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    NZ Marketing & Publicity enquiries:

    Adria Buckton, Trigger Marketing & Publicity

    09 834 33 48 / 021 498 086

    Runtime: 103 minutes

    Censors Rating: M contains violence & offensive language New Zealand Release Date: 15

    th April 2010


    Isabella Films & Fu Works Present




    A Film by Martin Koolhoven

    “Hugely impressive and powerfully “As close to full marks as you can possibly Marco Weijers, Telegraaf get”

     Lodi Meijer, Movie 2 Movie

    “An honest film about the war” “Has everything a great film should have” Bor Beekman, De Volkskrant Annemart van Rhee, Filmwerld

Movie 2 Movie Film Focus Het Parool


    Worldwide Sales:

    High Point Media Group


    Suite 16, Deane House Studios, Greenwood Place, London NW5 1LB

    Tel: +44 20 7424 6870. Fax +44 20 7435 3281


Direction Martin Koolhoven

Screenplay Paul Jan Nelissen, Mieke de Jong, Martin Koolhoven,

Cast Martijn Lakemeier, Yorick van Wageningen, Jamie

    Campbell Bower, Raymond Thiry, Melody Klaver, Anneke

    Blok, Dan van Husen , Ad van Kempen, Mees Peijnenburg,

    Tygo Gernandt Producers Els Vandevorst for Isabella Films

     San Fu Maltha for Fu Works

    Co producers Antonino Lombardo for Prime Time, Omroep Max

     With the support of The Netherlands Film Fund, Suppletie

    Regeling, CoBO Fund, Inspire Pictures, VAF, Eurimages and


Line Producer Niko Post

    Director of Photography Guido van Gennep

    Editor Job ter Burg

    Production Designer Floris Vos

    Special Effects Darius Cicenas

    Composer Pino Donaggio

    Script & Continuity Machteld Feltmann

    Costume Designer Alette Kraan

    Make up Diana Dreesen

    Casting Oi Mundo Casting/Rebecca van Unen

    Supervising Sound Editor Herman Pieëte

    Post Production Supervisor Hans van Helden

    Benelux Distribution Benelux Benelux Film Distributors

    Poster and logo design Sara Simpson & Richie Burridge (Empire)



In order to become an adult, you will have to lose your innocence.


January 1945. During the last winter of World War II, Nazi occupied Holland lies under a blanket

    of snow. Food is scarce with many people heading east in a desperate attempt to find

    sustenance for their families.

Living in a village near the town of Zwolle is 13 year old Michiel. Defiant in his hatred for the

    Nazis, he is eager to do something for the growing underground Resistance. His father, however,

    is anxious for Michiel to stay out of trouble. As mayor of the village, he must do all he can to

    keep the fragile peace in tact and is not prepared to take any risks. Meanwhile, Michiel’s

    beloved Uncle Ben a Resistance fighter and strong critic of his father warns against getting

    involved in “grown up” business.

Michiel’s chance to prove himself arrives when neighbour Dirk asks him to deliver an envelope

    on behalf of the Resistance. But Dirk is caught soon after and Michiel witnesses the shooting of

    the intended recipient by German soldiers.

Inside the envelope Michiel finds a map of nearby woods, leading him to a secret foxhole where

    wounded English pilot, Jack, is hiding in fear of his life. At first mistrustful, Jack eventually

    realises he has no one else to rely on. He must escape and only Michiel can help.

Soon Michiel discovers how precious trust is and how close together good and evil can sit side

    by side without anyone ever noticing. He also learns that to become a man, he must abandon

    childish beliefs and face the truth head on.


    Awards & Nominations

2009 Official Dutch Entry to the Academy Awards 2010

    2009 Golden Calf Awards (Dutch National Film Awards):

    Best Actor Martijn Lakemeier

    Best Supporting Actor Raymond Thiry

     Best Production Design

    2009 Silver Marc’Aurelio Award for over 12s Alice Nella Citta Rome International

    Film Festival



Director biography:

Martin Koolhoven (1969) was born in The Hague. When he discovered his passion for movies,

    he first started an image and sound study in Sittard, continued his studies at the Belgian Film

    School, and then realized the Amsterdam Film Academy was the place to be.

