Hector Berlioz

By Roger Cook,2014-09-22 11:43
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Hector Berlioz

    Hector Berlioz’s life was really hard and difficult. Music, as for him, was a way to express his emotion. His most famous work is Symphonie fantastique. I think Symphonie fantastique has successfully told stories and feelings to the audiences. It’s known that Hector Berlioz wrote Symphonie fantastique for Harriet Smithson. Berlioz had 3 marriage including one of the girl was Harriet, but all of them didn’t keep forever. Even though, The Symphonie fantastique which is telling the love to Harriet is the witness of Berlioz’s unchangeable emotion. But of course, except the love, Shakespeare’s work helped him a lot too.

    Before the forth movement, Berlioz’s imagination was still in a depress and also

    desire emotion. But in the forth movement has changed. He was already in the dead abyss. Attractive between death and fear and the horrible power of supernatural get all the control. Before Berlioz, there were no one got bravery to get into this area. Artist had dreamed that he killed his love, sentenced to death, and walked to get the execution.

    Maybe because I don’t listen lots of music styles, so far, I don’t know there is a musician tells story without lyrics.

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