Red Cedar Inn December 2002

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Red Cedar Inn December 2002 ...

    Red Cedar Inn December 2002

    An applicant for a job admitted to the personnel manager that he had both good and bad traits. “What are they?” he was asked. FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE ON “Well” the man said, “on the good side I can do the job better

    than any man in the world. Twenty of the country’s largest NEW YEAR’S EVE!! companies are bidding for my services. I could probably double your business within a month, if you hire me.”

    “That’s very impressive,” said the manager. “Now, what are Want a great time on New Years Eve? Don’t your bad traits?” want to drive and can’t find a designated “well,” said the applicant, “there’s only one I’ve been driver? We have the perfect solution.... known to exaggerate now and then…”

     The Red Cedar Inn has teamed up with the Holiday Inn Express to bring you a safe and fun WIN PASSES TO SANTA’S MAGICAL filled New Years Eve celebration!! We will book a KINGDOM, A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO

    room for you at the Holiday Inn Express, and will CHRISTMAS TREE VALLEY, provide a Free shuttle to and from the Red A WAL-MART GIFT CARD,

    A HOLIDAY GIFT BASKET, Cedar Inn, and will reserve a table for your party at

    our 9:00 pm seating which will mark the beginning of OR DINNER our party and you will receive the following: FOR TWO AT THE RED CEDAR INN! - Room for two at the Holiday Inn Express Each week this month we’ll be having a raffle, you will

    receive an entry ballot with your bill. On Sunday nights one - Party Favors of our servers will draw a lucky winner for the weekly prize. - Music provided by the Herb Eberle Band Ask your server for your raffle tickets and don’t forget to starting at 9pm drop them in the entry box at the door. - Dancing beginning at approximately 10:15 pm December 02-08 . Win free passes to Santa’s Magical - Door Prizes Kingdom and enjoy the beautiful light display. - Champagne Toast at Midnight - Free shuttle to and from Red Cedar Inn December 09-15 Win a $50.00 Gift Certificate to This entire package is provided for only $62.91 with Christmas Tree Valley. the purchase of any dinner entree. We will also provide

    December 16-22 Win a $50.00 Gift Card from Wal-Mart shuttle service only, to any Pacific address for $10 per to help with those last minute Christmas presents person round trip or $15 per person round trip to any Eureka or Gray Summit Motel with a paid entree. December 23-29 Win a holiday gift basket courtesy of the Red Cedar Inn. On New Years Eve we will have 3 dinner seatings: 4pm, 6:30pm, and 9pm: December 30-January 05 - After the busy holiday season, At the 4:00 pm seating, purchase any entree come in and relax and enjoy a dinner for two courtesy of and bring in the attached coupon to receive $5.00 off the Red Cedar Inn. your second entree of equal or lesser value.

    All guests at the 6:30 pm seating will receive a

     complimentary glass of champagne with each paid entree. Present this coupon and get $5.00 off on a second entree The 9:00 pm seating will include all party with one paid entree privliges. This coupon valid Only for 4pm In addition to our great regular menu we will $5 OFF Seating on New Years Eve 12/31/02 also feature New Years Eve Specials. ** This is a great opportunity to trade services with local companies. Offer them the equivalent in Gift Red Cedar Inn Certificates to give away to in their marketing or as 1047 East Osage Pacific, Mo. 63069 636-257-9790 or 636-257-5414 staff incentives, it’s a great low cost way to offer some Sunday 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday-Saturday 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Closed Tuesday unique prizes.

