The Attitude of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice

By Ricky Payne,2014-09-22 16:39
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The Attitude of Marriage in Pride and Prejudiceof,in,In,The,Pride,and,the,And

    The Attitude of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice

    At the very beginning of the novel says: It is a truth universally

    acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife (from Chapter 1). We know it is the

    authors irony, but it is true in some aspects------marriage can not

    thwithout the base of economy, no matter in the 19 century or the

    modern period.

    But the affection of love is another essential element in marriage. According to the novel, although Jane and Bingley falling into love at the first sight, its premise is that Mr. Bingley has a considerable fortune. As to Mr. Darcy, he is highly respected by all the guests when he entered the ball simple because it was told he a more considerable fortune than Bingley. And I take it for sure that Mr. Darcy must catch Elizabeths eye for his status and figure, and

    Elizabeths beauty do noticed by Mr. Darcy as he says to Mr. Bingley She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me; and I am in no humor at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men’’ (from Chapter 3). I think Elizabeths

    beauty is admirable, as to Mr. Darcys remarks are just result from

    his pride that want to show Mr. Bingley his high taste of beauty. And the Bennets inappropriate behaviors do disgrace Elizabeths beauty.

    Elizabeth is a rational woman, never surrender to bigwigs or

money, and will not be lured by mens skin-deep beauty only. So she

    dont elope with Wickham as her sister Lydia does; she dont accept

    Collinss foolish proposal as her friend Charlotte does; and even when the arrogant Darcy lay down his status and neglect the pride of the gap between family status to make a sincere proposal to her. Maybe at that time, there are fond of each other, but Elizabeth think this affection is not strong enough, adding to her former prejudice about Darcy and the angry of Mr. Darcys wrong doing to separate

    Jane and Mr. Bingley.

    In my opinion, Elizabeth is the epitome of Jane Austen, the author who has the thought of feminism. In this novel, Austen

    thstrongly criticized the social atmosphere about marriage in 18 and

    th19 century. In that period, marriage to women is a market for sale-----a way to class exchange and seek the economic supports for their clothes. To achieve a wonderful marriage or hunt a wealthy husband, they often transform themselves into products, and use their lovely complexions and special skills to attract men. To dissect this absurd attitude profoundly, Austen portray several kinds of silly women. Such as Charlotte simply regards marriage as a reliable storeroom, her only pursuit is to run her own house and live a life without worrying bread after marriage. So she married with Collins and feels life is full of happiness if only dont mention about Collins.

Another poor women is Lydia, only focus on Wickhams handsome

    face and sweet talk. From Austen’s bitter sarcasm, we can easily

    found out that love is essential element of marriage, and the economic base also is a fundamental part of marriage life.

    Although Austen disdain the conception of being match for marriage, she also disagree the marriage without any economic base. That is the spotlight of her as a rational woman. Let us suppose, if Mr. Darcy dont have such a fortune, he could do nothing about Wickham and Lydias affair. Then would he win Elizabeths heart

    finally. And if Mr. Darcy doesn’t own any fortune as colonel

    Fitzwilliam, I think the story will have another ending.

    It seems only Jane and Elizabeths marriages are acceptable to us,

    readers. However, we know the author is fonder of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcys marriage. For all Janes merits, she is lack of the thought of

    equality between men and women. She just waits Bingley to decide her happiness, but Elizabeth will not marry with Mr. Darcy until Mr. Darcy amend his pride and love her with all his heart.

    Marriage is a profound knowledge, as I am such a young age; I could not perceive all aspects of Jane Austens attitude toward

    marriage, but I do know that love, proper economic condition and the equality between husband and wife is a essential point that the author wants to convey to us readers.

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