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Film review

     Film review

     ————Rain Man

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    Dad, lets me drive slow on the driveway every Saturday, Course the seats were originally brown leather now they’re pitiful red, said by Raymond, the actor of the

    film. His words made Charlie, another actor very surprised. According to the words, the film began to launch. This is a moving story about two brothers, one a selfish yuppie named Charlie Babbitt who cares only about the importance of money at first and the other named Raymond was suffering from severe cases of autism spectrum, and always immersed in himself fantasies, he was regarded as an idiot because of abnormal behaviors. This film tells us a truth that life has more precious things: people's feelings and brotherhood, brotherhood is worth treasuring more than money. Film plot is not complex, but has achieved enormous popularity and welcome; its reason is that in the film reflects a touching world indeed. In this film, Dustin Hoffman acted as Raymond, a skilled in arithmetic autism man who has remarkable memory. His dull look and eccentricities behavior in the film played very vividly. Hoffman produces an incredibly well-researched and polished performance as a character that lives by strict routine and is said to be incapable of forming human relationships. Extraordinarily high-functioning, he can count cards at the casino, memorise obscure baseball stats and add up large and complicated sums quicker than a calculator. He

     provides both highly-strung drama and some marvellous moments of humour, but it's in watching Charlie's mood turn from anger and frustration to love for his brother that the film is at its most rewarding Dustin Hoffman landed a well-deserved Oscar for his equally moving and funny portrayal of Raymond Babbitt. In order to play this role vivid, Dustin Hoffman worked with many autistic men for several months, learning their manners and observed their expression action. After great efforts, Dustin Hoffman was manage to put this vivid role and vividly reflected on the screen. This is the second time, he won the Oscar for best actor laureate, and he showed people his excellent acting talent again.

    The actor Tom cruise acted as Raymond’s brother Charlie was also a super youth

    actor. His performance is natural and glamorous. He and Raymond acted tacit

    cooperation very well. In this film, Charlie was a life troubled car dealer. Hearing his fathers death, he wanted to inherit his wealth. However, he knew his never- met brother, Raymond inherited all the wealth, and he only obtained an old car. At first, he was only to know money and little to care about others. In order to get that wealth, he took Raymond away to psychiatric hospital. After a weeks time spent with his old

    brother, Charlie understood much valuable things. He made himself a great change. And begin to care for his old brother. That actors’ vivid and touching performances is

    one of the important reasons for the films success .In a word, according to Charlies

    changes, the film reflects the real love and brotherhood.

    Many classic lines in this film were very intriguing and interesting. For example, Susanna: You using me, you using Raymond, you using everybody. Charlie: Using Raymond? Hey Raymond, am I using you? Am I using you Raymond? Raymond: Yeah. Charlie: Shut up! He is answering a question from an half hour ago! This was

    very classic line. From these words, we can see the Distinctive characters: Charlie is denying the truth, selfish and false; Susanna is justice; Raymond showed himself. In fact, every character showed them fleshly in this line. In addition, another line: yeah ——I don’t know. This is habitual answer of Raymond. I think this answer, on one hand, it showed intellectually disabled persons distinguishing feature, and on

    the other hand, we can see he is a very interesting and pure person. There is no doubt that the film "Rain Man" (Rain Man) is to find the brilliant sentiments and deeper humanity. Charlies girlfriend gives Raymond a kiss in elevator,

    which like a world to another world favor. Charlie changes almost kidnapped rowdy conduct to the brothers to the foam shed natural friendship In fact, the figures in the film weren't a bad man, including that not appear, the father of doctors, lawyers.

    Raymond repeated twitter jokes, an old joke, years ago videos, nostalgic emotional appeal, which belong to oneself world perverting insist, but displayed the powerful against about purely and secular, eventually, money has not problems, and Raymond was brought back to nursing homes or not is not important.

    Many time the movie background music broadcast: leaving wallbrook,on the road. Perhaps I never can forget the pure dubs, concise and lively, full of rhythm music. Film music speaking, classics films all dependent on music in a certain degree, even the music can make us through reminds the film itself. In this film, the background music showed its function wonderfully.

    The film won 61 annual academy eight nominations, and eventually won four Oscars for best picture, best director, best actor, best playwright and the best picture in Berlin film festival the director, Barry Levin son use the unique method made the film

    reach a high level in ordinary. As a life play, as a disabled person's social concern themes, as psychological textbooks, we can be attracted naturally and make the

    audience thought much about our society and others.

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