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SJT milestones ...

San Jose Taiko Milestones


    • Rev. Hiroshi Abiko, Roy Hirabayashi, Dean Miyakusu see Kinnara Taiko in Los Angeles; inspired to start taiko

    as a San Jose Buddhist Temple YBA activity in the summer • First performance held at the Coast District Young Buddhist League Conference in San Jose • Transition of taiko membership changing from Temple members to community members in the fall


    • 1st US Taiko gathering with the first three American taiko groups - San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Kinnara Taiko and San Jose Taiko, in San Jose Buddhist Temple

    • First composition, Taiko One (Renshu Taiko), arranged by Gary Tsujimoto and Steve Yamaguma, is performed

    at the San Jose Buddhist Church Obon • San Francisco Taiko Dojo's leader, Seiichi Tanaka, invites SJT members to study with his group while continuing to practice at the San Jose Buddhist Church


    • Rotation of artistic leadership among members on a monthly basis initiated

    • After studying one year with Seiichi Tanaka, SJT is encouraged by Tanaka sensei to return to San Jose to create a "San Jose style and music"


    • Performance in City of San Jose Bicentennial and the International Year of the Child, which is nationally televised

    • Recording of the first San Jose Taiko audio cassette tape, produced by Bamboo Brew Productions


    • SJT sees Ondekoza in concert for the first time in Los Angeles.


    • Ondekoza performs in San Jose at the Center for the Performing Arts and the San Jose Buddhist Church. First

    workshop with SJT and Ondekoza

    • SJT moves out of San Jose Buddhist Church due to church scheduling conflicts. Rehearsal space is rotated and moved around to various locations in the community


    • Ondekoza performs in San Jose at the Scottish Rites Temple sponsored by SJT

    • First year for SJT to create a tradition of an annual retreat where members reflect, evaluate & plan short and long range goals


    • First year to create a training class for new members joining SJT


    • SJT self-produces its first concert at San Jose State University, Morris Daily Auditorium • SJT incorporates as a non–profit organization and establishes its first Board of Directors

    • Performs in San Francisco Taiko Dojo's first International Taiko Festival featuring Daihachi Oguchi and Osuwa

    Taiko from Japan


    • Roy Hirabayashi and Tomiko Nozaki travel to Sado Island, Japan to work and study with Kodo (originally

    Ondekoza) on Kodo's first US. tour • SJT self–produces a concert at the Sunnyvale Performing Arts Center

1983 - Tenth Anniversary Year

    • Gary Tsujimoto and PJ Hirabayashi join Roy and Tomiko in Japan to study with Kodo

    • SJT performs the 10th anniversary concert at the Mayer Theatre, Santa Clara University • SJT receives its first City of San Jose Fine Arts Commission grant

    • SJT obtains a room for rehearsal space at a closed school through San Jose Unified School District

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    • SJT moves into its first rehearsal space on King Road in San Jose • SJT's first performance tour, including a three island tour of Hawaii, the US Festival in San Bernadino, Cal Expo (State Fair) in Sacramento and the Asian American Jazz Festival


    • Pam Matsuoka, first part-time General Manager and staff person for SJT is hired

    • First Junior Taiko class is offered as a summer program • SJT mails the first edition of the newsletter, Odaiko • Produces a concert at Mayer Theatre and American River College in Sacramento


    • Presents Michiko Akao in a joint collaboration concert at the Independence Luis Valdez Theatre, in San Jose • Presents and performs with Kenny Endo and Eitetsu Hayashi at the Calvin Simmons Theatre in Oakland • Performs in the Los Angeles Taiko Festival at the Japanese Community & Cultural Center with Kenny Endo,

    Eitetsu Hayashi, Kinnara Taiko and Sozenji Taiko

    • Travels to Vancouver, Canada to perform at the Powell Street Festival


    • SJT performs with Ondekoza at the Flint Center in Cupertino and at the Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles

     Produces the annual home season concert at Mayer Theatre • Performs full concert in Seattle, WA

