Movie Review on Scent of a Woman

By Jill Martinez,2014-11-01 19:40
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Scent of a Woman

    Movie Review on Scent of a Woman

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    “Scent of a Woman” shows us a moving story by describing something happened between two men, Frank Slade and Charles Simms. The movie tells us no matter how smooth or how hard our life is, we should keeping up working hard for the way we chose. And death never cannot be an excuse of being to escape. What we need is the courage to make a right direction in life and be responsible for what we made.

    “Scent of a Woman” was directed by American director, Martin Brest, which was performed in 1992. And the same year, the movie won the best director award, the best scenarist award and a best film award. The most classic comment of the movie is known as “the scent of a woman, and the love of man”, which sentence clearly state a real meaning of the movie.

    The main actors are Al Pacino, acted Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade and Chris O'Donnell, acted Charlie Simms. Al Pacino acted as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, who is a mixture figure in this movie. He is a Lieutenant Colonel and is blind in an accident. After that, he loses the courage and confidence towards the life, and at the same time, he is a man full of smooth. In the movie, Al Pacino accurately reveals the blindness veterans inner world by vividly performs. Because he cannot

    see the world for a long time, he can identify women’s perfume accurately, which hints he towards life has an incisive understanding. And for this role, he won the sixty-fifth Oscar for Best Actor and the Golden Global Award for Best Actor. Another actor Chris O'Donnell acted as Charlie Simms, a university student. His perform similarly accurately explains the young man’s behavior and his characteristic.

    Certainly, the wonderful teamwork between the old and the young makes the main reason of the movie’s success.

    The main content of the movie shows us something happened between Frank Slade and Charlie Simms, by which we can learn the meaning of life. Charlie is a poor university student, and he finds some students playing tricks on the teacher’s process by chance. The teacher forces him to speak out the counselor. Confused by the betrayal and integrity, Charlie comes to Frank Slade’s to do a part-time job during

    Thanksgiving Day. Frank Slade is blind veterans, whose temper is elusive, and changeable. He loses the courage of continuing his life. And he wants to spend all he owns to experience all the wonderful things and then he want to suicide. Of course, Charlie, as his company, went to New York with him. During the holiday,

    they experience many things. When Frank wants to suicide, Charlie tries his best to persuade him giving up suicide. Then they produce the feeling of father and son. Finally, then school began to trial, Frank standing for his parents attend the trial, and help Charlie out of the trouble. For Frank’s splendid words during the trial, a

    woman with beautiful brown eyes express her love to Frank. Finally, Frank finds his confidence to life and also he finds his own lover. This is a wonderful result. From these, we can see, no matter what difficult or hard our life is, we should make a right direction, especially in a critical moment of life, and we should have the courage of being responsible for what we chose. Also, we can see everyone had better love and help others. In a certain degree, helping others achieves oneself. In the movie, the two heroes help each other, and each of them get what they want.

    There are many plots impressed me in a certain degree. And the most impressed me plot is that Frank’s address in the school’s trail. This is “I’ve been around, you know,

    There was a time l could see. And l have seen Boys like these, younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there is nothin'like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that. You think you're merely sendin' this splendid foot soldier back home to Oregon with his tail between his legs, but l say you are execution' his soul! And why? Because he’s not a Baird man. Baird men.

    You hurt this boy; you're gonna be Baird bums, the lot of you. From this plot, I

    think Frank is a genius of philosopher and speaker, and also a philanthropist. We are enough to see he is a man of being full of smooth and integrity. And for life, I think he is an expert, who has profound understanding.

    After appreciating the movie, I think everyone cannot forget that the scene when Frank and a beautiful young woman dance tango, which is such a magical, wonderful and romantic moment. The melody is so lovely, and step is so active and the teamwork is so clever. If the movie has no this scene, definitely, it will decrease its charm. There’s no doubt this moment is the most highlight of the movie. In

    addition, it stands for the hope and positive attitudes towards life. At the ending of the movie, the wonderful melody ring again, we can see it indeed stands for the hope and confidence towards the life.

    The movie named scent of the woman and from the whole movie, we can see it not only refer to that Frank can accurately identify women’s perfume, but also refer to that Frank has a incisive and profound understanding towards life. That is we should not lose the confidence and hope to the world, we need to have courage of live and once we make a choice, we are bound to be responsible to the choice, and never give up. In addition, never forget care about others. This is because caring others is helping oneself in a certain degree.

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