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Power Industry ...

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    ? Saudi Arabia plans water and power projects worth $12b:

    ? 3 power & water projects on the anvil in Oman

    ? Growth For Polish Water/Wastewater Treatment Market

    ? Middle East Water Industry Set To Witness Massive Growth

    ? Qatar signs deal for $3.8bn power project

    ? Saudi Arabia is set to expand the privatization of its desalination and

    wastewater treatment sector to cover more cities in the country

    ? World demand for water treatment products to approach US$40 billion

    ? Iraq signs contract for power plants


Power Industry

    ? Bhel awarded turnkey order for Bokaro TPS

    ? Jain Group plans mega power project in Orissa : 5,000 mw Targeted Over

    Five Years -

    ? Krishnapatnam mega power project advances


Water & Wastewater Treatment

    ? India : Rs 160 cr for sewage projects-

    ? Desilting Of Water Bodies

    ? Fluorosis Crippling Villagers In Punjab

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    ? Using Microorganisms to Remove TCE from Water ? Dow Chemical And International Aid Partner to address global safe water


    ? GE Water & Process Technologies mobile water solutions help meet growing

    water needs in UAE, Oman

    ? New Asia-Pacific Network launched to tackle Water Problems ? Asahi Kasei to start Chinese wastewater reuse service ? ELGA Process Water launches water treatment rental service ? Siemens reorganizes into four new segments to drive growth ? Siemens Buys Singapore Firm To Expand Water Treatment In South East


    ? Ultrafilter membrane distribution agreement for Siemens and inge ? Siemens provides membranes for safe drinking

    ? Siemens expands enhanced nutrient removal product Iine ? Veolia Water and Grameen Bank join for drinking water project in


    ? Canadian Companies Eyeing Indian Water Market Keenly ? Packaged Drinking Water Units (Bisleri and Coca-Cola) -Seek Sops ? Desalination Plant project in Gujarat Mobile units capable of treating even

    the most turbid water

    ? Manila Water bidding for project in India Ultrafilter membrane distribution

    agreement for Siemens and inge

    New Products & Technologies

    ? Condensate separator for environmental discharge ? Clarifier to enhance flocculation process- Actiflo Turbo ? Siemens To Develop Innovative Seawater Desalination Technology ? Indonesia : Mobile units capable of treating even the most turbid water


    ? Success Story of Pakistani Engineers

    ? Japan may assist India in water and sanitation sector


Saudi Arabia plans water and power projects worth $12b: Saudi Arabia has planned

    more than $12 billion worth of water and power projects that will supply an additional 2.24 million cubic meters of water per day and 2,750 mega-watts of power in the next few years, a government official said.

    The country is also set to privatize key government-owned assets and expects the total capital and operation investments value of desalination privatization projects to hit $43 billion over the next 20 years, according to Fehied Al Sharif, governor of Saudi's Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and chairman of the Privatization and Restructuring Team.

    "The government has decided to privatise key government-owned assets under the guidance of the Supreme Economic Council. The water, wastewater and water desalination sectors have been put on top of the list," Al Sharif said at the Middle East Business Forum during the Singapore International Water Week.

    Al Sharif said the projects will boost the water and power supply in the country, which will need 8.3 million cubic meters of fresh water per day and 70,000 mega-watts of power capacity by 2024.

    So far, at least four independent water and power projects (IWPP) have been approved by the Supreme Economic Council. The first three projects worth $4.56 billion have already been financially closed and are now under "advance stage of construction." One of them will start production in February 2009.

    The fourth project is expected to be worth over $3 billion and the bids for this venture will open this week. Other water transmission projects related to IWPP, estimated to be worth $4.5 billion, have also been planned and are now "under various stages of execution."

    Apart from these, SWCC is also implementing various water projects: six satellite plants in different parts of the country at a cost of more than $216 million and a reverse osmosis plant in Jeddah worth $293 million. Two mobile plants on barge were also approved recently for Jeddah City, but the project cost was not specified.

    Al Sharif encouraged the private sector to invest in Saudi and to get involved in their projects especially in the desalination industry, saying that the government is "fully committed" to increase private sector participation and offers a good investment climate. "In the present five-year plan of Saudi Arabia, significant changes in the policies have taken place to boost the desalination industry by the participation of the private sector," Al Sharif said.

    "There are many incentives for the private sector that Saudi Arabia can offer. The private sector can be assured of the government's full commitment to the reform process. The potential investors can look for a reasonable return on their investment, flexible payment

    terms, well-defined risk allocation responsibilities and obligations of both parties, fair and transparent bidding process," Al Sharif added.


