T SPOT.TB - Tuberculosis Survival Project

By Hazel Ward,2014-12-12 01:14
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T SPOT.TB - Tuberculosis Survival Project


    T-SPOT.TB has been designed to overcome the shortcomings of the

    tuberculin skin test and to ensure more effective diagnosis and control of TB. This diagnostic tool improves testing for latent TB. It is a 21st Century Solution for Latent TB detection.

    T-SPOT.TB is a revolutionary blood test that measures effector T cells specific to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) antigens. Based on the

    pioneering T-SPOT technology, it was developed for diagnosing both latent TB infection and TB disease in people. It can be reliably used in all patient groups including those who have weak immune systems (the

    immunocompromised). The product was licensed across Europe in July 2004 and is expected to replace the current tuberculin skin test, bringing effective TB testing to many new patient groups whereas the skin test is known to give both false positive and false negative results.

    This test has been used in large numbers of patients in 11 different countries. These studies have shown the unparalleled performance (sensitivity, specificity and indeterminate rate) of T-SPOT.TB and demonstrate it is an

    excellent test for the diagnosis and control of TB around the world, and especially for latent TB infection in the developed world.

    T-SPOT.TB offers:

Trustworthy Results

    ; The blood test provides reliable detection of truly infected individuals as

    there are very few false negatives (sensitivity 96.3%). This ensures

    that those infected with TB are detected and offered appropriate


    ; There are no patient exclusions so the test can be used in HIV positive

    individuals, very young children, those on anti-TNF α treatment,

    transplant and renal dialysis patients, the malnourished and other

    immunocompromised patient groups, as well as in pregnant women.

    ; The blood test virtually eliminates the risk of giving potentially toxic

    treatment to people without TB disease or latent infection due to its

    very low false positive rate

    ; The blood test is not affected by BCG vaccination so accurate

    diagnosis is assured even if the person has been BCG vaccinated.


    ; There is no need for the patient to return for examination: the test only

    requires one hospital visit to give a blood sample

    ; The results can be available next day rather than 48-72 hrs later. ; There are no painful blisters due to reactions to injection of protein as

    with the tuberculin skin test.

T-SPOT.TB for accurate TB Diagnosis

    ; T-SPOT.TB is much more accurate than the Tuberculin Skin Test ; T-SPOT.TB allows us for the first time to accurately identify people

    infected with TB

    ; Unlike the Skin Test, T-SPOT.TB works very well in the most

    vulnerable people (e.g. babies, elderly and those with weak immune


    ; T-SPOT.TB comes at a time when TB is resurging

    ; T-SPOT.TB provides the key to better TB control …

     … we can cure TB; until now we just couldn't diagnose it

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