    • Travels to St. Louis to perform for Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival • In the fall, tours Japan with Ondekoza in joint concert programs, presenting American Taiko • Receives first National Endowment for the Arts Expansion Arts program grant • Receives grant from the California Arts Council Multicultural Advancement Program to hire first Development

    Officer on contract

    1988 - 15th Anniversary Year

    • Produces the 15th anniversary concert at the Mayer Theatre, Santa Clara University with George Coates Performance Works

    • Produces the second SJT audio cassette recording • Participates in the Arts Council of Santa Clara County Music & Arts Campaign to build SJT first individual donor base


    • Tours Hawaii for a three island concert tour • Performs with the George Coates Performance Works and American Conservatory Theatre at the Geary

    Theatre in San Francisco in "Right Mind" "Right Mind" halted following the Loma Prieta Earthquake

    • Signs on with booking agent California Artists Management • Anna Lin leaves to study and perform with the Miyarabi Taiko in Tokyo for one year


    • Moves into studio and office space on North 9th street in San Jose's Japantown

    • "Homecoming concert" concert at the San Jose Buddhist Church with guest artists Robert Kikuchi Yngojo, Nancy Wang and Hitomi Ikuma

    • Performs with the San Jose Repertory Company in Timothy Near's production of "Oedipus, the King" at the Montgomery Theatre in San Jose

    • Receives a major grant from The David & Lucile Packard Foundation to hire the first two part time artistic staff members, Roy Hirabayashi and Toni Yagami

    • SJT is accepted into Phase One of the National Endowment for the Arts Advancement Program


    • Receives a major grant from The Rockefeller Foundation to produce "New Visions: A Collaboration" at San Jose's Center for the Performing Arts with the Margaret Wingrove Dance Company, Kenny Endo, Russell Baba

    and Jeannie Mercer • Produces SJT's first compact disk recording, "Insight Through Sound" Page 2 of 7 pages San Jose Taiko Milestones

• Mariko Miho joins staff as SJT's first professional non–performing General Manager

    • Receives SJT's largest grant, from the National Endowment for the Arts Advancement Program Phase Two, to support the company's professional growth and hire three fulltime performers, Roy Hirabayashi, PJ Hirabayashi

    and Toni Yagami • Receives a major grant from The James Irvine Foundation

    • Jennifer Welling Jones becomes the first full–time Development Officer

    • Performs in Tokyo, Japan for the American Airlines Inaugural flight from San Jose to Tokyo • Performs at the Percussive Arts Society annual international convention in Anaheim, CA.


    • Performs the "Soul of the Great Bell" with Brenda Wong Aoki and San Jose Repertory Theatre at the

    Montgomery Theatre in San Jose • Self–produces "Echoes of the Soul: Spirit of Taiko" at the Mayer Theatre and sells-out all three performances

    • Hires Anna Lin as Equipment & Repertoire Manager and Janet Koike as Outreach Coordinator • Hires Bonnie Lee as Assistant General Manager

    • Travels on the first major block tour to nine California cities

    1993 - 20th Anniversary Year

    • SJT Odaiko mailing list tops 7,000 taiko fans worldwide • SJT produces "In the Spirit..." with Abhinaya Dance Company, Sachiko Nakamura, Cherylene Lee and Wilbur

    Obata • Performs in Sumo Basho festivities in San Jose

    • Performs for more than 25,000 people at San Jose's Fourth of July America Festival • SJT's third tour to Hawaii for performances in Hilo and Kona

    • Second CD recording is completed - "Kodama, Echoes of the Soul • "Moving in Time", SJT's Anniversary Concert at San Jose's Center for the Performing Arts, September 25, 1993,

    including performances by Crossfire and Yoshikazu and Yoko Fujimoto of Kodo • Junior Taiko program has grown to over 50 students in different class sections of beginning, intermediate and

    advanced students • Receives the Award of Excellence in nonprofit management from Chevron and the Management Center • Performance run-outs to University of Nevada, Nugget Casino, Cincinnati Zoo, UC Santa Cruz • SJT performs at Carnegie Hall as guests of Ondekoza


    • Run-out performances to Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, Hilo, Hawaii, and residency at West Virginia