3 power & water projects on the anvil in Oman

    Three newly planned independent water & power projects and redevelopment of an existing power plant will substantially enhance availability of electricity in Oman in the coming years.

    The new projects, one each at Salalah, Al Duqm and either at Barka or Sohar, are aimed at enhancing supply of power and water in Oman.

    Mr Mohammed bin Abdullah al Mahrouqi chairman of Public Authority for Electricity & Water said that also, move is afoot for redeveloping Al Ghubrah power plant. He added that a new independent water & power project in Salalah would generate around 370 MW to 430 MW of power and over 15 million gallons of water per day. The project, which will be awarded before 2008 end, will start operation by 2010.

    He said that another green field independent water & power project planned either in Sohar or Barka is expected to generate as much as 750 MW to 1000 MW of power and will be completed by 2011-2012.

    He added that the independent water & power project proposed at Al Duqm will generate up to 1000 MW of power. This project, with a desalination plant, will be ready by 2014-2015.

    Similarly, the redevelopment of the Al Ghubrah project will generate additional power of up to 500 MW and will see completion by 2011-2012.

    Mr al Mahrouqi said that "The electricity and water sectors in Oman have great investment potential since it is open to foreign investment and committed to market liberalization." He added that the sector, which witnessed a power load growth of 6% to 8% in the last 3 years, has a comprehensive restructuring policy in place. Source- June 2008

Growth for Polish Water/Wastewater Treatment Market

    "The Polish water and wastewater sector is experiencing high growth due to a robust economy which has driven the industrial treatment sector," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Jenny Lieu. "Compliance with EU directives obliging the municipal and industrial sectors to address effluent quality coupled with a large influx of EU funds to finance the development of the water and wastewater sector are also positively impacting market expansion." New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Snapshot Study on the Polish Water and Wastewater Treatment Markets predicts the market earned revenues of $344 million in 2006 to reach $639.1 million in 2013. A wide range of opportunities exists for contractors, service providers, consultants as well as equipment and technology suppliers. Wastewater treatment is the most dynamic and top revenue earner in the Polish water and wastewater treatment market. Strong industrial performance and EU directives are continually promoting long term high growth trend in secondary, tertiary and sludge treatment technologies. Water technologies also exhibit growth potential, especially in the membrane technologies market, due to the continued expansion and requirement of advanced treatment solutions in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Source- Water Today, Mar-Apr. 2008, Vol. 1, No. 1, P. 20

Middle East Water Industry Set To Witness Massive Growth

    Water supply industry across the Middle East would attract investment of some $100 billion over the next 10 years, according to industry experts, news agency WAM reported. 'Alongside power generation, water is the top priority for governments and the Middle East has one of the world's highest demands for clean water due to high population growth rates and economic diversification: said Sarah Woodbridge, Group Director at the Institute of International Research (IIR), Middle East: Conservative estimates project that in the Gulf Cooperation Council region $100bn of investment is necessary over the next 10 years to sustain continued economic growth: she added. Factors like rapidly teeming population, rapid urbanization and need for irrigation would continue to drive investment in water supply industry across the Middle East, the experts said. In Saudi Arabia, the world's largest producer of desalinated water, an estimated $53 billion is required to boost its desalination capacity to 10.7 million cubic meters per day (cmd) by 2020 to meet demand, said Abdullah AI-Husayn, Saudi Arabia's minister of water and electricity. Source- Water Today, Mar-Apr. 2008, Vol. 1, No. 1, P. 16

Qatar signs deal for $3.8bn power project Doha • Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Qatar

    Electricity and Water Company (QEWC) together with a consortium of companies have joined force on a world-scale power and water project with a production capacity of 2,730 MW of electricity and 63 Million Gallons per Day (MIGD) of water. The Ras Laffan C plant to be located at Ras Laffan Industrial City is slated for completion by 2011 in phased manner. Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Industry H E Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah said the total project cost is estimated at $3.8bn QP and QEWC yesterday signed a joint venture agreement with a consortium of companies comprising French firm Suez Energy International and Mitsui of Japan to establish the Ras Girtas Power Company to build the facility.

    QP has 15 percent stake in the company, QEWC 45 percent and the remainder 40 percent is owned by Suez Energy International and Mitsui. Under the Build-Operate-Own-Transfer 25 electricity and water purchase agreement, the power and water will be sold to Qatar Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa).