     leisure time. At night, when I am trying to sleep, I hear Munchkins GETTIN' THE PARTY shrieking in my head, especially the Coroner of Munchkinland, reporting the medical findings of his autopsy on the Wicked Witch of the East. STARTED WITH A “She's not only merely dead!” he sings. “She's really most sincerely dead!” BALLOON PUPPY I know how she feels. XXXXX By Dave Barry (Dave Barry is a humor columnist for the Miami Herald. Write to him c/o The Miami Herald, One Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132. ) Tribune Media Services (C) 2002, THE MIAMI HERALD DISTRIBUTED BY TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC. I used to be a party animal. If there was a party, I was there, and I did not leave until it was over. Even then, I did not always leave. Sometimes the people who threw the party, if they wanted to get rid of me, had to move. And these were not sedate parties. These were parties where naked Most of us would like to end our lives feeling both that we swimming was as common as onion dip. I recall one very cold New Year's Eve in New York City when a group of us decided around 1 a.m. had a good time and that we left the world a little better that it would be a great idea to go to Jones Beach and swim in the than we found it. Atlantic Ocean, which for your information is not heated. The water was so cold that the fish had crawled onto shore and built little driftwood Philip Slater bonfires, but we charged right into the surf and frolicked until we had the Do what you do so well that those who see you do what same internal temperature as an Eskimo Pie. you do are going to come back to see you do it again and If we had drifted into the path of an ocean liner, our bodies would have punctured the hull and sunk it. That is the kind of party animals we tell others that they should see you do what you do. were. Walt Disney I was thinking about this recently, at a party. Like most of the parties I attend these days, this one was to celebrate the birthday of a person who is younger than my current set of contact lenses. There is no nudity at these parties, except when a guest removes all of his or her garments, including diaper, and sprints around squealing, pursued by a parent Win a FREE DINNER! terrified that the child is about to make peepee on the carpet of semi-Take the Trivia Challenge! complete strangers. So there I was, holding a balloon puppy that had been made for my daughter by the party clown. (All children's birthday parties are now Each month we’ll give you a new trivia question. Bring required, under federal law, to have a clown. If you don't have one, armed in your entry, or fill one out while you are here. The first agents of the U.S. Department of Child Whimsy will come to your home one drawn at the end of the month with the correct answers and forcibly paint your face.) I was talking with my wife and another will win a free dinner (up to $20.00 value). Here is this mom, who told us she had started buying her groceries via the Internet. You can do this where we live: You go on the Internet and select the month’s trivia question: groceries you want, and they are delivered to your house. If you have a chair with wheels, you can just roll from your computer to your front One notable medieval English Christmas celebration door, let the delivery people in, then roll back to your computer, without featured: ever standing up. We live in wonderful times. Anyway, this mom was telling us about ordering her groceries online, A) A giant, 165-pound pie and some other moms, overhearing this, hurried over. I will not lie to B) Snowball fights between rival courtiers you: We were all very excited. When the online mom told us that you could even specify, online, whether you wanted your bananas ripe or C) A swimming race across the English Channel unripe, there were audible gasps. I made a gesture of amazement with my D) Huge crackers that sometimes exploded fatally daughter's balloon. That was when a chilling thought flashed across my mind: What has happened to me? How did I -- a person who once made the front page of The first 10 people to answer correctly will be in the newspaper in Armonk, N.Y., because, of all the lawns I could have chosen to lie down and fall asleep on, I chose the lawn belonging to the the draw to WIN! chief of police -- how did I turn into a person enthusiastically thrusting a balloon puppy in reaction to the news that I had an online banana-Congratulations to Nancy Kilts of Kirkwood, who ripeness option? Is my life really this dull now? Have I turned into a answered last month’s trivia question correctly and has pathetic old person, like Strom Thurmond, or the Rolling Stones? received a $20.00 Gift Certificate. Wild Turkeys run 20 Wouldn't Thrusting Balloon Puppies be a good name for a rock band? Do you want more proof of how dull my life has become? Do you miles per hour. want to know how I spend my leisure time? No? Too bad. I spend my YES! I want to Win Big! leisure time watching “The Wizard of Oz” on DVD. My daughter, who is 2-1/2 (years old) (also, feet tall) is obsessed with it. I have watched it more than 100 times. I find myself thinking about it a LOT. I have Name: __________________________________ concluded -- and I realize this view will be unpopular -- that the REAL reason why Glinda, the so-called “good” witch, does not tell Dorothy right away about the power of the ruby slippers is that Glinda secretly Email: ____________________________________ hates Dorothy, because Dorothy gets all the big song-and-dance numbers, whereas Glinda is virtually immobilized inside a giant pink dress that Address: __________________________________ makes her hips appear to be the size of a 1958 Buick Riviera. Yes, this is how I, Former Party Dude, am currently spending my City, State, Zip: ____________________________

    Phone: ___________________________

    Birthday: Month ________ Day: _______

    My answer: ________________________________________

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    THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Within hours after the Aqua Clara Motel was shut down because it was a haven for prostitutes

    and drug dealers, it was taken over by Clearwater, Fla., police

    officers posing as prostitutes and drug dealers. Members of the

    local underworld simply assumed they were still dealing with real criminals like themselves, and were very surprised when

    they were arrested.

