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    By the end of this session participants will be able to:

1. List the 5 stages of the Training Cycle

    2. Identify Training Needs within their department

    3. Explain the role of a Departmental Trainer

    4. Write a Monthly Departmental Training Calendar that is responsive to

    business needs

    5. Complete Departmental Training administration forms and processes 6. Write and deliver to the group a 15 minute training session that shows

    improvement in all areas from the previous presentation including:

    a. Delivery style

    b. Participation by trainees

    c. Flow of ABCDE steps

    d. Body language

    e. Confidence

    7. Evaluate their own performance and the effectiveness of their training


    Training Needs Analysis

     Records and Plan and Design reporting Training Training


    Deliver Training Evaluate Training

     Training Needs Analysis Records training Plan and and Design reporting Training Training Cycle

    When should training be carried out? Deliver For each example below, tick: Evaluate Training Training ; YES if training is necessary

    ; NO if training is not the main solution ; PERHAPS if you need more information to make your decision


    1 One of your staff says “How do I transfer this call to Perhaps

    another extension?”

    No 2. You notice that, last month, there was an increase in the

    amount of money spent on crockery and glassware


    3. There was general confusion amongst staff when the fire

    alarm was sounded yesterday.

    4. The same dish is presented in a different way each time

    it is ordered.

    5. Staff seem to be arriving at work later than usual. 6. Personnel informs you that a new staff member will join

    you in ten days time.

    7. You read a guest complaint regarding slow service. 8. A very well qualified staff member is promoted. 9. The accounts department have announced that the

    cashiering system is going to be replaced with a more

    up-to-date one.

    10. The housekeeper has come to inform you that, since the

    training session, the linen request forms are not being

    correctly completed by two employees in particular.

     Training Needs Analysis Records Ways to identify training needs: Plan and and Design reporting Training Training ; Guest Comment Cards Cycle ; Observation

    ; On-the-job assessment (for re-training) Deliver Evaluate ; Team Member requests Training Training ; SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

    ; Legal compliance e.g. Fire Safety training, food hygiene ; Feedback after an incident

    ; Cost control information e.g increased glassware breakages ; Future business activities e.g. renovations

What is Proactive Training?

What is Reactive Training?

Some Training Needs in my department are:


    Created by: Ms Kathrin Noll (HOD), Omary Fadhili, Maricris Avila, Ms Ywally Entena (Departmental Trainers)

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday ndththth2 Feb 4 Feb 5 Feb 8 Feb Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Mise en place Polishing glasses Napkin Folding Taking reservations AM shift & PM shift and table ware AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift (15 mins) AM shift & PM shift (15 mins) (15 mins)

    (15 mins) thththth9 Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 15 Feb Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Setting a table: Service of fresh Service of soft Children as guests Bkft, lunch, dinner juices, water drinks AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift (15 mins) (30 mins) (15 mins) (15 mins) thththnd16 Feb 18 Feb 19 Feb 22 Feb Daily Briefing 3.00-3.45pm Daily Briefing Daily Briefing Menu knowledge: Menu knowledge: Menu Knowledge: Wine Menu: Starters Mains Desserts Dessert wine Training Needs AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift AM shift & PM shift Analysis (15 mins) (45 mins) (30 mins) (15 mins) Records Plan and and Design reporting Training Training rdththth23 Feb 25 Feb 26 Feb 2 Feb Cycle

    Daily Briefing Daily Briefing 9:00 12:00 am Daily Briefing Wine menu: Wine menu: Whites Wine menu: Cognac & brandy Deliver Sparkling AM shift & PM shift Reds AM shift & PM shift Evaluate Training Training AM & PM shift (30 (30 mins) AM & PM shift (30 (15 mins) mins) mins)

    Write down points to remember when planning your Departmental Monthly Training Calendar

Where do you find the template?

    What are your responsibilities as Departmental Trainer regarding the calendar?

What are the responsibilities of your HOD regarding the calendar?

What can you do if your HOD is too busy to collaborate with you?

What business needs do you need to consider?

When and where should the calendar be posted?








    Welcome: (What will you do to make the trainees feel more comfortable?) What: (What are they going to learn)


    (How will you gain trainee‟s interest and attention? Tell a real-life story, show picture, make a

    joke anything to make the trainees feel more motivated to learn about the topic)


    (Link to a practical need they will have for learning this new task)


     Breakdown Standard Questions 1 To (do this task) you will



    2 3 4 5 6 7

CHECK (test their knowledge with some quiz questions) Training ??? Needs Analysis Records DO: Each person practices the task Plan and and Design reporting Training Training Cycle END

     Ask for remaining questions

     Briefly review content of session Deliver Evaluate Advise time and date of on-the-job assessment Training Training Link to next training session Congratulate trainees

     Thank-you and good-bye ;

     Department: Training topic:


     Duration: Trainer:


     Print Name Signature 1.










    Trainer comments: Training Needs Analysis Records Plan and and Design reporting Training Training Cycle

     Evaluate Deliver Training Training

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