In 1996, Koolhoven graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in Direction, Screenplay and

    Feature Film. His graduation film was received well. He was discovered as a young talent with

    the ‘Lolamoviola’ low budget TV movie Duister Licht (60 min.) He made a break-through with

    Suzy Q (a Telefilms series).

Suzy Q won many awards in The Netherlands and abroad in 1999, including the young talent of

    the year award of the City of Utrecht and was nominated for the NPS tv Culture prize.

    Since then Koolhoven’s films have been received very well, winning numerous prizes at the Netherlands Film Festival. Variety wrote of Het Zuiden: "Martin Koolhoven is known for eliciting

    topnotch performances from his actors and "South" is no exception." In 2001, Koolhoven

    received a ‘Golden Calf’ award at the Netherlands Film Festival (for directing De Grot).

    In 2005, two films by Martin Koolhoven were released: the box office hit Het Schnitzelparadijs and the arthouse hit Knetter. He was the first Dutch film director having two films in the Dutch

    movie theatre top 20 chart at the same time. In 2005, Het Schnitzelparadijs rated best Dutch film at the box office. In 2006 followed by the romantic comedy ’n Beetje Verliefd.


Producer Biographies

    Els Vandevorst is one of the most prolific and respected producers in Holland. During a 20 year career that continues to flourish, her extensive credits not only include a number of highly

    regarded Dutch films, such as Martin Koolhoven’s South, but also a number of top international

    titles including Lars Von Triers’ Manderly and Dogville starring Nicole Kidman and Dancer in the

    Dark starring Bjork.

Short filmography

    2005 - MANDERLAY

    2004 - HET ZUIDEN

    2003 - IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE


    2003 - DOGVILLE

    2003 - FATHER AND SON

    2002 - VILLA DES ROSES


    1999 - THE CROSSING

    1995 - MYKOSCH

    1989 - ALASKA

    San Fu Maltha is recognised as one of Holland’s leading producers, with a string of successes to his name. Having worked for Warner Bros, Columbia Tristar and Polygram, he set up

    independent production company, Fu Works in 1990. In 1999 he co-founded A Film, which he

    managed until 2006. With an extensive list of credits to his name, recent titles include Dutch box

    office hits, All is Love and Paul Verhoeven’s eagerly anticipated return to Holland, Black Book.




    2008 - HET ECHTE LEVEN

    2007 - ALLES IS LIEFDE


    2007 - UNFINISHED SKY 2007 - KICKS

    2006 - JADE WARRIOR 2006 - ZWARTBOEK

    2006 - FIGNER

    2005 - VET HARD

    2005 - SNOWFEVER

    2004 - IN ORANJE


    2003 - ADRENALINE


    2001 - MORLANG

    2001 - SOUL ASSASIN 2001 - COSTA!


    1996 NAAR DE KLOTE

    1993 ANGIE


    Cast Biographies

Martijn Lakemeier (Michiel)

Martijn Lakemeier (1993) was born in the town of Zwijndrecht, where he still lives. He was

    selected out of numerous young talents for the role of 14 year old Michiel. This is his feature

    film debut. Martijn joined a youth theatre school in the city of Rotterdam. He played other roles

    in a travelling show (Aap!) of the Young Theatre School Zuidholland and played the lead in the

    school musical, Showbiz. Acting in a film is a dream coming true.

Yorick van Wageningen (Oom Ben)

Yorick van Wageningen (1964) was born in Baarn. During the nineties he acted in several Dutch

    television drama series including the popular GTST and Spijkerhoek series. He made his international break-through with his role in the successful film Total Loss, an adaption of the theatre play. Steven Spielberg’s enthusiasm for the actor opened the doors to Hollywood. Since

    then he has been performing in films with such stars as Angelina Jolie, Vin Diesel, Judi Dench,

    Colin Farrell, Christian Bale and Clive Owen. Recently he was seen in The New World by cult film director Terence Malick. In 2009 he will star in a movie by director Vin Diesel. He now lives and

    works in Los Angeles. He came back to Holland especially for his performance in Winter in Wartime.

Short filmography

    2009 Hannibal the Conqueror

    2007 The Blue Hour

    2005 The New World, Tulse Luper Suitcase: A Life in Suitcases

    2003 Beyond Borders

    2002 Tulse Luper Suitcase: The Moab story, Simon:an English Legionnaire

    2001 Soul Assassin, Me and Morrison


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