My payment didn't arrive

By Arthur Butler,2014-12-12 01:09
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My payment didn't arrive

My payment didn’t arrive!

    If you have just filed your claim within the past few weeks, and have not received a payment, the most usual reason is that your eligibility for benefits has not been decided. You can check on that by looking at the ‘Issues’ part of your claim information.

    Payment is not sent if you quit your job, were discharged, if you are not able to work or available to work, or other issues. It will take several weeks to resolve most issues. Your handbook has more information on issues that stop payment.

    If you have been getting regular payments, and are worried about why the latest one didn’t arrive, check the ‘Issues’ on your claim to see if some new question has arisen about your availability, ability to work, or search for work.

    If the payment by check shows on-screen that it was issued, and it has not arrived, you will need to hang on for a few days to see if it comes. Checks are not reissued until they are ten days late. If electronic deposit rejects because of bank or account number problems, a paper check is mailed to the address on the claim if no correction is made.

If an electronic deposit shows as processed;, and your bank account doesn’t show that it

    is there, you will need to check with your bank. Most banks do not post a deposit the day it is received. There is a one to three day hold before the money is available to you in your account.

    If you need a check reissued, call or email after the ten-days to have the form sent to you. A notarized signature is required before another check can be sent to you.

    Please realize that payments process after 5 pm on business days only. If there is a Monday holiday, payments will be one day later than usual that week.

    If you have no issues and can’t see why you didn’t get a payment, check the ‘Remaining Balance’ field on your claim. If you have zero remaining balance, you have used up all the money in your claim.

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