    WHERE TO, GENTS? After stealing a video camera, a VCR, a

    stereo and some jewelry from a New York apartment, two

    burglars hailed a cab that happened to be driven by an undercover police officer who was patrolling the area. SQUIRT, SQUIRT, SQUIRT, KA-BLAM! Police in Bangkok

    have been ordered not to carry water pistols during the four-day

    New Year festival, a time when police traditionally squirt each

    other in celebration of the imminent rainy season. The chief is

    afraid that his men will accidentally pull out the wrong gun.

    OK, THAT'S SIX, CARRY THE ONE: The wrong team was

    declared the winner of the Iowa State Math Championship,

    because officials calculated the scores incorrectly. The judges

    were off by 60 points.

    WHAT GAVE ME AWAY, OFFICER? A Florida jail inmate

    stole his orange prison jumpsuit when he was released and then,

    a few months later, wore it to a rock concert where many sheriff's

     deputies were providing security. After they grabbed him, the

    cops found out he wasn't even supposed to be there because he ACROSS 6 "The Prince's Birthday" painter was sentenced to house arrest as a condition of his parole. He is 7 Dropped the ball back behind bars. 1 Bishop's jurisdiction 8 Supporter Send questions or comments to Mike Pingree at 8 Mussolini's ideology 9 Abbreviation of 68A Or log onto to Mike's new Web site at 15 Pollution problem 10 Drinks greedily 17 Puerto Rico, Jamaica et al. 11 Careers ?2002 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC. 18 Spanish painter 12 Long Island township 19 Med. printout 13 Soak 20 Brothers in arms 14 Disorderly 21 Chance 16 Villain in "Othello" 24 Impudent 22 Hindu god of fire Congratulations to the latest Red Cedar Inn drawing 25 Clear the windshield 23 Swedish city near Copenhagen winners!! 28 Grp. 25 Escritoire And the winners are....... 30 Jazz or Beat, e.g. 26 Art Deco designer 31 Cash-register ring 27 Get along 35 Snatch 29 Visualized The November winner of a $50.00 Red Cedar Inn Gift 39 Italian passage 32 Of the ear Certificate is Tom Hunsaker of Chesterfield. 42 Bow-stern connection 33 __ boom 43 Chant 34 Sternward 44 Cable station from Tenn. 36 Put on the __ The following guests won our weekly drawings for November. 45 Post-millennium year 37 Beheaded Boleyn 47 Demolished 38 Wedding token Marty Marler of Pacific won the drawing for dinner 49 Polynesian island group 40 Charity distributors 52 Pamper 41 Very dry and movie for two. 56 Intermediaries 46 Hasbro competition Ina Holland of Villa Ridge won the drawing for “10 58 Family dog 48 Garb free sandwiches” from the Red Cedar Inn. 59 Siamese, today 49 One with an IRA Frances Owen of Pacific won the drawing for the 63 Sickly ones 50 Guam capital 66 Like a start-up business 51 Feels the heat? Giant Gift Basket. 67 Fights, country-style 53 Mayberry kid Rick Nadler of Gray Summit won the drawing for the 68 Canadian province 54 Medicinal plant $50.00 Gift Certificate for the Wallach House. 55 Madame de __ Luis Howe of Pacific won the drawing for the $50.00 DOWN 57 Extra in a play, for short 60 ' 60s musical Gift Certificate to Pigg’s Pets. 1 Expands a pit 61 Med. sch. subj. From the Comment Cards: 2 Concerning 62 Madonna hit, "La __ Bonita" Jodi Suerig-Pacific, Mo. “The food and service are excellent!” 3 Polish-German border river 64 MDs Bonnie White-St. Louis, Mo. “Everything is superb! The food, 4 Dos y dos 65 Polish 5 Cornerstone abbr. the efficiency of employees, Herb Eberle’s music, and the friendliness of your servers.”

