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How to create an effective atmosphere of mathematics teaching_13577

How to create an effective atmosphere of mathematics teaching

     Abstract: To get good teaching effectiveness, teachers in the teaching process will need to actively create situations, atmosphere, and guide students to actively participate, so that it truly into the study. Keywords: mathematics teaching, the creation of effective climate In the classroom teaching, teaching effectiveness in order to get good, you need to find ways in the teaching process of teachers to guide students to really participate in the study. If there is no

    real involvement, there is no solid knowledge. Therefore, teachers should actively create situations, atmosphere, and guide students to actively participate, so that it truly into the study. the most important matter, the main role of the

    students to get into full play, the quality can be increased. First, the creation of the problem environment, stimulate motivation, in thinking Like a famous educator Markov said: "those who are not from the heart and interest in and

    curiosity to learn things, is very easy to evaporate from memory", and the problem can easily stimulate students curiosity and interest. See, the problem atmosphere is very important. Therefore, in the classroom, teachers should be based on textbook content, grasping the old and new knowledge of the connection points, good questions designed to enable students to think, so that students have the desire to explore and take the initiative to learn. For example, I was teaching, "an interesting puzzle", the adoption of the

    following four-step teaching activities: (One for students to "roll a roll." Please order the four children were out from the bag cuboid, cube, sphere and cylinder, one each, and put them together on a surfboard to the top, look down at the same

    time when the four objects what will happen. In this way, teachers guide students through the "rolling" in the process discover the laws will help students to better participate in learning. (B enable students to "heap pile." Students

    hands the cuboid, cube, sphere and cylinder of the heap pile. In this way, students in person to operate, so that the abstract knowledge into the students see and feel, easy to understanding of knowledge, in the operation guide students to discover, think, comprehend, summarize, access to intuitive knowledge, while promoting the development of thinking. (C enable students to "touch." Pockets of students in the hands touch the objects of different shapes, which can arouse

students interest in learning to make the classroom atmosphere

    alive. (D enable students to "take a ride." To the beautiful music, let the students make a return to "small designers," just to get the object to take a ride and see what can come Dachu. In this way, students can and discussing,

    while pondering, while test ride, I take a piece of your fight, from which they can exercise a sense of innovation and creative thinking. Second, the creation of discussion, exchange of atmosphere, guiding ability, training in capacity

    In teaching, teachers should be based on age characteristics of primary school students and train them to discuss, the ability to communicate and pay attention to the intellectual development of students at any time. If you leave the right of participation, only the lively, form the surface of the ground together for discussion and exchange do not really participate in the inquiry process of knowledge, students can only passively accept the knowledge. So, in teaching, teachers should strive to create communication that allows students to

    feel the situation is needed from the heart, in the discussion and exchange process How should clearly involved, how to discuss and exchange. Each primary school students are very eager to get successful, especially those students with

    learning difficulties, need to experience the joy of success. Indeed, the successful experience with a tremendous emotional force, it can make students interested in learning, and thus properly learning. Thus, in mathematics, we should stop for

    students to create a successful atmosphere for students to actively brain, hands, take the initiative to apply the knowledge to solve problems, stimulate student interest in learning from, so that students experience the joy of success . Third, the creation of life situations to

    improve their ability to solve problems Many problems in mathematics teaching material is the result of a simple mathematical problems or to help students better understand the mathematical way of thinking, to improve students analyze

    and solve problems, teachers must be good at discovering and digging out some to have divergent and interesting problems. For example, in teaching engineering, you can out of a title like: Chen brought some money to buy a set of upper and lower

    two-volume book, he took the money to buy books if only, just to buy 20, buy the book if only just to buy a 30, then he took the money to buy several sets of this series? This question head broke through the conventional "engineering problems" in

    the style of questions raised interesting proposition and

    life, and the students, when thinking about these issues, we must learn by analogy, apply their knowledge to improve the flexibility to solve the problem. mathematical problem solving in many ways, the existing ties between them are different. teaching, Teachers should be combined with real life, to seize the typical examples, to teach students to think of ways to enable students to truly understand math learning fun and useful, so that mathematics teaching to adapt to the actual

    social life, in order to cultivate a group of truly adapt to the future society needed personnel. Links to Research Papers Download http:// Fourth, we must create an atmosphere to explore and encourage self-exploration In addition, to

    create an atmosphere to explore and encourage self-

    exploration. This process is full of exploration and creativity, observation, speculation, regulation, full of joy and full of twists and turns, these are precisely the charm of math. The traditional mathematics teaching Fa Qiaqia In this most wonderful and most charming place stopped, so that students can not feel the charm of mathematics to experience, the beauty of mathematics, mathematical value, give the impression that the "abstract math, and too boring." As I The

    lessons on the group. Professor Zhang Dianzhou said before, the traditional math teaching, "the role of teacher as tour guide, holding the flag in front of shouting, a team of students followed, a student must listen to explanations, and

    can not stop watching accordance with the requirements and use their own mind to think, the students just skim the surface, there is no personal experience of teaching effectiveness, often stop at imitation and memory, the innovation will out of

    the question. "different students with different method, showed a different thought process , leaving different levels of students on the basis of the original development of different levels, it is the concept of modern mathematics education. guided by this concept of teaching, teachers need to do is to make these with different levels of students, different ways of thinking characteristics of the students have the opportunity to express their ideas, rather than a unified model requires that all students, thus facilitating

    the students to actively mathematical emotions (interest in mathematics, hobbies, learn math the confidence of the culture, but also help broaden the students the breadth and depth of thinking, help students to develop innovative.

    Fifth, to restore the essence of life, students thinking Focus on mathematics in daily life at the same time, every

    teacher must fully understand the nature of mathematics teaching is to develop students thinking. Daily life does not mean simplistic mathematical knowledge, on the contrary, reduction is more conducive to mathematical nature of the students on life development of thinking. If during the "percentage of word problems" of teaching, I present to the students of such a set of data: "a math test scores in a class

    as follows: 100 points 5, 90 and 15 to 99 points 80 ~ 89 of 15 people, 70 to 79 points 2, 60 to 69 points 2, 60 points below 1. the class average score of 92. According to the above you can ask what percentage of the data issues tied the related

    formula? "After careful discussion, the students, have answered: 1. out of the number of people are good a few percent of the people? 2. good number of number is the total percentage? 3. What is the passing rate ? 4. out of 99 people than 90 percentage points fewer people? 5.90 ~ 99 points out of more people than a few percent? ... ... In this way, even students interested in improved student learning, but also improve the thinking ability of students. VI needs to achieve and promote the development of the main From the

    educational psychology, in life there are five different levels of hierarchy of needs, the highest self-realization is

    the need for a decision-making. Our teaching problems once the application to link teaching and life, the students that the

    potential need for more intense. If the students to master the cuboid and the cube's surface area is calculated, I produced this one question: "There is a milk box length of 5 cm wide and 3 cm, 8 cm high, the factory to prepare a cartons of 24

    boxes, if you are a factory designers, please take into account the interests of manufacturers of packaging with the length, width and height should be how much? "Students are very excited, first discussed, and then calculate. through a variety of opinions contrast, less students to understand the use of materials to save costs, manufacturers increase profits, further calculation of the surface area of skilled and understand the role of mathematics in life, inspired the students to learn mathematics of emotions. In short, in

    teaching, teachers should strive to explore the creation of effective teaching environment, to stimulate students interest in learning to be actively engaged in learning, to enhance their learning ability and capacity to participate and improve

    teaching effectiveness. Links to free papers Download Center http://

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