    University • Receives commendation from the Arts Council of Santa Clara County for Community Leadership in fostering

    cultural and ethnic diversity • Keith Terry & Crosspulse and Redwood House Choir collaboration at Mtn. View Performing Arts Center &

    Cowell Theatre • National television performances on Arsenio Hall show and Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon • Performance tour to UC San Diego, Torrance, Ventura County • Guest residency: Yoko Fujimoto of Kodo, conducts Japanese folk song workshops


    • Collaborations with Timothy Near (SJ Rep Artistic Director), Anthony Brown (Hiroshima-Nagasaki commissioned work), Marco Lienhard (former Ondekoza member) • Master class and drum maintenance workshops for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas Treasure Island • Performance tour to Las Vegas, Carlsbad, Pasadena, St. Paul, Carmel • Run-out performances to Austin, San Diego, St. Louis, Albuquerque

    • Toni Yagami and Janet Koike retire from SJT; Yumi Ishihara and Gina Yamamoto come on staff full-time • Gala performance for Ohlone College Performing Arts Center with emcee Tom Hanks • Consultations with Asano Taiko of Japan and REMO


    • 11 month Audition Process (AP) is implemented into training program • SJT is awarded the CAC Multicultural Advancement Grant, a 3 year program • SJ Taiko web site is established: • Run-outs to Indianapolis, San Diego Zoo, Mendocino, St. Louis Botanical Gardens

    • Featured in marketing materials for Hewlett Packard "Open Mail" product. Performed at Anaheim product show

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    • Asia Society, New York performance with Anthony Brown, Qui-Chao Liu, Mark Izu, Frances Wong, Glen Horiuchi & Marco Lienhard • Villa Montalvo Concert: collaboration project with Marco Lienhard, Anthony Brown & Qui-Chao Liu, funded by

    the Rockefeller Foundation • Fall tour to: Ferris State University, Interlochen Arts Academy, Michigan Tech, Lakewood College, Weidner Center in Green Bay, Quad City Arts Residency Program, UW Parkside, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.


    • SJT presents Warabiza in concert and residency in San Jose • Run-outs to: Memphis Botanical Gardens, Cal Plaza in LA, Reno Arts Festival, Cincinnati Zoo • SJT receives the International Collaboration grant from Meet The Composer, a collaboration project with

    Motofumi Yamaguchi of Kodo and Shohei Kikuchi of Warabiza • 1st Northern Cal Taiko Expo, Morgan Hill

    • Eijiro Ikegami joins staff as the administrative assistant • Spring tour: El Camino College, Cal State Northridge, Cal State San Marcos, California Center for the Arts,

    Pabst Theatre • Collaboration project at the Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles with Anthony Brown, Marco Lienhard, Qui-Chao Liu, Mark Izu, James Newton & Kei Akagi

    • Anna Lin retires from artistic staff • Workshop leaders for the 3rd Annual Collegiate Taiko Conference at UCLA • 1st summer internship program started as a pilot program with 3 summer interns

    • Participants at the 1st North American Taiko Conference at the JACCC in Los Angeles • Extasia Percussion Festival in Matto City, Japan. Sponsored by Asano Taiko • Yu-Ai Kai Cultural Award, San Jose • Assisted with Kodo's 10th Anniversary of Earth Celebration on Sado Island, Japan

    • Fall tour: North Carolina State Univ. in Raleigh, University of Connecticut, Yale University, Simon's Rock College, Chandler Music Hall in Randolpf, VT, Pentangle Arts Council in Woodstock, VT, the Music Hall in

    Portsmouth, NH, the Ordway Music Center in St. Paul, MN • Michelle Fujii is hired on to full time artistic staff

1998 - 25th Anniversary Year

    • Day of Remembrance, Yerba Buena Performing Arts, San Francisco, Jazz & Justice, Big Bands Behind Barbed Wire (B4W)

    • B4W, Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ • SJT first video project with a video shoot at the Mayer Theatre • 2nd Northern Cal Taiko Expo, Morgan Hill • Spring tour: Oshkosh Opera House, Oshkosh, WI; Grand Theatre, Wausau, WI; University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI; UC Santa Barbara, Lancaster Performing Arts Center; Cal State University, Fresno

