Headlines 1 July

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Headlines 1 July

Main Stories 1 July 2011


; Assembly does not adopt motion proposed by Vetëvendosje (dailies)

    ; EU Task Force to start work in July (Express)

    ; Security Council disagrees on investigation into Marty’s allegations (Koha)

    ; Zannier makes remarks about the north (Express)

    ; UNMIK ready to issue KS license plates (Koha)

    ; Mustafa: I have smarter things to do than debate with Kuçi (dailies)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Assembly does not adopt motion proposed by Vetëvendosje (dailies)

    All dailies cover yesterday’s session of the Kosovo Assembly, where the majority of MPs did not adopt a motion proposed by the Vetëvendosje Movement to publish documents and to review the contract with Bechtel&Enka for the construction of the Vërmicë-Merdare highway.

    Koha Ditore reports on the front page that Vetëvendosje referred to the highway as the road of theft. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Thaçi defended the contract with the consortium Bechtel&Enka, adding that the project is very transparent. Thaçi however did not have answers for many questions from the MPs, especially in regards to the cost of the highway, the changing of the route and independent supervision.

Epoka e Re quotes on the front page Prime Minister Thaçi as saying, “It is absurd to

    make calls for the construction of the highway to stop. I guarantee to all Kosovo citizens that the construction work will not stop even for a day or even an hour. To oppose the construction of the highway is based on naivety, lack of knowledge, and irresponsibility.”

    Kosova Sot reports on the front page that the Assembly voted against transparency for the highway.

EU Task Force to start work in July (Express)

    Express reports the European Union’s Task Force, which will investigate allegations

    made in former Swiss senator Dick Marty’s report about human organs trade in Kosovo, will become operational in late July. According to EULEX officials, eventual legal processes after the investigations will be handled by the District Court in Pristina. Meanwhile, Serbia is continuing to make requests for investigations to be conducted within the mandate of the United Nations Security Council, although western countries are refusing this option.

Security Council doesn’t agree on investigation into Marty’s allegations (Koha)

    Citing a Tanjug report, Koha Ditore reports that Serbia is still trying to convince the

    United Nations Security Council to adopt its draft resolution proposal to set up an independent investigation into allegations for trafficking of human organs in Kosovo. But the UN body is not harmonized on the issue. Feodor Starcevic, head of the Serbian mission at the United Nations, told Tanjug that for the time being there is no

    consent on the matter given the known position of three permanent members of the Security Council and Germany.

Zannier makes remarks about the north (Express)

    Express reports that outgoing UNMIK chief Lamberto Zannier said that the UN mission should remain in Pristina and warned that the northern part of Kosovo remains one of the key challenges for the future. Zannier made this statement after a farewell meeting with Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi. The Italian diplomat, who was SRSG in Kosovo for three years, has been appointed Secretary General of the OSCE.

    Zannier said his work at the helm of UNMIK was not easy; there were problems that were solved but there are also remaining problems. He noted that UNMIK’s mandate depends on the Security Council and said he did not expect the mission to shut down soon.

    “When the problems are solved, the Security Council will draw conclusions. But the way things stand now, I expect the Security Council will call on the Secretary General to appoint a successor here who will continue the work. In my opinion, this will go on for a while,” Zannier was quoted as saying.

UNMIK ready to issue KS license plates (Koha)

    The paper reports that the Government of Kosovo will boost the importance of UNMIK if it signs the agreement with Serbia on freedom of movement. The agreement foresees that Serbs living in the southern and northern part of Kosovo can keep the KS license plates issued during the time of UNMIK. In order to avoid misinterpretation, the Government will not stress this right only for Serbs but for all residents of Kosovo.

    Outgoing UNMIK chief Lamberto Zannier has said that UNMIK is willing to assist in any possible agreement between Serbia and Kosovo and even issue license plates

    again. “It is a technical aspect. License plates are now issued by Kosovo institutions. In UNMIK we don’t have the technical capacities to issue them. However if we are required to do so in order to facilitate possible agreements and arrangements of dialogue then we will be ready to help,” Zannier said after his farewell meetings with Kosovo officials.

    Zannier also said that in a way the UN mission in Kosovo is part of dialogue. “Physically, we are not in the room where the dialogue is taking place, but we have

    regular contacts and meetings where we are informed about developments in this process… We hold an advisory role in dialogue. The EU is in the lead and the European perspective should serve as a motivator of the process.”

Mustafa: I have smarter things to do than debate with Kuçi (dailies)

    All dailies report that LDK leader and Pristina mayor Isa Mustafa refused an invitation for a public debate with Deputy Prime Minister and PDK deputy leader Hajredin Kuçi. “I have no reason to go to a debate with Mr. Kuçi. I have smarter and more important things to do than go on TV debates,” Mustafa was quoted as saying.

    He also said that if it were a debate between political parties that would serve the country’s interest, “I could talk but with other representatives”.

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page

    ; Vetëvendosje calls the highway a road of theft

    ; Special Prosecution takes pride in 28 operations

    ; Pacolli’s office says ?70 million are a speculation

    ; People will pray on the streets but will not block it

    ; Idrizi: Mufti Tërnava is in coalition with Islamic radicals

    ; UNMIK ready to issue KS license plates again

Other headlines

    ; Radmanovic: We have no position yet on Kosovar passports (2)

    ; Security Council disagrees on investigation into Marty’s allegations (2)

    ; Assembly, an arena of “mercenaries” and “profiteers” (4)

    ; Mustafa: I have smarter things to do than debate with Kuçi (5)


Front page

    ; Government above the judiciary

; Thaçi walks with the highway

    ; Glauk doesn’t want an SUV

    ; Gashi: The Zirinovski’s of Kosovo

Other headlines

    ; Jahjaga meets Clinton (2)

    ; Mustafa refuses invitation from Kuçi (2) ; Divisions within EU should stop (2)

    ; EC calls for strengthening of civil society (5) ; Hoxhaj and Rocen sign agreements of cooperation (7)

Kosova Sot

Front page

    ; Assembly votes against transparency for the highway ; Editorial: How long do we have to wait ; Parties ?7.5 million fine against Grand Hotel

    ; EULEX official among suspects in Vidovdan case ; Abuses with Sharr Cem

Other headlines

    ; EC encourages civil society (2)

    ; UNMIK without a deadline (3)

    ; Topi lobbies for Kosovo (3)

    ; Mustafa ignores Kuçi’s invitation (3)

    ; No EU for Serbia without recognizing Kosovo (4) ; Jahjaga meets Secretary of State Clinton (4) ; Serbian Assembly debates on Pristina-Belgrade dialogue (4)

    ; Poor institutional performance (4)

    ; With mouths shut at the CEFTA meeting (7)

Epoka e Re

Front page

    ; Çitaku: We’ll know about the roadmap in July

    ; Thaçi: We won’t stop the Highway of the Nation even for an hour ; Zannier leaves

    ; Isa avoids TV debate with Kuçi

    ; Clinton: The U.S. will continue to support Kosovo

Other headlines

    ; Hoxhaj signs three agreements with Montenegro (2)

    ; EC stresses need for a more competent civil society (3) ; Topi: Serbia should accept reality (3)


Front page

    ; EU Task Force to start work in July

    ; Mustafa opposes Ukshin

    ; A useless motion

    ; Believers back down

    ; With Clinton, too

Other headlines

    ; Judah: Yugosphere or the return of Yugoslavia (2)

    ; Kosovo cannot be ignored (4)

    ; Zannier makes remarks about the north (5)

    ; Mustafa: Now is not the time for debates (6)

    ; Agreements with Podgorica (6)


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