How to create a category, be the first - Hi Angela high protein high depth resolution_7598

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How to create a category, be the first - Hi Angela high protein high depth resolution_7598

How to create a category, be the first - Hi Angela high

    protein high depth resolution

     Background - Waffles (en: waffle, also known as waffles, waffles, waffles, embossing pancake is a pancake, from Belgium, with a special baking pan, Western middle-class

    mainstream Western pastries. 2010, waffles have some northern cities in the South and start selling, then the nation's largest brand waffles and Dongguan, Fujian Danfu gorgeous. Danfu is a new development in Fujian sea "pseudo-

    foreign" brand, European style food brand family pass, pass out of the Western nobility, so Danfu product positioning is relatively high, Danfu waffles waffles are also used as the first brand in the market for the training and making good early sales .2010 , gorgeous high-profile grid listed flavor

    waffle cake, a series of princess princess egg smell, but its unclear cake vague positioning has not brought to its good market, post market has been tepid.

     In mid 2010, Angela began to operate like waffles, a record that if you want to do justice Zhong waffles category first, then the opportunity is very small, the face of non-maturity

    category, we can create a category.

     Corporate status -

     From the enterprise level, hi hi Ying Ying Ying Ying waffles are food nearly three-year plan focused investment products, will invest a lot of advertising media costs of dissemination as a single product, taking into account the corporate communications industry brought suit (if you go to China to strengthen waffles, equal to help Danfu waffles and other

    mature companies do extra points, and will result in many mature industries such as the daughter of small manufacturers to follow suit after the success of French bread and a small low-cost small and medium enterprises to follow, on the other:

    business nearly two main markets in the north, waffles market recognition rate is very low, 90% of people do not know the North waffles what that is, we take great efforts to do a non-

    cognitive category - - the cost of education is too high.

     Method -

     We look at product analysis: What is the waffles, is a

Western-style cakes.

     Waffles actual consumers who:

     We are Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing market, Wal-Mart,

    Carrefour, Ito-Yokado, Suguo, Trust-Mart stores and Harbin

    Songlei conduct market visits, interviews, and the object is Danfu Promoters are buying customers.

     From the interview results, waffles are the major buying groups of children and young white-collar workers, and the

    child's consumption was slightly higher than the young white-


     Hi Angela waffles so precise positioning people - mainly

    children, white-collar workers, supplemented.

     Consumers concerned about the interests and needs of waffles is:

     And a large crowd from the terminal on the network to buy waffles China's concern, in fact, consumer groups may not Danfu strongly concerned about the publicity of "pure European descent" (the idea is a potential perception of European descent, but in other areas, such as its delicious , egg content (nutrition but more attention.

     Children to buy - parents concerned about children


     White-collar workers to buy - delicious nutrition and health concerns.

     Therefore, eggs high and delicious waffles for a non-compete

    is in terms of interests.

     Hi Angela waffles present product benefits:

     Baking temperature of 150 degrees lock incense process, as are baked savory (delicious

     Whole egg and without surface water (high protein content, nutrient

     Understanding of consumer demand, and how to re-define the


     Consumers need the cake, the cake needs nutrition, high levels of need egg cake.

     Hi Angela waffles, whole egg and noodles without water -

    high protein content - cake - "high protein high!"

     The birth of a new category - high protein high!

     Hi Angela, "high protein high" as hi Ying Ying "waffles" and substitute a new definition of the concept category - high

    protein high and we do not have "high cake" instead of "high protein high" category and the brand with a personality product name, by homophonic expression can accurately tell the consumer what we are --- very high protein content of cakes! "

     Advertising appeals, the high protein high demands directly - food meal replacement, because the cost of education as a new class of high need, to secretive explain what is a high

    protein high, high protein high is what to do and too expensive corporate advertising. From consumer research point of view, pastry products under the snack food but is different from the conventional snack foods. Snack Food As the name

    suggests recreational use, more for snacks, but the bakery products such as pie, as a small breakfast of bread more Business Travel time to relieve their hunger, or the use of high-protein high so the market directly shouted: "hungry, eat high protein high" to prove safety of food meal.

     High-high egg products listed, we use the classic northern people like big food color - red, and fully meet the high

    awareness of food northerners - closed. A personalized,

    stylish, functional localization meal replacement products was


     Results -

     Hi Angela high protein high market test market in Hebei Province, three months to achieve monthly sales of 200 million (local counterfeit products also qualify "high cake", basically identical packaging. As of May 2011, six months to

    market, two flavors, two specifications, five provinces and autonomous regions, monthly sales stable at 500 million /

    month and since starting in April 2011, a shortage of restrictions on the manufacturers shipping scene - which like

    graceful little history, I believe, as long as the manufacturers quality stability, and capacity to ensure high-

    protein high-five provinces in monthly sales of 10 million can be achieved quickly.

     As a high protein high category, like Ying Ying is undoubtedly the first brand, is the only brand (high protein high has been registered companies currently listed on the regional consumers already believe waffles should be high protein high, all similar to the high protein high mimic the high protein products are high.

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