    • Joint concert with Shasta Taiko, College of the Siskiyous Theatre, Weed, CA • 2nd Summer Intern Program with focus on arts administration

    • Crissy Sato joins artistic staff • 1st Taiko Summer Camp for the youth at Stanford University. Joint project with the Stanford Music Department,

    Stanford Taiko and San Jose Taiko

    • SJT Summer Interns: Shoji Kameda (Stanford Taiko), Kris Bergstrom (Stanford Taiko), Makoto Ono (Hinode Taiko)

    • 1st SJT Summer Series, San Jose Rep Theatre, August, featuring: Asian American Jazz Orchestra, Rhythmix, PressGang & Jonathan Kirby, Keiko Matsui and San Jose Taiko

    • 25th Anniversary Concert, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University, September 26, featuring Motofumi

    Yamaguchi of Kodo and Shohei Kikuchi of Warabi-za. Funded by the International Collaborations Fund of Meet the Composers and the Japan-US Partnership for the Performing Arts (JUSPPA).

    • Moved the administrative offices to the Issei Memorial Building in SJ Japantown in October • Guest artists at the Northwest Regional Taiko Gathering in Seattle, WA • Run-outs for the Asian American Jazz Orchestra to the Asian American Jazz Festival in Chicago and El Camino College

    • Run-out to Las Vegas

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    • Run-outs to Perry's Egyptian Theatre, Ogden, UT; Modin Center for the Arts, Richmond, Virgina; Cal Tech,

    Pasadena, CA, CSU Summer Arts Festival at CSU Fresno, Reno Summer Arts Festival, Grand Performances in Los Angeles

    • Coordinated the first Kodo workshop tour in the US • In February, moved the SJT studio to is new home on Stockton Avenue • Eijiro Ikegami leaves administrative staff, Wisa Uemura joins administrative staff as the administrative assistant

    • Asian American Jazz Orchestra run-outs to University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; Meany Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

    • Collaboration with David Benoit, San Jose Symphony and the San Francisco Symphony • Crissy Sato leaves staff to return to school

    • 3rd Northern Cal Taiko Expo, Morgan Hill

    • Rhythm Spirit '99 concert at the San Jose Repertory Theatre • Fifth Collegiate Taiko Invitational at UC Irvine, workshop leaders • 2

    nd Taiko Summer Camp at Stanford

    • Residency with Hanayui of Kodo nd• Taiko Jam and workshop leaders/panelists at the 2 National Taiko Conference in Los Angeles

    • SJT summer interns: David Ishimaru (Stanford Taiko), Emi Yoshimura (Stanford Taiko) nd• 2 SJT Summer Music Series at the SJ Rep Theatre featuring George Yoshida and the J-Town Jazz Ensemble, Ozzie Kotani, the Steve Nakano Jazz Quartet, Michael Sasaki, Kinnara Taiko and the SJT Touring Ensemble and

    small ensemble program • Shoji Kameda joins staff for the fall tour ensemble

    • Fall tour to the Japanese Festival at the Memphis Botanic Gardens in Memphis, TN; Quad City Arts, Rock Island, IL; Chicago World Music Festival; Humboldt State University; Haugh Performing Arts Center, Citrus

    College; Popejoy Auditorium, UNM, Albuquerque, NM; Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, AR; Urban Gateways, Chicago, IL

    • PJ Hirabayashi and Yumi Ishihara travel to Japan to lecture at the Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, Japan, visit

    with Warabi-za and Kodo.


