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Summary and Responses 1-5and,AND




    Unit 1

    TEXT ? The Fourth of July

    This passage is a piece of narration . It tells us the authors experience to

    Washington D.C. with her family for the first time and the author condemns the racial discrimination by this experience . The whole family took a Fourth of July trip to Washington D.C. as a graduation present to their children . On their trip , they were not allowed to eat in the railroad dinning car , her sister was not allowed to rent rooms with her classmates , the waitress and the counter didnt allow the family to eat in the

    store , all of those just because they were Black . So they were very angry and un happy about their trip .

     The Fourth of July makes the Declaration of Independence , and all the American people celebrated it on that day . However , it wasnt the independence of

    Blacks in 1940s . Because Whites still discriminate against the Black . So the author condemn the racial discrimination with her own experience .

     I think the title of the passage is very good . The Fourth of July marks the Declaration of Independence , but it was on that day that the Blake were discriminated by Whites , it reveals the dark of American society . Everyone should be equal in society . I am glad that there is less racial discrimination now , we live a peace life ,although there is still discrimination in some parts of the world . I believe it can be removed in the future as long as we treat each other with love .

TEXT ? Champion of The World

    This article tells us how Joe Louis who is a Black boy got champion in a boxing mach. Before the match , all the black people were worried and excited about the match when they listened to the radio. Before the round three , Joe was winner , and all the Blacks were excited . But when it was round four ,Joe was lower ,so they were worried and nervous . Suddenly , when everyone thought that Joe would lost , he

    fought back and won , then he got the champion . At that time , all the Blacks were exulting , because his success brought the honor and confidence to the black people.

    The psychological description of the essay is very vivid . Peoples mood was

    changing with the presentation of Joe . Because his victory was not only his own victory but also the whole nations victory , so he was the hope of black people . Just

    like on the Olympic Games , when our Chinese players were fighting for the champions ,all of us were excited and nervous , even though we were in front of the TV . Because it was not only his own honor ,but also our nations honor , and we took

    pride in them .

    So I think Joe is great . He improved the status of black people and his success proved that black people were the strongest people in the world , then they were not be discriminated by Whites no longer , so he brought hope and confidence to his nation , and he is the hero of black people .

    Unit 2

    TEXT ? No Name Woman

     This essay tells us a pitiful story about the authors aunt . When her aunts

    husband went to America to make a living , her aunt convicted of adultery and was pregnant . When she was to give a birth , the villagers raided her house , killed all her stock , and destroyed all the things in her house . Because in the traditional Chinese society , people thought she was humiliated and evil , they did that to dispel evil . However , on that night , her aunt together with her newly born baby jumped into the family well .

     The authors mother wanted to let her knew the oral tradition of China and let her knew the suffering that results from sin , she also gave her a warn with the story .

     In this story , I think the authors aunt is pathetic . May be it was her fault to

    convicted of adultery , but the villagers acts were barbaric and cruel , and it leaded

    to death of her aunt and the newly baby , after all , the newly baby was innocent , he

    new nothing about the world . Everyone may make mistakes and can suffer from it . As for the mistakes , we should take some reasonable and civilized action , not the barbaric and cruel acts , or it can lead some tragedies . Besides , as for some traditional believes , we should inherit their advantages and abandon their disadvantages ,and never use some conventional traditions to measure peoples

    morality , so that we can live a better life .

    Unit 3

    TEXT ? A Hanging

     This passage is a piece of narration . It tells us a story about the execution of a condemned prisoner in Burma , which presents the authors humanistic view on

    capital punishment .

     The condemned mens living conditions were bad , when he was brought out of his cell and was ready for the gallows , he hardly noticed what was happening . When the hangman fixed the rope around the prisoners neck and fastened the

    noose , he began crying out to his God , he kept crying until he was hanged . After the hanging , others found it was funny and they laughed loudly . They all even had a drink together quite amicably even though the dead man was only a hundred yards away .

    So I think the dead man was pathetic while the victims and warders were cold-blooded and even cruel . If I were one of them at that time , I would neither laugh nor witness the hanging . I think everyone should be depressed and sad on such a occasion , however , on the contrary , they still laughed and had a toast . So I think they were inhumane , to some extent , their soul were insensitive , and they were indifferent to the world , may be that was their mental illness . It also reveals the darkness and coldness of the society .

