Final Paper Guidelines

By Howard Powell,2014-06-16 12:49
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The water in the Arabic Gulf is known to be challenging for reverse osmosis (RO) seawater desalination. The water is relatively shallow and the temperatures are high. Many small islands off the coast reduce the water exchange with the open sea. This results in seawater with high salinity, high organic content and microbiological activity posing a very high fouling risk for the RO membranes. Carefully designed pretreatment is absolutely essential to ensure economical plant operation.

    Graduate Thesis Writing

    Spring Semester 2011

    Final Paper

    Topic: Students’ choice – something that interests you. If related to your research topic, all the better!

    Length: Five pages (1,500 words) minimum; typewritten; double spaced; correct spelling and grammar.

Documentation: At least ten sources with correct citations MLA, APA, or Ocean

    University of China (OUC) Department Style Guidelines.

    ; minimum of five Library sources

    ; minimum of five Internet sources

    ; at least one Field Research activity or observation (this can be a description of a

    planned or fictional observation). The point is to demonstrate knowledge about

    how to conduct a field research project.

Due Date: June 10 = preferred date

     June 17 = deadline date

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