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    The Analysis of Romeo and Juliet


    The true love and the reality exist at the same time in the drama of Romeo and Juliet. The

    drama reflects the characteristics of William Shakespeares period. Romeo and Juliets love is full

    of renaissance humanists of romantic emotional appeal.

    Key words:

    Love, reality

    The introduction about the author:

    The love story was written by William Shakespeare (1564-1615).he was an English dramatist and poet, generally regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime. His imagination, his richness of language and his deep understanding of human behaviors have made him universally known and loved. His influence on English literature and on the writers of other countries is immense.

     When he was seven, he went to a grammar school. But at the age of fourteen, he had to be a schoolmaster to help support his family because of the decline of his family. After arriving in London he was connected with drama. He used blank verse developed in to a happy vehicle to express all kinds of thought and emotion freely. He writes so many famous works. Such as merchant of Venice, you like it, hamlet, King Lear and so on.

    Shakespeare is one of the founders of realism in world literature. His dramatic creation often used the method of adaptations. His long experience with the stage and his intimate knowledge of dramatic art thus acquired make him a master hand for playwriting. He was a great master of the English language. He was skilled in many poetic forms: the song, the sonnet, the couple, and the dramatic blank verse.

    The introduction about the background:

    Shakespeare was living during the renaissance period. The English renaissance was largely literary and achieved its height during the Elizabethan period. The age was especially significant for three literary forms: the drama, poetry and prose. Most of the writers in the era of the renaissance were sometimes called humanists. In Shakespeare’s works voiced the human aspiration for freedom and equality and against the feudal rule.

     Living in the historical period of the transition from feudalism to capitalism, Shakespeare faithfully and vividly reflects, through a host of typical characters in his plays. The introduction about the main plots:

    The story took place in Verona city. There were two huge family groups, the Montague family and the Capulet family. The aroused a series of new struggles. However, they gave birth to a pair of unfortunate lovers.

    She is the pearl of the sky to land the world! Romeo described Juliet like this. They fell in

    love with each other deeply at the first sight. In the garden, with the moonlight, they expressed their love. The got marry secretly. It seemed that it was the line that the situation would turn around. No one would have thought that after a few hours they would depart. Romeo was to be banished because he killed Juliets cousin who killed Romeo’s good friend. Juliet was in great

    sorrow. Misfortunes never come singly. Juliet was forced to marry another one. That night Romeo secretly climbed Juliets room. It seemed to be a farewell. He had to leave in the morning. It was never hoped the arrival of the dawn. Before got marry Juliet took the sleeping death medicine

    following the advice of a priest named Friar Lawrence who sent a letter to Romeo to tell the fact. However Romeo didnt receive the message. With grief and madness, with poison, he came to the tomb. Because he thought Juliet had already dead he took the poison. Just at this moment Juliet woke up. Seeing her husband’s death Juliet suicided at once. When the priest Friar Lawrence told their loving story to their family members the tow families finally broke their barriers. They turned their conflicts and hatred into friendship. A golden status was set to memory their great love.

    The introduction about literature review:

     Romeo and Juliet, a play of youth and love, is Shakespeare’s earliest great success in tragedy, which combines a tragic situation with comedy and gaiety. The play is an exposure of the old feudal world with its internal strife and its unnatural human relations. Though the two innocent lovers die in the end, the play has nothing of pessimism in it. The balcony scene and the parting scene are two great love scenes in the world's literature. This play has always remained a favorite with young readers and audience. The text of Romeo and Juliet in the Oxford copy of the First Folio was almost thumbed to pieces by eager students of the seventeenth century.

     His works are chiefly concerned with the affairs of youth and full of romantic sentiment.

    Romeo and Juliet is lyrical and optimistic in spirit, lit up by the spring and sunshine of South Europe.

    The drama shows an extraordinary facility in expression and a felicity in the choice of phrases.

    The drama showed an increasing insight into character and mind, and finally gained a good command of characterization.

    The Analysis of Romeo and Juliet:

    True love give the hero and heroin courage to pursue the free love. Although Juliet knows that Romeo was from her enemys son. She can not help resisting her love to Romeo. It is love

    that gives their courage to fight against feudalism. Juliet gives up the narrow clan concepts and maintains her love to Romeo. Love gives their loyalty. They choose death to show their faithful love to their lovers. When Romeo knows Juliet dead he drinks poison and dead in Juliets tomb. It

    is all the same with Juliet. Before their suicide their monologues are extremely similar as their last sentences. Juliet said: I did the cup for you! Romeo said: to my love, I did the cup! Their love

    never ended by the boundary of their hatred. With the true love they never mind ending their precious lives.

    The drama reflects the characteristics of William Shakespeares period. Romeo and Juliets

    love is full of renaissance humanists of romantic emotional appeal.

    The power of love is so great that beyond our thinking. Nothing can divide the lovers. Although the society not allowed free loving, with true love, people would never retreat. Just like the hero and the heroin they never stop struggling with the feudal emotion and arranged marriage. They represented the new opinions about love. To some degree they were more individual about their private thinking. If they fell in love with each other they would throw all the prejudice. Even they were not accepted by others or by the wild society; they still followed love and never mind ending their lives. Love is innocent. No matter how hard the reality is, love is always the most powerful thing to make you life significant.

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