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     TITLE Train The Trainer

    TARGET GROUP Departmental Trainers,

    Supervisors & Managers

    DURATION Day 2 of 3



    TRAINED BY Training Manager


    To create skilful, enthusiastic Departmental Trainers who support quality standards by

    competently delivering and evaluating department-specific training.


    ; Participants are selected by HOD’s

    ; Useful for a team member who is keen to develop their career but is not yet ready

    for a supervisory position

    ; This is one of the required programmes for all Supervisors & Managers


    By the end of this session participants will be able to:

1. Write a logical Task Breakdown

    2. Explain the elements of a ‘SMART’ standards

    3. Describe the features of effective questioning techniques 4. Explain how to respond to correct and incorrect answers given by participants

    5. Identify the ‘sandwich’ technique for giving feedback

    6. Write and deliver a 15 minute task training session that:

    a. uses the ‘A B C D E training format

    b. adheres to Adult Learning Principles

    c. maximizes retention

    d. respects different Learning Styles of participants

    e. demonstrates effective questioning skills and encourages participation

    7. Give effective verbal and written feedback to participants


    Every day Just for today Games

    Flipcharts, marker pens & Alphabet Review Running shoe alien

    blue tac

    Pen & highlighters per Email form to get email Human Knot

    person addresses to send session

    plan templates

    AV Equipment: Data Task Breakdown template Clumps (if larger group)

    projector, CD player & handout (spares)

    music, Laptop, digital


    Sticky Tape, hole punch, McDonalds Case Study x 4

    stapler, paper clips

    Chocolates for rewards;

    Table Toys: balloons,

    squeezy cush balls

    things to play with

    Attendance Sheet

ROOM SET-UP: Cabaret, mints on tables, Water / tea, coffee. Arrange biscuits/danishes

    1 Train the Trainer Day 2

for morning and afternoon tea

    Outline Timing Content

     Pre-session set up

    Setting the scene 5 min Welcome & self introduction (8.30am) 15 min ; Icebreaker Clumps or human knot Daily Review 15 min Alphabet Review

    15 min What:

    ; Days Objectives link to yesterday

    Interest: share story to create interest

    Need: WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) ‘B’ 45 min Demonstrate B stage again

    ; What happens during ‘B’

    ; Task breakdowns

    ; Write a task breakdown Stretch break 5 min Stretch Break

    Standards 40 min ; McDonalds role play

     ; Measurable standards Morning Tea 15 min Morning Tea Break (Or whenever needed) Break (10.45am)

    Standards cont. 30 min ; SMART standards

    ; Write standards for your task breakdown Questioning 30 min ; Purpose of questioning techniques ; Types of questions

    ; Game: Ask a silly question Handling answers 10 min ; How to respond

    Practise 25 min ; Demonstrate in pairs ‘A’ & ‘B’

    ; Give feedback & debrief LUNCH (12.45pm) 45 mins Lunch

    Game 10 min ; Energizer: Running Shoe Alien

    ; Recap

    ; ‘Key things to remember’ ‘C’ 20 min ; Demonstrate ‘C’

    ; Why we need to check

    ; Write list of questions ‘D’ 30 min ; Why every trainee must practice

    ; Feedback Sandwich ‘E’ 15 min ; Demonstrate ‘E’

    ; Discuss purpose

    ; Write ‘E’ notes

    Delivery style 20 min