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Elong contract

    Schedule C


    thDated _Jan, 6, 2010___

    Between: elongNet Information Technology (Beijing) Company, Ltd., , a company organized under the

    rdlaws of the Peoples Republic of China, with offices at Xingke Plaza, 3 Floor, 10 Jiuxianqiao Middle

    Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016, China( the “TPI”)

    And ________________________________________________________________________________

    (The “Hotel”) (Together, the “Parties”)


    (A) Six Continents Hotels, Inc. (on behalf of the Hotel) and the TPI have entered into a definitive agreement

    dated 13, April 2009 (the “Definitive Agreement”), setting out the main commercial terms upon which the

    TPI is appointed as hotels non-exclusive agent to make rooms available to consumers through a consumer

    facing internet websites.

    (B) Pursuant to the Definitive Agreement, the Hotel wishes to be a Participating Hotel (as defined in the

    Definitive Agreement) and expresses its intent to be a Participating Hotel by completing and returning this

    participation form; and

    (C) All defined terms as set out in the Definitive Agreement will similarly apply to this participation form.


1. The TPI is connected to Holidex Plus via direct Connect (DC).

    2. TPI sells the IDQ25 (Best Flexible / package) and IKX25 (Advance Purchase / package) rate categories

    direct to the consumer.

    3. By completing this form the Hotel opts to participate in the TPI Agreement and agrees to the terms as set

    out in this participation form.

    4. Hotel will provide TPI with an invoice for the applicable Rate (plus any applicable Service Charge), after

    reconciliation by TPI and Hotel, at the beginning of each calendar month in respect of bookings for

    previous month. The guests will pay any applicable tax to the Hotel.

    5. TPI will pay the invoice within 14 days from the date of reconciliation of the invoice. If this invoice is not

    paid within such period, the Hotel will be entitled to withdraw temporarily its participation as a

    Participating Hotel, pending payment of such invoice. If any payment dispute arises, the party disputing

    the accuracy or applicability of a charge will notify the other party of such dispute as soon as

    practicable. Unpaid and unaccredited money that are subject to a bona fide dispute shall not be considered

    a basis for monetary default. In the event of a dispute between the parties arising from any provision of this

    participation form that cannot be resolved between TPI and Hotel, such dispute will be escalated to the

    Distribution & Intermediary Sales department of InterContinental Hotels Group, 230 Victoria Street, #13-

    00 Bugis Junction, Singapore (attention Director, Distribution & Intermediary Sales, World side Sales) on

    behalf of the Hotel and of eLong Net Information Technology (Beijing) Company, Ltd., at the

    address detailed above (attention VP-PSG, Mr. Jack Wang) on behalf of the TPI. However, TPI and Hotel

    expressly acknowledge that SCH will not be liable for Hotel’s payment obligations and SCH excludes all

    liability in respect of Hotel’s performance and payment obligations arising from this participation form or

    the TPI Agreement.

    6. TPI will make payment to the Hotel by wire transfer in RMB for the applicable amount owed no later

    than by the fifteenth day of each month (or next business day) for amounts due for the previous month. .

    7. The Hotel warrants that the Hotel content information (for example, hotel description, and hotel

    geographical location and hotel photographic images) is accurate. If any Hotel content information is not

    accurate, TPI or SCH will notify the Hotel of any required changes to such information.

    8. The Parties acknowledge and agree that in the event of any conflict between any provision contained within

    this participation form and any provision contained within the Definitive Agreement, the terms of the

    Definitive Agreement, will prevail.

Approved and executed by: Approved and executed by:

    Hotel name: _______________________ Company: eLong Net Information Technology (Beijing) Company, Ltd., ___

Contact name: Contact name: ___Jack Wang_ ____

Position: _________________________ Position: __Vice President (PSG) ______

Place (city/country): Place (city/country): __Beijing_ ____

     thDate: ____________________________ Date: _ ____ Jan, 6, 2010______________

Signature: __________________________ Signature: _______________________________

Participating Hotel Contact Details:

Business Contact Person Finance Contact Person

    Name Name

    Position Position

    Telephone Telephone

    Fax Fax

    Email Email

    Please use the information below to set up a Direct Bill Account in your system:



Registered Company Name: 艺龙网信息技术;北京;有限公司 eLong Net Information Technology (Beijing) Company, Ltd.,

    rdRegistered Address: 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥中路10号大厦3 Xingke Plaza, 3 Floor, 10 Jiuxianqiao Middle Road, Chaoyang

District, Beijing 100016, China

Tel: 010-58602288 Fax: 010-64312636

24 hours Customer Service: 010-64329999

    rdBilling Address: 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥中路10号大厦3 Xingke Plaza, 3 Floor, 10 Jiuxianqiao Middle Road, Chaoyang District,

Beijing 100016, China

Contact Details:

    Finance: 总机?010-58602288 王之君 6581;华东; 谢春玲 6371;华北; 牛力6383;华南;

     Switchboard: 010-58602288 6581 Wang Zhi Jun (East China)

    - 6371 Xie Chun Ling (North China)

    - 6383 Niu Li (South China)

     Customer Service:

    Please complete and fax a signed copy to: +65 6395 6000 Attention: Distribution & Intermediary Sales

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