Future Is My Top Concern

By Beatrice Hicks,2014-10-13 10:26
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Future Is My Top Concern

    Future Is My Top Concern

    As a junior college student who is preparing to graduate in less than two years, I still doubt that what kind of future I will have when I step into the society. As a son whose parents lie awake every night and wonder how they will repay the mortgage and save enough for their child’s college education, I still question what kind of future I will offer them as a better return for their selfless sacrifices. As a new member of the Party of the People’s Republic of China, I still wonder what kind of future I could

    create and build for my beloved motherland. Overall, no matter how long it takes or how steep the climb, the future is my top concern.

     In the wake of growing up, a strong point knocked on me that there is no responsibility to shirk, no names of coward to take, and no carelessness to causually behave. And I know the challenges that tomorrow will bring seem like the biggest enormity of task lies ahead and gets in my way. There must be setbacks and faults start. But I am still confident that I will get it done by braving scorching heat and bitter

    So as far as I concern, I can manage my future quite well. I wont stop chasing

    until a good job cuts out for me; I wont pause the conversation between my parents

    and me until I got what they really want; I wont prevent myself from keeping up with

    the modern society until I finally get there, until I finally get it done!

     Ladies and gentlemen, I have never been more hopeful than I am standing here today that I promise you that I will get there, a place I dreamed of for a long time. To chase my future, to color my life! Thank you!

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