Report of Carrie Sister

By Lorraine Mitchell,2014-09-22 16:34
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Report of Carrie Sister

    Recently I have read Sister Carrie and, I think , it is an excellent book in different ages which makes me be able to fall in love with literature , and especially fall in love with Sister Carrie.

    Carrie , a countryside woman , comes from the lowest level of the society , who extremely longs for success and desires the urban luxuriant and wonderful life. “One thousand readers have one

    thousand Hamlett.So different people respectively think of Carrie as a woman who is peacockish , cruel and even degenerated, for she is selfish and even cheats two men’s wealth and emotion . However , I treat Carrie as a successful woman , for she is good at seizing opportunities and never giving up.At first ,I have same opinion with most people that Carrie is not keeps her feet on the ground and desires to lead a luxury life.But,the following story impressed me.Carrie tries her best to look for a well-paid job without ones help though suffer from different treat.She knows she has to fight against the social rules.In addition,Carrie always desires the true love.She lives with Hurst Wood because she is attracted by his talent and ability not only his wealth. Her romance is because she does not understand that social competition is cruel,and do not understand the people's hearts; her reality because life gives her a lesson.She no longer easily believes a man, and she knows only by

    her own efforts to live the life she wants.and then.Furthermore Carrie is never satisfied with current situation,and never stop pursuing a better goal.She believes that the dress is not only some thing protect us from cold,but also a symbol, through it people could know which social group do others belong to.When she realizes the failure of Hurst Wood,she leaves hin alone to find a job by herself.Fortunately,Carrie made herself successful on the stage by a small chance and then she got money and fame gradually. Of course,we can see that Carrie behaves extremely confidently and completely enjoy herself on the stage.However,Carrie is a tragedy, after realizing her fantasy, She still felt that life was empty and could not find the true meaning of life.So,I hold sympathy on her.

As far as Im concerned,we should take the background into

    consider.At that time ,the rapid development of industry in USA and rural poverty of the people in stark contrast.Money plays an important role in this novel, and to everyone money has its own meaning. From this,what I can learn is that money is not everything.It is not enough only to care about material and we should pay attention to peoples inner worlds.The ideal is great,but

    the reality is bad.I think I am lucky enough to live in such a harmonious society,whats more,my parents arrange everything for

    me.Unlike Carrie,she has to work hard so that she could gets what she longs for..However,both of us hold a firm faith is fighting for our ideals.

    Finally,I strongly recommend this book to my classmates,in this book you will know Carries experiences and then deeper understand

    the society of America in 1980s.The most important is that you will learn the importance of the spiritual world.


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