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    Nightlife at various city bars in Chengdu

     Chinanews, Chengdu, May 30 Chengdu

    people care much about life quality. When night falls, many local residents will gather at various city bars to spend their leisure time.

     Hu Yang runs a small bar in the Westgate of Chengdu.

     Chengdu people care much about the quality of service they buy, rather than the cost of the service. If they think the service is worth it, they will come next time. Otherwise, they will not visit the place again. Compared with other big cities in China, the cost of bar service in Chengdu is not expensive, Hu Yang told this reporter from the Economic Information Daily.

     28-year-old Liu Minyu is a regional manager at GGL Asian Co., Ltd. She is a native Chengdu girl and loves to spend her spare time in bars.

     “I often go to two types of bars. One is very quiet, like the Lotus House on Jinligu Street. The bar is decorated with bamboo woods with a lady playing Guzheng (an ancient Chinese musical

instrument like a zither) in front. You don’t

    need to say anything if you don’t want to. You can just sit there and ponder over the past things. Sometimes I would like to go to some noisy bars for dancing, like Suge Bar on Jiuyanqiao Street. I like to go to this bar with my friends and before we go, we will put on our holiday best,” Liu said.

     Bars in Chengdu lead the city’s cultural fashion. Music is an important feature in a bar. So most bars become a good place for music fans. They can listen to hard rock, pop songs, or even created some songs by themselves. Bars have become an ideal place for music fans to realize their dreams.

     Apart from various types of bars, there are some other leisure places which, in Chinese, are also called “bars”, such as fruit bars or chatting bars. If you don’t have any plans about where to go after work, try some of these places and you might have some surprise.

     On Sansheng Street in Chengdu, there is a

    stone bar. The bar offers many kinds of stones with different colors and shapes. Customers can select the stones to make their own creative designs.

     In Moziqiao, there is a paper bar. Colorful papers of various sizes are hung everywhere inside the bar. If you are skilful at paper folding, you can use the paper to make beautiful artistic works. If you don’t know how to fold paper, the shop owner can also give some books which contain instructions and pictures telling you how to make a piece of art with slips of paper.

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