63-11-52 Teacher Professional Development Plan

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63-11-52 Teacher Professional Development Plan

    6363--1111--5252 20072007 Santa Rosa District Schools

Professional Development Plan Professional Improvement Plan Educator’s Growth Plan PREPRINTED EMPLOYEE DATA TO BE PLACED HERE

    Goal Accepted: Teacher’s Signature Administrator’s Signature

    Each employee must maintain a portfolio. The portfolio will include needs-based student performance data (e.g., FCAT scores, pretests, SuccessMaker data), and outcome-based data (e.g., end of year FCAT scores, student grades, post-tests, SuccessMaker data). Employee must maintain portfolio documentation for three years.

     Student Needs and Goal Statement (Classroom teachers must include current needs-based student performance data from two sources. Non-Classroom teachers must align goals to student needs/school improvement goals.)

    Professional Development Plan (to address student needs) Classroom Strategies (to meet student needs must include one literacy strategy)

    Outcome Statement: Briefly describe the needs identified from current student performance data and the actions taken. Upon receipt of state assessment scores and before Oct. 1 of the following school year, describe the impact the actions taken had on your targeted students’ performance. (Include outcome-based student performance data.)

    Appendix A

    63-11-52 2007

Professional Development Plan Professional Improvement Plan Educator’s Growth Plan

    If Professional Improvement Plan: Assistance to be provided by: Consequences if change not made (PIP):

Collegial Planning/Learning Community Involvement (PDP/EGP):

    Planning/Review Session(s) Plan Completion Rating

    Date Initials (Assessed by administrator.) ? Date

     Exceeded Expectation

     Met Expectation

     Ongoing Plan (pending receipt of state scores)

     Expectation Not Met


If Educator’s Growth Plan

    I certify that this teacher’s overall performance is:


     Exceeds Expectations


     Needs Improvement

     Unsatisfactory (Requires a Professional Improvement Plan)

    Teacher’s Signature Date

    (does not necessarily imply agreement)

    Administrator’s Signature Date

    Appendix A

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