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Tess of the D'Urbervilles

It vain I have struggled.It will not do.

    My feelings will not be repressed.

    You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

    In declaring myself thus I’m aware that I will be going expressly against the wishes of my family,

    My friends, and, I hardly need add my own better judgement.

    The ralative situation of our families makes any alliance between us a reprehensible connection.

    As a rational man I cannot but regard it as such myself, but it cannot be helped. Almost from the earliest moments. I have come to feel for you a passionate admiration and regard

    which despite my struggles, has overcome every rational objection

    I beg you, most fervently, to relieve my suffering and consent to be my wife.

    on the tragedy of tess

    Summary ?Tess of the D'Urbervilles was a famous british writer thomass

    hardy, the representative of the classics. Actress tess mentally and physically abused by two men, by a lively young girl into a secular the victim, and eventually become a member of the murderer went to the place of execution. Many critics thought that fate is what caused tess to the root cause of tragedies?Indeed, the fate,to some extent, caused the tragedy of tess. However, in addition, there are other factors directly or indirectly caused the tragedy. so the chief purpose is to further analyse what murder tess.

    Keywords ? pride secular prejudice negligence poor parents

    Tess of the D'Urbervilles was a famous british writer thomas hardy. Related to purity, beauty, the kind girl tess a miserable life, the

    author to the lower classes, and especially in rural women in moral deep sympathy. Good tess should enjoy love and a happy marriage, but on the contrary, her life was rough and bumpy. Many people think of her life in a large extent by some supernatural, such as fate.

    In the novel, tess was a chaste woman in her character, there are no cause of tragedies defect. she was ignorant of what was the invasion, as a victim, waiting for tess's not a society's sympathy and compassion. but strangely. tess began the fierce fight against fate. She gets rid of preying on mind in the past, to pursue her own happiness. but all these is in a no win situation. She was civil society and the sinner, and many of the violation of her setting up. more sad is that the attacker the rick at

    large, tess was alone bear all the injustice. finally, the despair of her death, and spurs jarek paid precious lives. every man is in the hands of the plaything of fate, fate everything. with the fate, never at a disadvantage.

    Tess met the wrong person in the right time, then met the right person in the wrong time. when she tried to contravene the wrong person, not let her rest. the wrong person affected her whole life. When she met the right one, so cruel fate even chance of ever be given to tess. when tess was trying to advise the parties to angier shameful past, her confessed letter

    was under the carpet. And more ruthless when tess given up hope, to succumb to jarek, angier rehabilitation, and tess again. the reader will read it through a pair of invisible hand which played jokes with tess.

    Tesss nature of the self-respect. from the beginning, tesss unwilling

    to call on the relative to seek help. if she hadn't mind that she was killed in the old horse, the prince's murderer, she will never taken that step. Lost her virginity and dragged heavy luggage from the house with no Crea, when

    tess again to provide his love, tess refuses. if we say no to tess temporarily iack ray control, this pride in her after she met angier step towards the tragedy. Angier refused to forgive tess were left her to brazil, tess still struggling to keep alive, waiting for her husband's return to oppose the heart. hard conditions and intense pride to tess had not like being told that to angier parents for help, but alone in shouldering the pain and loneliness.

    Tess in his novels were loaded down with the secular society of her hand and prejudice. to tess was on the back home soon, her cousin with the so-called abnormal will spread quickly in Mahler county. the neighbours were at the so-called immoral behaviour. even on her friends think she is not the original tess. Tess was trying to get rid of the shadows from gossip, so she is a day to relax only limited to activities of the sunset the woods for a walk. tess's new baby was baptized in no case of death, and tess's father refused to please, because he thought her and her children have made their noble family and should not let the priest prying

    into his family. For tess had to do your own child baptized. to tess's father died, the horror of this concept and they were forced to move from place to live, the homeless.

    Poverty was caused tess to acknowledge his own clan the most direct reasons. when he is noble, tess father's satisfaction. the drink was his father, and tess to father for the night on the hive.during the trip.Tess and his brother was asleep and suddenly they were a bad thing, woke, her carriage and the collision, the accident to the prince of life. Tess is only know the horse will not have any effect, she shamed, the severity of his responsibility. meanwhile, except that the royal blood, their house is really nothing.

    With guilt, she obeyed his mother's advice to help families overcome the difficulties brought by the poverty. in brazil, which tess returned home to care for the poor family. her father's death left their unsustainable. poverty reduced tess had to be submitted to iack ray. Tess of the poor family by many factors. among the most important reason for his dereliction of duty is. tess's father is a drunkard. Tess, though only seventeen, but as a family, her eldest daughter had to bear the responsibilities of the family. Parents their duty is not only caused tess to families in poor, and finally in a disguised form and sparked a series of unfortunate. tess's father knew he was exalted to the family, he thought of getting above themselves.

    When tess's mother wouldn't come to persuade her husband, and let her go to acknowledge his own clan and to marry a rich man's foolish idea. when tess invasion and refused to marry iack ray, tess's mother was feeling very depressed and disappointed, she kept complaining about her coming to her, not for the family's sake. She may even accuse her that if you don't want to marry iack ray should be more careful. tess's mother had never thought of the fact that she had not warned her that she had the face of danger.

    Tess of the tragedy and the two men iack thunder and angell

    closely iack for women. that man's plaything, he told her the more because of acquisitiveness, and lust ?And angier the contrary, he told her opinion

    was more rational, he is the spiritual understand tess, and refused to go to a true home to tess. iack come from physically destroyed tess, grinding him like a ghost as keeps bothering her, the worry that tess ashamed to meet people, like other people right to live. to tess from home and went to a no man know her. even so, she's past is always on her mind that she can't get.

    For angier, tess was desirous of his love. love is like a poison as tess accepted and destroyed his life. love is sweet to tess and angier out of their own troubles. angier knew the past of tess, the true love is for tess had to go to the poison. tess knees angier forgive yourself, the only angier cruel rejected. Tess is a relatively independent, but in her spiritual extreme

    dependence on angell. to tess a deep down, she believed angell than she, suppose what he said is all right. surface, angier is hundred times better than iack, but he gave her the ribbon in less than iack ray. Angier refused to forgive caused tess was crazed with grief. there was no angell days, in order to survive, tess to go to the farm for living.

    There, on the one hand, tess to put up with the farmer's, on the other hand, tess tries to resist the temptation. all the time iack tess still reserve angier love, and criticized and accountable. Although the turn, angier finally returned to her and would be reconciled with its all for tess, but it was too late. Tess was no alternative but to the case to the embrace of iack. faced with an unrepentant to the angier, tess again into his affection for him, choking with her love for iack anger in a moment, lead to tess will iack stabbed to death in her undying love.

    In the novel, tess bear a great distress, she longed to escape from the shadows and life of misery. but she's a difficult choice made her position gone from bad to worse. it is obvious that tess of the tragedy was caused by fate. Some other important reason for example, her pride, prejudice and neglect and parents are directly or indirectly lead to this tragedy. tess's destiny to die by chance a little joke. the interaction, and beauty, purity, the kind girl tess on the death.

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