Management Summer

By Jimmy Hicks,2014-11-01 19:37
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Management Summer

    Management Summary

    Kangle Nutrition Agency was built in 2011 ,it mainly produces nutritious food and offers Food&Nutrition Services.Now It has seven senior directors.We will hire people who has experience in the field of food nuitrition.

Organiztional structure

    The company is organized into main four functional areas:

    ?Sales and marketing

    ?Manufacting and new products development

    ?Finance and strategy



    Management team

    ?WeiDan:President and one of the founders who graduated from the Peking University with a in management,She used to be vice president in charge of financing in China.

    ?Liang Pei:The chief financial officer,She has got a bachelor degree in Finance and Economics in FuDan Universiry,She has two years work experience

    ?ZhangYangyang:Logistics Officer .She also graduated from FuDan University in Logistics Management.She used to be a logistics officer.

    ?LiuXu: H&ROfficer.She graduated from ShangHaiJiaoTong University with a degree in Human Resources Management.

    ?YinXiang:Strategy Officer. She graduated from QingHua University and got a BA in Economics.

    ?ZhaiFangjie:R&D Manager.Previous manager of an exclusive biology technology company.She graduated from ZheJiang University with an MBA in Biology Techlogy.

    ?YueYanlei;Chief Matketing officer.who has graduated from WuHan University.He has been a sales manager during the last two years,he has made well performance of his work.

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