Surprisingly, the Legenda staff of today knows little about the ...

By Keith Warren,2014-12-12 00:55
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Surprisingly, the Legenda staff of today knows little about the ...

    Surprisingly, the Legenda staff of today knows little about the history of the book. We know that we‟ve been publishing since 1889 and we know that Legenda was once pronounced with a hard “g,” but that‟s about it. It‟s a weird reality for a publication so tied up in recording history, but hey- that‟s all we have to go on.

    What I can tell you is what we‟ve been doing for the last few years and what we mean when we say “the all-new Legenda.” What I know is as follows: for the 2007 yearbook, we revamped the program, switching publishers (to the lovely and fabulous Herff Jones) and changing the style of work being produced. We gained a small office in Billings, installed some new software and went to work creating the kind of yearbook that wins awards, the kind of yearbook that Wellesley should be proud to have. At the end of a very long year, the two staff members still standing proudly distributed a 200-page all-color book and picked up the ‟07 award for Student Organization of the Year. The 40-page

    supplement followed in the fall, and the rest is history.

    Today, we‟re working hard to follow the ‟07 book with something even better, and quite frankly, I‟m positive that we‟re going to succeed. The ‟08 book is going to be the best kind of surprise, the kind of surprise you get when you expect to get something ordinary and instead find yourself looking at something spectacular. The only worry we have is that we don‟t yet know how we‟ll follow it up in ‟09, but I‟m sure we‟ll find something.

    This whole process wouldn‟t be possible without my whole wonderful team: copy editor Sue He ‟10, photography editor (and now, co-web designer!) Emily Zia ‟10, business

    manager Jackie Silva ‟10, and staffers Amanda Black ‟10, Krista Kasper ‟10, Caroline Sun ‟11, Heather Lee ‟11, Kelly Rodigas ‟11, Catherine Lui ‟11, Tess DeLean ‟11, and

    Taysir Mahmoud ‟11. And even we wouldn‟t be able to pull this off without Meg Jordan, our advisor, Susan Happel, our beloved HJ rep, and Steve Kent, the only person who can keep me in line with less than five words. They don‟t get thanked nearly enough, so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting up with me week after week and, in the end, making my dreams for this publication a reality.

    And to all of you out there who send me random emails, or stop me on the way to class, or pause to say, “Oh my god, YOU‟RE Rebecca Spitzer?? You‟re the yearbook girl!” every time I introduce myself or hand over my OneCard, you‟re very welcome. If I didn‟t love hearing and recording your thoughts, I wouldn‟t be here. Keep on telling me your

    stories, and keep on reading/buying the book! Your support means everything in the world to me.

Rebecca Spitzer „10

    Editor-in-Chief, Legenda Yearbook

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