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Review and checkan,and,check,Check

    Review and check 1 难写、易错单词





    2 常考、易错近义词组;

    Unit1after schoolcome frombe fromlooks cutemy new classmatebe good atdo well in11years oldtall and slimas tudent at Unit2go swimmingcome trueat weekends on weekendsof coursetable tennisa lot oflots oftalk about ofwatch matches Unit3show sb aroundin front ofin the front ofground floorlook atlet me seeafter classon the phonefrom toborrow from Unit4wake upgo outhave breakfasthave funhave lessonsafter-schoolgo to bedbe late forin the morningin the afternoon 3 重点句型;

    Unit1He is good at Maths.Sandy is a tall girl.she is slim.My hair is

    very short.I come from Nanjing.

    Unit2:Oh,rally?I walk to my bowl many times a day.What about you?He looks strong and plays football very well.Reading is fun. Unit3:You like Maths?Let me show you around.My classroom is on the ground floor.This way,Mum.When is it open?

    Unit4:Some dogs just dont know how to have fun.I never late for it.Do

    you enjoy school, Millie?I can learn a lot about the world.They help us get ready for the day.


    November 9th

    Dear penfriend,

    Thanks for your letter.My name is Frank.Im 12 years old.I live in

    Nanjing.I like playing basketball.Loften play basketball with my friends after school.I like James,he is a member of HEAT.He looks strong and plays basketball well.He is my hero.

    Now Im a student at JinglingHuiwen Middle School.Our school is very big. We have some classroombuildings and a playground.Our school starts at eight in the morning.We do morning exercises first.My favourite subject is History.Because its interesting.

    I have lots of friends there.They are all nice to me.We often chat each other or play in the playground.We always have a good time at school. Best wishes,


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