    • Winter/Spring tour to CSU Chico, Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa, Sunnyvale Performing Arts Center, University of Southern California, McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA,

    Stoney Brook College in Long Island, George Mason University in Fairfax, VA

    • 4

    th Northern Cal Taiko Expo, taiko concert, Morgan Hill • Annual spring concert, “Rhythm Spirit 2000” at the San Jose Repertory Theatre • Collaboration project with the Sonos handbell ensemble and composer Jaron Lanier for the Continental Harmony project of the American Composer’s Forum of NEA. th• San Jose Junior Taiko 15 Anniversary Recital, Memorial Park, Cupertino

    • Irene Matsumoto retires from SJT and the Junior Taiko program • J-Town Beat Celebration, with Hiroshima, Michael Paulo, Daniel Ho, Brenda Aoki & Mark Izu, Lane Nishikawa,

    Hear & Now, Japan America Theatre, Los Angeles • First Audition/Orientation weekend, Morgan Hill

    • Tumbleweed Taiko Workshop in Houston, Texas • Franco Imperial joins artistic staff part time

    • 3rd Taiko Summer Camp at Stanford • Summer Hawaii tour to Leeward Community College, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Waikoloa Hilton.

    • Hoh Daiko workshop in Seabrook, New Jersey

    • SJT summer intern: Taryn Kunisaki • 3rd SJT Summer Music Series at the SJ Rep Theatre featuring Daniel Ho & Kilauea, Shasta Taiko, Art Hirahara, Asian Crisis, Murasaki Ensemble, SJT Family Show and a special Celebration concert featuring Nobuko Miyamoto,

    Mas Kodani, Sharon Koga, Donna Ebata, Marco Lienhard, Eth-Noh-Tec, Art Hirahara, former staff members of SJT and SJT

    • Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival, St. Louis, MO • Curated showcase artist at the Western Arts Alliance Conference, San Jose, CA • Fall tour to the Admiral Theatre, Bremerton, WA; University of Washington; Nikkei Concerns 25th Anniversary

    Program, Seattle, WA; Madison Civic Center; Southwest Missouri State University, West Plains, MO; Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, CO; Perry’s Egyptian Theatre, Ogden, UT; University of Utah, Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City,

    UT • Michelle Fujii leaves artistic staff to prepare for a one-year residency with Warabi-za Page 5 of 7 pages San Jose Taiko Milestones


    • Workshop for Sonoma Taiko

    • Outreach program with the San Jose Symphony on percussion • Ponderosa School Arts program

    • UC Riverside with the Asian American Jazz Orchestra, Last Dance Project • Rhythm Spirit ’01, San Jose Rep Theater • Pacific Rim Festival in Sacramento • Summer Taiko Institute (STI) in Los Angeles, 5 day taiko seminar/class

    • 3rd North American Taiko Conference in Los Angeles • 4th Taiko Summer Camp at Stanford

    • Mendocino Summer Music Series th• 4 Summer Music Series at the Rep featuring Zendeko, Professor Terry’s Circus Band Extraodinaire and San

    Jose Taiko • WAA curated family showcase, San Jose

    • Wendy Bilanski joins administrative staff • Fall tour to Sundome Performing Arts Center in Tempe, AZ; Brigham Young University, De Jong Concert Hall,

    Provo, UT;BYU Idaho, Hart Auditorium, Rexburg, ID


    • Warabi-za concert at the San Jose Civic Auditorium

    • Franco Imperial joins full time artistic staff • Winter tour in Florida to: Coral Springs Performing Arts Center, Dolly Hand Cultural Center, Kravis Performing

    Arts Center, University of Florida in Gainesville, Central Florida Cultural Endeavors, Mahaffey Theatre and North Carolina State University in Raliegh, NC

    • Asian American Jazz Orchestra, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA • Workshop leaders, Collegiate Invitational Taiko Conference, UC Irvine • 5th Taiko Summer Camp at Stanford, first year for two week program • Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese Festival, St. Louis, MO • Asian American Jazz Orchestra/Last Dance, CSU Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

    • Japan America Theater, Los Angeles, CA • Himawari (Sunflower) Tour: Hanayui and SJT joint tour to: Leeward Community College in Pearl City, Maui Arts Cultural Center, Kahilu Theater, and the University of Hawaii in Hilo

    • Hinode Taiko 20

    th Anniversary concert, Winnipeg, Canada • Fall tour: Salt Lake City Community College; Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego; Raue Center, Crystal

