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Published by Random House Publishing Group on 2005/05/30

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For Kristine

All these years after that first kiss,and still the magic grows



    I’m ten years old, my whole life you’ve called me Vanya. My name is on the school records, ongovernment papers as Ivan Petrovich Smetski. Now you tell me I’m really Itzak Shlomo. What amI, a Jewish secret agent?”

    Vanya’s father listened silently, his face as smooth, weathered, and blank as parchment.Vanya’s mother, who was merely hovering near the conversation rather than taking part in it,seemed to be having a little trouble keeping herself from smiling. In amusement? If so, atwhat? At Vanya? At her husband’s sudden discovery of their intense commitment to Judaism?

    Whatever the cause of her almost-smile, Vanya did not want to be ridiculous. Even at the age often, dignity was important to him. He calmed himself, spoke in more measured tones. “We eatpork,” he pointed out. “Rak. Caviar.”

    “I think Jews can eat caviar,” offered his mother helpfully.

    “I hear them whispering, calling me , they say they only want to race with Russians, Izhid

    can’t even with them,” said Vanya. “I’ve always been the fastest runner, the bestrun

    hurdler, and yesterday they wouldn’t even let me keep time. And it’s my stopwatch!”

    “Mine, actually,” said Father.

    “The principal won’t let me sit in class with the other children because I’m not a Russianor a Ukrainian, I’m a disloyal foreigner, a Jew. So why don’t I know how to speak Hebrew? Youchange everything else, why not that?”

    Father looked up toward the ceiling.