    Mary Nonte-Eureka, Mo.“Salads are wonderful and great fried

    chicken!” Lynda Green-Robertsville, Mo. “Everything is excellent!!!” (c) 2002 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC. Red Cedar Inn

    1047 East Osage Pacific, Mo. 63069 636-257-9790 or 636-257-5414

    Sunday 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday-Saturday 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Closed Tuesday

    . Crossword Solution

    Staff News

     This month’s featured employee is one of the

    most versatile employees we have at the Red Cedar Inn. Her name is Brenda Eachus. Perhaps some of

    you know her as the “Karaoke Lady”, as she hosts Karaoke for us monthly. Not only does Brenda sing and entertain, but she is also very important to the

    back of the house operations of Red Cedar Inn. Brenda is an excellent cook. She regularly takes a

    turn as the line cook, prep cook, and does the salad station duties. She has also been our hostess, bartender, and waitress. She literally can work at Years ago, new engineers in the lamp division of General any position in the restaurant, and she does an Electric were assigned the impossible task, as a joke, of frosting excellent job wherever she works. bulbs on the inside. Eventually, however, an undaunted newcomer named Marvin Pipkin not only found a way to frost When she is not working for Red Cedar Inn she bulbs on the inside, but developed an etching acid which gave moonlights with her Karaoke business which she minutely rounded pits, instead of sharp depressions. This calls Karaoke B. Brenda loves to do private marginally strengthened each bulb. Fortunately, no one had told parties, wedding receptions, and any other private or him it couldn’t be done, so he did it. commercial Karaoke or Disc Jockey engagement.

    She is always looking for possible customers and we

    recommend her highly to any of our customers who Become a might need these services. Singing and food are

    truly her passion. She is an avid reader and collector Red Cedar Inn of recipes and frequently will cook or provide the

    recipe for our daily specials. VIP! After cooking stints at the Whitehurst Place in Join the MVP Club and receive our newsletter at Bridgeton, and Meyers Country Cottage and Irish home, get information about special member only Pub in Florissant, Brenda has moved back to Pacific events, be the first to know about menu changes, to care for her partially diabled mother, Delores special member only offers and receive FREE gifts Goldinger. Brenda’s family is truly an intergal part on your birthday. of the Red Cedar Inn family as her son Bryan Fill out the following information and drop it off the Blankenship also works for us part time in addition next time you are in to dine with us. We’ll add you to to running his own business, Excel Transmission in our list of very important patrons (VIP). Union. Brian’s wife Lisa is one of waitresses and dining room manager. Their son, Bryan (Tom), Name: __________________________________ Brenda’s grandson is one of our bussers. Bryan has Phone: (_____) ________________ a second son, Travis, who lives with his mother in Address: __________________________________ Foley, Mo. Brenda’s daughter Rhonda

    Blankenship was one of our bartenders. Rhonda __________________________________________ now lives in Columbia, Mo., she was a travel director __________________________________________ at Maritz and has traveled all over the world.

    Email: ____________________________________ Brenda has another son Kris Blankenship who is serving our country in the US Navy and is stationed Birthday (year not necessary!) Month ____Day_____ in Norfolk Virginia on the Carrier George Anniversary: ___________________ Washington. Kris is married to the former

    Roseanne Davis of Pacific. They have 2 children, Significant other: ___________________

    Kelci, and Graci, making Brenda a proud Birthdate: Month ____ Day ____ (we don’t need a year!) grandmother four times. We thank Brenda for all her Children (name, month, day) good work as she is genuinely a joy to work with.