    The first phase of the project is slated for completion in May 2010 with electricity production capacity reaching 1,600MW. The capacity will increase to 2,730MW by April 2011. Meanwhile, the plants water production capacity will reach 24 MIGD by August 2010 increasing to 63 MIGD by September of the same year.

    The plant of this scale with such huge production capacity is one of the worlds largest

    facilities, Al Attiyah told reporters after the agreement signing at QP headquarters. We need to raise power and water output to cope with consumption requirements in the country as it continues to grow. Abdullah bin Hamad said other electricity and water projects to be set in other parts of the country in the future such as in the Dukhan area is also being studied.

    Regional Manager Suez Energy Middle East-Asia and Africa, Guy Richelle said state of the art technology will be utilized for the facility and envision more efficient technology for water desalination unit is envisioned.

    Mitsui General Manager Takeshi Kanamori said the Ras Laffan C plant is the first such project in which his company is being involved. It is very significant for us and we would

    like to be involved in further projects in the future and contribute to the development of this country, he said.

    Source: June 2008

    Saudi Arabia is set to expand the privatization of its desalination and wastewater treatment sector to cover more cities in the country.

    The move follows the creation of the National Water Company earlier this year to oversee the privatization process, which aims to improve water services in Saudi Arabia and save dwindling supplies.

    The company will initially target the privatization of water projects in four cities, including Jeddah, Madinah and Riyadh.

    "Within the next three years, we hope to cover most major cities in Saudi Arabia," said HE Loay Al-Musallam, head of privatisation team and deputy minister of planning and development, Ministry of Water & Electricity. "I'm confident that we can create a leading water utilities service in the region."

    Al-Musallam added that desalination and wastewater treatment projects are implemented either as a build-operate-transfer (BOT) or private-public partnership (PPP). "Having both schemes gives us the ability to attract different types of bidders. We issue a management contract for the distribution of water and wastewater collection, one for construction of the plant and another for the sales promotion.

    "The way in which we have built these contracts gives us the confidence that our targets will be met in collaboration with the private sector."

    The process of privatising Saudi Arabia's water projects began in November 2005, when a consortium of Saudi and Malaysian companies was awarded a US $2.4 billion (SR9.1 billion) contract to build the Shuaiba-3 desalination plant.

    Source: June 2008

World demand for water treatment products to approach US$40 billion

    A study by market research firm Freedonia Group Inc, based in Cleveland, USA, reports that world demand for chemical and nonchemical water treatment products is projected to increase 6,4% per year to nearly US$40 billion in 2011.

    The survey, which investigates world water treatment products, suggests that advances will be particularly strong in the developing world, with countries such as China and India registering growth more than double the global average.

    In more established markets, gains will be due to the continuing introduction of more sophisticated water treatment technologies, including wider use of higher-end membranes in desalination, specialty chemicals in industrial water treatment and new products for recreational water treatment.

    According to Freedonia's study, demand for nonchemical water treatment equipment is projected to register faster growth than chemical products. The report claims that more advanced techniques, especially membrane separation, are expanding their presence in the water treatment market in the most developed countries and developing regions as well, particularly in China, which has been quick to embrace membranes in industrial water treatment.

    Sharp increases in the overall level of manufacturing in the Asia/Pacific region will make it the fastest growing industrial water treatment market.

    However, Freedonia says the United States will remain by far the largest single outlet for both municipal and industrial water treatment products.

    Source- Filtration & Separation, Vol. 1, No. 1, P. 6

Iraq signs contract for power plants

    The Government of Iraq is believed to have signed a contract with US conglomerate General Electric Company worth $480 million to build three power plants and is negotiating with Hyundai to buy diesel generators.

    The country's Electricity Minister Karim Waheed reportedly said that Iraq had signed a contract with GE to build the power stations in southern Baghdad, the southern city of Kerbala, and Taji, north of Baghdad.

    "According to the plan, the work will be completed between the end of 2009 and the start of 2010," Waheed said.

    Iraq has also reportedly signed two other contracts, each worth $41 million, for GE to supply spare parts for the stations.

    Last month, Iraq signed a ?179 million contract with GE to buy eight natural gas powered

    generators, most of which will be installed in Baghdad.

