. Write a Monthly Departmental Training Calendar that is responsive to business needs

    5. Complete Departmental Training administration forms and processes 6. Write and deliver to the group a 15 minute task training session that shows

    improvement in all areas from the previous presentation including:

    a. Delivery style

    b. Participation by trainees

    c. Flow of ABCDE steps

    d. Body language

    e. Confidence

    7. Evaluate their own performance and the effectiveness of their training sessions


    Every day Just for today Games

    Flipcharts, marker pens & A plant String and spoon

    blue tac

    Pen & highlighters per Training Evaluation Forms Potato Power (if you have

    person time)

    AV Equipment: Data Happy Sheets Happy Sheet

    projector, CD player &

    music, Laptop, digital


    Sticky Tape, hole punch, Video camera, tripod,

    stapler, paper clips blank tapes/DVD‟s

    Chocolates for rewards;

    Table Toys: balloons,

    squeezy cush balls

    things to play with

    Attendance Sheet

    ROOM SET-UP: Cabaret, mints on tables, Water / tea, coffee. Arrange biscuits/danishes

    1 Train the Trainer Day 3

    for morning and afternoon tea

Outline Timing Content

     Pre-session set up

    Setting the scene 15 min Welcome & introduction

    8.30am Icebreaker String and spoon (+ mix up tables


    Daily Review 30 min Daily Review

    Today‟s overview 10 min Today‟s Objectives



    Training Cycle 5 min

TNA 35 min WB Activity

    ; Activity: Identify training needs

    th each month Plan & Design 35 min ; Monthly Training Calendar by 26

    ; Fill in WB questions Training

    MT Break 15 min Morning Tea Break


    Deliver Training 5 min ; Activity: Brainstorm trainers tips

     ; Attendance form

    Evaluate Training 15 min ; Continuous improvement: Eval Forms x 2

     ; One of our People Training Strategies Records and 20 min ; Training Records

    Reports ; Monthly Training report (HOD responsibility)

    Role of a 15 min ; HOD role and tasks in departmental training departmental ; Their role


    Brief re-cap 10 min ; Key things to remember

    ; Tick off learning objectives covered - FC 1 Presentation 15 min ; Timings & chief timer

    preparation ; Assessment Feedback forms

     ; Write order of presentations on F/C 12.00pm 70 min Presentations commence!! (4)

LUNCH 45 min Lunch


    2.15pm 70 min Presentations!! (4)

    AT Break 5 min Quick Afternoon Tea break