    Lake, WI; Lakeland College, Sheboygan, WI; University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, WI;

     th2003 30 Anniversary Year

    • Winter tour: Princess Theatre, Decatur, Alabama, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, Zellerbach Theater,

    Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, UC San Diego, Mandeville Auditorium, Sunnyvale Performing Arts Center, Sunnyvale, CA

    • KASA Juku in Morgan Hill with Eiichi Saito & Masami Miyazaki • Move into Okida Hall in San Jose Japantown • 6th Taiko Summer Camp at Stanford • Redlands Bowl Festival, Redlands, CA

    • 4th North American Taiko Conference, Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA

    • Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) Arts Community Star Award th• 30 Anniversary Concert, Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose, with guests San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Kinnara Taiko and Nobuko Miyamoto (Ichigo Ichie premiere)

    • 3 Japantown concert tour to the Japan America Theater in Los Angeles and to SF Taiko Dojo International Taiko Festival at Zellerbach Auditorium, UC Berkeley with Kinnara Taiko and San Francisco Taiko Dojo

    • Project Cornerstone Award for Positive Cultural Identity • Fall tour: College duPage, McAninch Center, Glen Ellyn, IL, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL • 1st Japantown Halloween @ Okida Hall


    • Winter tour: UC Santa Barbara residency and concert, Santa Barbara, CA; Paradise Performing Arts Center,

    Paradise, CA; Beckman Auditorium, Cal Tech, Pasadena, CA; Fox Theater, Redwood City; Clay Center,

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Charleston, WV; Wang Center, Stony Brook University, NY; Rose Lehrman Art Center, Harrisburg, PA; Olin Art

    Center, Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA; Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ • Rhythm Spirit ’04, Campbell Heritage Theatre

    • Odaiko Sonora workshop in Tucson, AZ • Encuentro Yoreme de Sinaloa Festival, Mexico

    • Collegiate Invitational Taiko conference, Stanford University, masters classes

    • Summer internship program with Joe Small and Alex Hudson from Swarthmore College • Castelbasso Oriente e Occidente festival, Castelbasso, Italy • International Taiko Convention, Honolulu, HI, masters classes • Fall Tour: Concord Summer Music Series; Chinatown Jazz Festival, Fresno, CA; Cal State University Monterey Bay residency and concert, DVD recording session, Sonoma State University; East County Performing Arts Center, El Cajon, CA

    • San Jose Taiko first Open Auditions • San Jose Taiko Weekend Taiko Intensive

    Recognition award from the Preservation Action Council of San Jose for the work in helping to preserve Japantown in San Jose

    • 2nd Japantown Halloween @ Okida Hall • Kagemusha Taiko workshops in Exeter, England


    • Winter tour: Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torrance, CA; Byham Theater, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh,

    PA; Nash Theater, Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville, NJ; Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center, Paducah, KY

    • Workshop with O-Tatsu and Taiko Tides Taiko, Pelham, NY Rhythm Spirit ’05, Campbell Heritage Theatre

    • Adult Recreation Class (ARC) begins • Triangle Project with PJ Hirabayashi, Nobuko Miyamoto and Yoko Fujimoto, New World Theater, UMass

    • Junior Taiko Program 20

    th Anniversary Recital Program th• 7 Taiko Summer Camp at Stanford

    • Shasta Yama, Mt Shasta, CA th• 5 North American Taiko Conference, JACCC, Los Angeles, CA • “Big Drum” Exhibition, Japanese American National Museum • Italy summer tour: Cecina, Tuurin, Milan, Congliano, & Fidenza • Redlands Bowl residency and concert, Redlands, CA • Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Cerritos, CA • Works In Progress (WIP), Hoover Theater, San Jose, 4:00 pm • Triangle Project at World Theater, CSU Monterey Bay & Japan American Theater, JACCC, Los Angeles

     Open Auditions • 2nd annual Taiko Weekend Intensive


    • Mesa Art Center, Mesa, AZ; Popejoy Auditorium, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; Napa Valley Opera House; Schauer Arts & Activities Center, Hartford, WI; Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, St Paul, MN;

    Hancher Auditorium. University Iowa

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