My busy weekend

By Aaron Gordon,2014-11-01 09:01
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    My busy weekend (My weekend plan)

    I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I’m going

    to the bookstore by bike. I’m going to buy some story-books. I’m going

    to visit my grandparents in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, I’m going

    to the supermarket with my mother. I am going to play sports in the afternoon. That will be fun. This is my busy weekend.

    My family

    There are three people in my familymy father, my mother and I.

    My father is a doctor. And he works in a hospital. He likes playing sports.

    My mother is a teacher. She is very kind. She likes listening to music. I

    am a student. I go to school on foot. I like reading books. I love my


    A letter to my friend

    Dear Mike:

    I am happy to have a new pen pal. I live in China with my mom and dad. I dont have a sister or brother. My mom is a teacher. She likes listening to music. My father is a doctor. He likes playing sports. I like reading books. I have a cat. It likes eating fish. What about you?



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