Movie Review on Kramer vs

By Jeremy Marshall,2014-11-01 19:40
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Movie Review on Kramer vs

    Movie Review on Kramer vs. Kramer

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    “Kramer vs. Kramer” shows us a moving sad story by describing something happened in a single parent family. The film clearly shows the true American’s single parent

    family life at that time. At the same time, the film reflects the contradiction among personal career, ideal and pursuit caused the family conflict to produce, and upgrade, eventually lead to the separation of tragedy. By appreciating this film, we can learn the attitude that American couple towards their family: that is no matter how the couple’s relationship develop, both of the wife and the husband love their family deeply, especially their fruit of their love, the child. Meanwhile, we can know husband and wife should understand each other. Certainly the female have the power to pursuit their ideal, rather than yield to their husband unconditionally.

“Kramer vs. Kramer” was directed by American director, Robert Benton, which was

    performed in 1979. The movie won the fifty-second five Oscar Academy Awards.

    These are: the best director award, the best adaption award, a best film award, the best actor and the best actress. The film was very popular at that time because it accurately reflected the true picture of American single parent family and guided people to consider this question with a new style.

    The main actors are Dustin Hoffman who acted the husband, Ted Kramer and Meryl Streep, who acted the wife, Joanna Kramer. Both of them are perfect actors of America. Dustin Hoffman is the famous actor of America, whose similar experience in true life made him fully integrated into the film. His performance is wonderfully and vividly. Similarly, Meryl Streep’s performance is naturally

    and convincing, which accurately show the heroine’s inner world. We can see

    their excellent performances are the important factor this films success. In

    additon, the couple’s son, Billy Kramer, I think, is also a wonderful figure.

    Billy was acted by Justin Henry, who is a lovely supporting actor. And Billy plays an important role in the development of the film.

    The main content of this film reflects something happened in a single parent family. Ted is an adman in a big company. He is always busy doing his career and ignores his wife and child. After a long time living in such a condition, his wife, Joanna cant stand this situation. One day, she left out her home. Since his wifes leave, Teds life suddenly steps into a terrible situation. He has

    difficulty in balancing the working and family. He always made his boss and Billy angry. Thanks to the neighbor’s help, he can have a normal life. After

    have a long time, the feeling between Ted and Billy is more and more deep. Owning to an accident, Billy hurt his eyes; Ted tied his best to put Billy into hospital. Ted blamed this accident on himself, and he felt he couldn’t care of his

    son. More a years later, Teds wife, Joanna returned again, and she wanted to

    ask Billy to live with her. Ted certainly didnt agree this request. Therefore,

    they come into court. Although Ted tired his best in court, the court make a sentence that Billy should be taken care of by his mother, Joanna. In spite of sad, Ted admitted the truth so as not to influence his sons normal life. Moved

    by Ted, Joanna finically gave up asking Billy to live with her. Eventually Ted and Billy can live together.

    There are many plots impressed me in a certain degree. And the most impressed me plot is that the last morning, Ted and Billy are preparing their breakfast. Their teamwork is so harmonious, their behavior is so consistency and their feeling is so moving. When I watch this scene, I cry. Because it really so moving, I cant help

    crying. I still remember that Ted and Billy prepared their breakfast a year ago. At that time, they made a bad job. However, after a years time, they made a so perfect job. When I watch here, I think if Joanna really picks up Billy out. If this breakfast is really their last breakfast, the truth is so cruel that I cant stand

    the sad result. In a word, this seines describing with no voice cause people’s


    The language in this film is very simple, and humorous in a certain degree. There is a conversation which seems simple but deserve considering. These are: Billy Kramer: When's mommy coming back? Ted Kramer: I don’t know, Billy. Soon. Billy Kramer: How soon? Ted Kramer: Soon. Billy Kramer: Will she pick me up after school? Ted Kramer: Probably. And if she doesn't I will. Billy Kramer: What if you forget? Ted Kramer: I won't forget. Billy Kramer: What if you get run over by a truck and get killed? Ted Kramer: Then Mommy will pick you up. According to this conversation, we can see Teds inner is very complicated. We can also see Billy so need his mother. This conversation accurately reflects their inner mind at that time, which is a representative of this film. In a word, simply words have a thoughtful meaning. And this is a characteristic of the language in the film.

The film reflects the truth in a single parent family, by describing a family’s all kinds

    of things. It tells us once the family produces conflicts, what should they do to deal with the problem. We can see that no matter how the couple’s relationship develop,

    both of the wife and the husband should be responsible for their family, especially their fruit of their love, the child. Meanwhile, husband and wife should understand each other. And female have the power to pursuit their ideal, rather than yield to their husband unconditionally.

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