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"Joyful" a new advertising media

     - add more value to advertisement

    "Joyful" advertising media Co. Ltd, planed to be established in 2011. We will be through the creation and the Management of three items named happy clicking happy

    playing and happy sending, that is, offering placement for

    Ads on web pages, in games and in Fetion, to attract customers, who want to advertising their products, so they can achieve high advertising value. Registered members can also earning money just by clicking on our advertising site web, playing our advertising games, by receiving messages they can also get information related to weather reports and entertainment and business discounts. "joyful" aims to create a

    three-side-winning which involves users, advertisers and


    Project description:

    happy clicking: a "happy clicking " website, will be framed for advertisers to show their ads, Internet users will become a member after a register, so that they can click on the ads to earn commission. The advertisers should pay amount of money according to theirs clicking ratios.

"Happy playing": based on our web designing an online

    game named " find the shops". Rules of the game are: players should find the store with the information provided and after successfully answer the relevant questions, theyll get

    gold reward. The players score will be ranked. With the

    accumulation of clients, we will develop other ads added games like the "Super Mario" "Happy Restaurant", "Happy Farm" and so on.

    "Happy sending": We will make use of our connection, to add acquaintances through Fetion . Via Fetion well provide our

    members with daily weather forecasts , campus activities, health knowledge, recruitments, entertainments, discounts and other information. Through marketing research to obtain members feedback, interact with members. Not only

    advertisers can promote their products at lower costs, but also customers will get useful information they need.

    Strategic Planning: "'three-step' strategy,"

    1. the first step, positioning in the campusmarket. Developing

    the surrounding Businessas the main advertisers, and by

    Fetion to absorb potential customers which is very targeted. 2. The second step, we apply the same model extended to

    major colleges and universities in Changsha, expand the site

    influence, to achieve the scale of operations.

    3.The third step is to advertisers by the major colleges and universities for students to expand to all the major business groups aiming at students in Changsha. For example, cell phone store, the computer market.,so that high-margin, high scale and high-impact can be achieved.

    Profit model: low investment, high returns and"

    three-side-winning " strategy

    in the case of the first step. The statistics, Hunan International Economics University and the Hunan First Normal University surrounding about 800 businesses, 50 of which are the proposed development for advertisers. The number of students in those two universities is about 40,000 people, 1,000 are the proposed clicking members. " happy clicking": limits per

    person per day click 5 times, get 0.4 yuan-per-click, that is up to each member to earn 2 yuan a day. At the same time each member can only click on the same business advertise once. That 5 clicks must be 5 different business ads. Each ad lasts for 10 seconds, each ad on a maximum of 100 hits, which had 100 people visit each day, all businesses access to a total of 5,000 hits. So calculated, the monthly advertising revenue as 75,000 yuan, 60,000 yuan on advertising expenditures, our company

can earn 15,000 yuan profit.

    "Happy playing": 50 businesses to be put to the ad game, the players can gain 50 gold coins. Each player who finds a shop and answer questions will receive a gold coin, worth 0.1 yuan. The whole game passed will get 5 yuan. Daily limit of members to participate in games is 100, and per person can only play once per day. So the company will paid 500 to members. And every business must pay the 100 times visits 20 yuan, 50 reach a total of 1,000. That we could earn 500 yuan a day difference, the monthly profit of 15,000 yuan. "Happy sending": advertising fee of 0.1 yuan one time per person, every day send ads to 1,000 people. Charged a business 100. And, "Happy sending" send messages through Fetion, zero-cost investment, at a profit of 100 yuan per day. Participating merchants to be 50 per month, so that is a monthly profit of 5,000 yuan.

    In a summary, in the first step development strategy, the sum of three profits, will come to 35,000 yuan per month. We will be in principle of "innovative, efficient, flexible, instantaneous", focus on the development of new advertising business, to set a precedent of "three-side-winning" advertising.

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