    Source- Project Monitor-June 23-29, 2008


Power Industry

Bhel awarded turnkey order for Bokaro TPS

    Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd has won a Rs 1,840-crore order from Damodar Valley Corporation for setting up a coal-fired power unit at the Bokaro-A thermal power station in Jharkhand. The order envisages setting up of one unit of 500 mw at Bokaro A thermal power project, in place of the archaic 135-mw unit that is lying non-operational since around 2000. The new unit is scheduled to commission within the 11th Plan, and will feed 12 million kwh to the DVC grid daily.

    Bhel's scope of work in the contract includes design, engineering, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of steam turbines, generators, boilers, associated auxiliaries, balance of plant, besides controls and instrumentation, and civil works. For the 11th Plan period ending March 2012, DVC has targeted to add 4,700 mw through five projects - Durgapur (1,000 mw), Koderma (1,000 mw), Mejia-II (1,000 mw), Bokaro-A (500 mw), and Raghunathpur (1,200 mw). DVC is also planning to add 1,500 mw of new thermal power capacity before March 2012, in separate joint ventures with Tata Power and Steel Authority of India Ltd.

Tripura order on cards

    Bhel is hopeful of being formally awarded the EPC contract for the 750-mw combined cycle gas-based power plant of ONGC Tripura Power Company Ltd. Bhel has emerged as the lowest bidder for the outbidding other contenders like Alstom. Price bids were opened earlier in the month.

    Jain Group plans mega power project in Orissa : 5,000 mw Targeted Over Five Years

    Kolkata-based Jain Group of Industries is likely to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Orissa government in July for a 1,000-mw power project in the coal-rich state. It will be part of the group's ambition of achieving 5,000 mw of power capacity over the next five years, Mannoj Kumar Jain, Group Chairman and Managing Director, Jain Group of Industries, told Projectmonitor.

    The Orissa power plant will be the third coal-based mega project planned by the group, following two 1,000-mw projects in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh for which MoUs have already been signed. The MoU for the Madhya Pradesh project was signed on June 9, while the Chhattisgarh project was formalised in February this year. Jain Group has already begun land acquisition for the Chhattisgarh project. Around 50 acres have been acquired so far and agreements have been reached for another 300 acres. The Rs 5,000-crore project, being implemented by group company Jain Energy Ltd, is shaping up at Balpur in Jangir-Champa district. JEL has already made functional a site office in Champa and a project coordination office in the capital city of Raipur. For the Madhya Pradesh project, coming up in Shahdol district, land acquisition is likely to begin over the next six months. Construction work on both the projects is scheduled to begin in 2009, with completion targeted for 2012.

    Regarding sourcing of the main plant equipment, JEL is eyeing international suppliers. "We intend to source plant and machinery from China or Malaysia, or even from the east European block," Jain noted. The group is also open to equity partnership for the power projects, he said.

    Discussing future plans, Jain said that West Bengal and Jharkhand were also on the company's radar to further expand the power portfolio. The company has also expressed interest in developing hydropower projects in Arunachal Pradesh.

    Biomass Power Projects in MP

    Jain Group expects to commission its biomass power projects in Madhya Pradesh over the next 18-20 months. A 10-mw project is coming up in Dewas district while another 15-mw plant is taking shape in Sihore district. The detailed project reports for both plants are ready. Land acquisition is currently in progress and financial institutions are being approached for term loans. Statutory clearances and enrolment with local bodies for agro-waste is in advanced stage. Jain Group's biomass projects are amongst Madhya Pradesh's early initiatives to set up biomass-based power projects. The centrally-located state currently has a negligible presence in India's biomass power map.

    Source- Project Monitor- June 23-29, 2008

Krishnapatnam mega power project advances

    After nearly two years of delays, the 2x800 mw Krishnapatnam mega thermal power project of Andhra Pradesh Power Development Corporation Ltd in Nellore district is seen moving forward. The turbine-generator package, valued at over Rs 1,500 crore, is likely to be awarded very soon to Larsen & Toubro Ltd which emerged as the lowest bidder, outbidding public sector Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd

    Speaking to Projectmonitor, P.K. Reddy, Advisor - Electrical, APPDCL, said that the price bids for the boiler package would be opened on July 4, with Bhel and L&T being the only two contenders.

    L&T had formed separate joint ventures with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd last year to manufacture boilers and turbine-generators, including those using supercritical technology. This imminent turbine-generator order for the Krishnapatnam project represents the first success of the L&T joint venture.

    Reddy further said that construction work on the main plant package was likely to begin in the next two-three months. Site levelling works and building of compound wall are in progress. By around October, bids for the balance-of-plant package will be invited. "The BoP package can be initiated only after data inputs are available from the BTG contractors," he explained.

