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    The development and market of comic and animation in china

    By: Irene Yang



1. Introduction

    2. Major difference animation between

    Japanese American and Chinese.

3. Classical production

4. Influence

5. Chinese animation

    5.1 Advantages and disadvantages

    5.2 Government policy about animation in


6. Market demand in China

7. Future development

8. Summary

1. Introduction

    Anime is a term for cartoons originating from Japan. A different word is used so it wouldn’t be confused with Western animated shows. Unlike in the West, where cartoons are mainly made for children, Japanese anime can target any age group; furthermore, some shows are intended for adults only.

    Anime is a visual medium that gives a lot of freedom for artists to express themselves. Some animes may be heavily stylized, while others take more realistic approaches. They are also known to mix CG effects with traditional hand-drawn animation


    Now that we’ve established that anime can be a medium for any kind of story not only

    shows for kids let’s talk about anime movies. Much like Western producers of animated movies, such as Toy Story or Finding Nemo,

    Japan has its own anime film industry. However, even though Japanese animation is becoming more popular overseas, not many people are familiar with the more impressive anime works. It’s mostly commercialized and overhyped shows like Digimon or Naruto that are the most popular.

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