Military Training

By Gilbert Bennett,2014-09-22 16:29
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Military TrainingMilita

Military Training

    Military training has long been considered a ritual that freshmen must go through in order to officially kick off their college lives.But there is still no denying the fact that it has been a hotly debated topic whether students should attend military training in China in the past years. Opinions on this issue differ sharply.

     Some hold the positive view. They say that the training can not only build up studentsbodies but also temper their

    willpower. Besides, through the training, students can develop their team-spirit and sense of discipline.

     Others, however, hold the opposite view.They say that the training routine does little to improve studentsphysical fitness over

    only two weeks time..Such goals require long-term cultivation.Instead, we should lay emphasis on their daily exercise and activities Whats more, a sudden increase of intense

    physical exercise, especially during summer, does harm to studentshealth and may even

    cause deaths. What happened in the past years has proved this.

     Weighing the pros and cons of these

    arguments, I am inclined to agree with the former point of view. Military training is a means to strengthen student's physique and willpower, but also an effective way to enhance their sense of national defense and foster their patriotism.

     It is common that some students have fear of military training, especially girls, are reluctant to train under direct sunshine.did feel some discomfort while training in sweaty clothes in the glaring heat, I still enjoyed being part of a group going through rigorous exercises.It is physically challenging for us,but once you insist,it means you challenged yourself and You are successful

    Military training can improve students 'ability of communication.By going through this tough

    training, students bond faster and a sense of belonging to the school can be cultivated. Though some deaths happened during the

    training, we should not give up eating for fear of choking.As long as conducting military training at the right time can greatly avoid this problem. Of course, measures should be taken to ensure that the least harm is done to the students.

     So, Military training is a little tired, a little bitter, but I am sure at the end you will find yourself get a lot .

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