    By original timeline, the 2x800 mw coal-fired Krishnapatnam project was to be commissioned within the 11th Plan period, before March 2012. Proposed in 2006, the project represents India's early efforts to use supercritical technology. Background: The Krishnapatnam project was earlier proposed to be developed under the EPC route. When global bids were invited in late 2006, APPDCL had targeted to finalize the contract by May 2007. The bidding process faced a piquant situation when Bhel ended up being the only contender to submit the financial bid. The project that would use supercritical technology had generated interest from international players like Alstom and Toshiba at the RfQ and technical bidding stage. On the advice of the power ministry, the EPC tendering process was cancelled and a three-stage bidding process was adopted where separate bidding was done for the boiler, turbine-generator and balance-of-plant packages.

    Andhra Pradesh Power Development Corporation Ltd is a 50:50 joint venture between Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Co Ltd (APGenco) and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. APPDC was incorporated in March 2006 to implement the Krishnapatnam and Karimnagar (see box) projects on fast track basis.

    Source- Project Monitor - June 23-29, 2008

Coal Based Power Industry

    Promoter: Kedia Power Ltd.

    Cost: 2,500.00

    Completion: NA

    Location: Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

    Kedia Power plans to set up a coal based power unit with a capacity of 500 MW at Krishnapatnam. Financial

    closure achieved and necessary clearances received. Work to commence by December 2008.

    Contact: Shyam Ratan Kedia, Kedia Power Ltd, E-510 Shivkripa Market, Kamela Darwaja, Ring Road, Surat

    395002. Tel: (0261)-2323512 Fax: 2334892 Email: Source: Project Alert, 23 Jun. 08

    Promoter: Rajasthan Textile Mills

    Cost: 66.56

    Completion: August 2008

    Location: Jhalawar, Rajasthan

    The project involves setting up a coal based power unit with a capacity of 18 MW at Bhawani Mandi. The unit will spread over 4.0 ha. Environmental clearances received. Work underway.

    Contact: R K Dubey (Power Plant Incharge, 09819694373), Rajasthan Textile Mills, Pachpahar Road, Bhawani Mandi, Jhalawar 326502. Tel: (07433)- 222052/82/90 Source: Project Alert, 23 Jun. 08

    Promoter: Kedia Power Ltd. Cost: NA

    Completion: NA

    Location: Surguja, Chhattisgarh

    Kedia Power plans to set up a coal based power unit with a capacity of 500 MW at Ambikapur. The unit will

    spread over 1,000 acres. Further details being worked out.

    Contact: Shyam Ratan Kedia, Kedia Power Ltd, E-510 Shivkripa Market, Kamela Darwaja, Ring Road, Surat

    395002. Tel: (0261)-2323512 Fax: 2334892 Email: Source: Project Alert, 23 Jun. 08

    Promoter: Kedia Power Ltd. Cost: NA

    Completion: NA

    Location: Surat, Gujarat

    Kedia Power plans to set up a coal based power unit with a capacity of 225 MW in Surat. Power Purchase Agreement signed. Further details being worked out.

    Contact: Shyam Ratan Kedia, Kedia Power Ltd, E-510 Shivkripa Market, Kamela Darwaja, Ring Road, Surat

    395002. Tel: (0261)-2323512 Fax: 2334892 Email: Source: Project Alert, 23 Jun. 08

    NHPC Limited has signed an MoU with the Jammu & Kashmir Power Development

    Corporation for a 51:49 JV, Chenab Valley Power Projects. The JV is expected to implement the 600 MW Kiru, 1,000 MW Pakal Dul and 520 MW Karwa hydro projects on the Chenab river. The total investment is expected to be Rs 127.2 billion and the projects are expected to be commissioned by 2011-12.

    Source- Indian Infrastructure, May 2008, Vol. 10, No. 10, P. 6

    The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission has given its clearance for the 1,320 MW imported coal-based Cuddalore project. The Rs 60 billion project would be set up by the Cuddalore Power Corporation, a part of the BGR Group. The project also involves

    construction of an exclusive coal jetty to handle imported coal and a captive desalination plant. The project is expected to be commissioned by 2013.

    Source- Indian Infrastructure, May 2008, Vol. 10, No. 10, P. 7

lanco Infratech has won the 1,980 MW Prayagraj supercritical project in Uttar

    Pradesh by quoting the lowest levellised tariff of Rs 2.88 per unit. RPL, NTPC and Jindal

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