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    Red Cedar Inn December Calendar of Events

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rosa Parks Day BD - Britney Know Your State California Gold St. Nicholas Day Anniversary of & Spears 1981 CLOSED Capital Day Rush Began Pearl Harbor World AIDS (1848) (1941)


    8 9 10 11 12 13 14 BD Jim Charlie Brown Anesthesia first BD -Frank Winter Safety Herb Eberle Morrison Christmas first CLOSED used in dentistry Sinatra’s Day Band 8:30 pm to

    aired on TV (1844) 12:30 am


    15 16 17 18 19 20 21 James Naismith BD - Jane Austen The Prohibition US Earth (1820) Missouri invented (1775 ) & CLOSED Amendment was satellite, Atlas, enacted tax on Karaoke basketball (1891) Beethoven passed (1917) transmitted the bachelors the 9:00 pm to 1:00

    (1770 ) first radio ages of 21 to 50 am broadcast from $1 a year for

    space (1958) being unmarried. 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 First Gorilla Born Poem "A Visit Christmas Day Kwanza Begins (1932) Radio 1945 Congress

    in captivity, From Saint CLOSED CLOSED City Music Hall officially Columbus, OH Nicholas" was in NYC opened recognized The (1956) published in 1823 Pledge of


    30 31 29 Star Trek’s

    BD - Tiger New Year’s the Trouble

    Woods (1975) Eve with Tribbles Herb Eberle aired (1967) Band 8:30 pm

    Red Cedar Inn January Calendar of Events

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

     1 2 3 4

     St. Macarius' Day 1938 'The

     CLOSED (patron of pastry Mothers March'

    cooks) now known as

    the 'March of

    Dimes' began.

    6 National 10 The world's 5 7 8 9 11 Golden Gate “Smith” Day - BD - Elvis Aaron 1951 The UN first underground Amelia Earhart

    Bridge honors the most CLOSED Presley (1935) headquarters passenger railway Day construction common name in officially opened system opens in

    began. (1933) the English in NYC London, England

    speaking world (1863)

    13 Celebrate the 12 14 15 17 16 18 Batman debut on Anniv. of Radio The Pentagon BD Ben BD - Kate BD - Kevin television (1966) Broadcasting CLOSED opened (1943) Franklin (1706) Moss (1974) Costner (1955) with us and and Jim Carey and Cary Grant XYX123 (1962) (1904)

    19 20 21 22 23 24 BD - Janis Joplin BD George Saint Vincent’s National Pie Day BD Neil Herb Eberle (1943) Burns (1896) CLOSED Feast Day - Diamond (1941) Band 8:30 pm to patron saint of 12:30 am winegrowers

    30 Beatles Last 26 27 28 29 31

    BD Mozart American Public Appearance BD Justin

    (1756) CLOSED Baseball League (1969) Timberlake

    was formed (1981)


    See front page for information on our Food for Thought

    is a free monthly newsletter FREE from your friends at

     New Years Eve Shuttle service and party

    Red Cedar Inn details!!! 1047 E. Osage Inside this Month: Pacific Mo. 63069 1. New Years Eve Party 636-257-5414 2. Become a VIP 3. Drawing winners

    4. Trivia Contest



    Hate to cook on Christmas? Want to spend more time with your family? Having a

    big group coming over and hate to cook? Are you by yourself and don’t feel like cooking or doing dishes? We have a solution! Red Cedar will offer a freshly cooked meal for your

    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner, or a Christmas Morning Brunch that you can

    pick up the day before and simply warm up the next day. Just think! No pots and pans to clean! No dirty dishes to wash! No meal to cook! No fighting the crowds at the grocery

    store! Just heat in the oven and serve. These special dinners include the following:

    Red Cedar Inn’s famous Fried Chicken or Pineapple Glazed Ham:

     With choice of:

    - AuGratin or mashed potatoes and gravy

    - Country style green beans or sweet buttered corn

    - Tossed Salad with chioce of any of our famous homemade dressings Our Christmas Brunch package: (Choose any 6 of the following) Bisquits and gravy, fried potatoes, baked ham, sausage links, breaded chicken wings,

    potato salad, fresh fruit, coffee cake, deviled eggs, sausage & egg casserole, BBQ beef,

    fried potatoes, or tossed salad.

    Each Special Dinner is $12.95 per person plus tax. Orders must be placed by Dec 20

    thth and can be picked up by 4:00 p.m. on Dec. 24

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