TEXT ? Shooting an Elephant

    This is a piece of narration , it tells us the process that how the writer shot an

elephant .

    At first ,he didnt want to kill the elephant , but it was a white mans vanity

    that changed his mind , he thought he must not be frightened in front of the natives , besides , there were nearly two thousands people watching him and he had to do it . He thought a sahib has got to act like a sahib : he has got to appear resolute , to know his own mind and do definite things . From this incident , he saw how much the Burmese hated being ruled by the British , it also gave him a better glimpse than he had had before of the real nature of imperialism .

    Sometimes , we may also be in this kind of dilemma . We also dont intend to

    do something , but there are many people who is watching us , and under their expectations , in order to show our authority or power , we have to do it . The pressure that they gave us is invisible , and it forces us to do many things that we dont want to do . If we dont do it ,we will lose our face , what more important , we will lose our authority and power . So under these intangible pressure , we have to force ourselves to do it . So if I were on the position of the author , I would make the same choice and kill the elephant , even thought it was dangerous and cruel .

    May be when we step into the society , most of the time ,we will be in such a dilemma , at that time , we should be decisive and we must make a choice which is beneficial to ourselves or the most of people , even thought we have to put ourselves in a dangerous situation and do some sacrifice .

    Unit 4

    TEXT ? Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli

    This article tells us a story about a girl whose name is Olivia . She was just three years old , but she always imagined a friend named Ravioli who was seven and a half . She said her invisible friend was too busy to play with her , they got in touch with each other by phone sometimes , and sometimes , she bumped into him . All of these were her imaginations , so her parents were worried about her , and they suspected their daughter to be trauma and asked her aunt who was a psychologist for help , but

she told them that scene is normal .

    I also think the phenomenon that a child imagine an invisible friend to play with her is normal . Because my mother used to tell me when I was four or five years old , I did the same thing . I used to imagine some little friends and make dialogues with them , then I would told it to my mother . Sometimes , I even regarded a toy or wood as a friend and talked with them . My parents worried about me ,too . But a long time later , they learned that I was right and nothing had happened to me . At that time , I usually stayed a home , and no one could talk to me , let alone played with me . My parents were obsessively devoted themselves in their work so that they paid little attention to me , and my brother and my sister were too busy with their study to play with me . Besides , my neighbors are older than me , so they didnt want to play with

    me . As a result , I was lonely and I had to play with myself . Naturally , I would imagine some friends to play with me , so that I couldnt be alone .

    However , nowadays , almost each family has only one child , the child has no any sister or brother , it is also difficult for him or her to find a playmate . So in this situation , I think parents should spend more time playing with their kid , so the child will not feel lonely . Parents should show more love and attention to their child , and dont let loneness fill up with their hearts , which can provide a healthy environment for their children , especially on psychology .

     Unit 5

    TEXT ? The World on a String

    This is a piece of narration , it displays us how Nina became a famous musician by her own struggle .

    Nina was a girl with music gift and she was greatly influenced by her father , and she should have gotten success when she was younger , but she suffered for his fathers persecution . Then because of the shortage of money , she had to sashay down the catwalk and pose for camera , and she did a good job and was a hit . But with all attention , she quitted modeling to pursue her dream , because music alone was her

    life and happiness . At last , she realized her dream as a famous musician by her own fighting and she shared her success with her father , she knew his father could hear it .

    Ninas resolution and will make a lasting impression on me . She is beautiful and talented , she also got great success on modeling and got all the attention , but out of all expectations , she gave it up and she went to pursuit her music dream . To be honest , if I were she , I would not give up modeling , give up the success , and the reputation to pursuit an uncertainty . Because I am not sure whether I can make my music dream come true . If I fail at last , I also lost the success I have achieved , then how pity it is ! But Nina did it , and she made it , so she surprised me . May be it was Ninas persistence that leaded she to success .

    In our life , there are still many obstacles that get in the way of pursuing our dreams , if we have no determination and persistence , we can give them up easily . So Nina has set a good example for us , and we should learn from her and persist in our dreams . Finally , we can make success . It just as a proverb we all know : Where there is a will , there is a way .

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