Sexual discrimination in Bible

By Ann Kelly,2014-09-22 16:35
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Sexual discrimination in Biblein,Bible,bible

    Sexual discrimination in Bible

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    Digest:Bible describes the emergency and development of Jewry and praises Jewish peoples intelligence and creation,it is our spirit

    wealth.However,there are many kinds of discrimination especially sexual discrimination in this famous book .On the one hand,the Bible reflects objectively that the women at that time have a very low social class,their destiny seemed to be decide by the God that they could only live a miserable life;on the other hand,the Bible is created from mens view,it was full

    of sexual discrimination.This paper discusses the sexual discrimination in Bible and the social influence of this phenomenon.

Key words:Bible,discrimination,religion,gender,women.

     There are many kinds of discrimination,for example,sexual discrimination,religion discrimination,disability

    discrimination ,racial discrimination and so on.Sexual discrimination is a controversial topic from a long period.The description for women in Genesis of the Bible leave a deep impression on me.

    Generally speaking,when we mention bone and flesh,or the affection of bone and flesh,we are sure to think of the relation between parents and children, however,in the Bible,it writes :So the LORD God caused

    a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said,"This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;she shall be called Woman,because she was taken out of Man.So

    in this sentence,it is very clear that the relation between bone and

    flesh describe the relation between men and women.because women were taken out of Man.To the woman the god said:I will intensify the pang

    so for your child bearing;in pain shall you bring forth children.Yet your urge shall be for your husband,and he shall be your master.The

    sexual discrimination in this sentence is obvious.In my

    opinion,discriminating against women is a kind of backward idea,people are independent individual,we dont need dependent upon other

    people,because in this vivid world,everyone is unique,nobody can replace you.Even in modern society,this phenomenon exist extensively,especially in developing region like many countrysides,a large amount of old people defend tenaciously on the backward ideas,there are many old sayings in China,such as if you born a boy,you will slow the rate of getting old.

    It turns out that in this developmental society,men and women are equal,either boys or girls can give their parents a better life.Luckily,we can see this old idea eliminate day by day,women are playing more and more important role in many fields. Wherever they are,they have their own economic status and independent ideology,they refuse to be controlled or restrained by men.Even in some country the president is a woman.Women

    s Day,the establishment of the Womens Federation and other similarly

    organization all prove that the improvements of womens status.

    In Bible,another aspect also shows the discrimination against women,that is the naming method of women.In the Hebrew bible,1426 people have their own name but only 111 are women.In the new bible,women who have their name just twice than

    before.Lucifer,Mammon,Asmodeus,Satan,Beelzebuli,Berial,Leviathan are the seven deadly SINS in the bible.The god told people that if a person has one of these sins,they must be put in the hell.Lucifer means arrogant,Mammon means greedy,Asmodeus means amorousness,Satan means fury,Beelzebuli means,Berial means lazy and Leviathan means jealousy.The

    bible think many women have these character,the method of naming women just prove that people dont respect for women.

    What should women do to protect their rights?In my opinion,economic position is the most important thing.In a family,if we just rely to our husband in economy,they are sure to look down on us.We need go to school to adopt education,we need knowledge,we need go out of our door to communicate with other people,we need earn money by ourselves,only if we can live independent,we won't be prejudiced.Then,we need respect

    ryone in this world are fair,we share a ourself as well as others,eve

    common sun,a common sky,we breath same air,so each person should be respected.protecting women's position is a long process,we should unite together and try our best to make contribution to women's right.

     It is necessary for feminist literary criticism,it can make us to have a new understanding of the Bible and Christianity.

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