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    Improving methods of communication between students and school



    Major: English

    Class: class six

    Collegecollege of foreign languages

Project Title:

     Improving methods of communication between students and school Project justification:

     The survey I made about students communication with school

    among 500 students in our colleague suggests that 72% of participators have a feeling of lacking communication with school for teachers turn to their other works after class and few of us will go to meet other school members to pour out our questions. We have conferences to state our issues usually, but its slow for our need of problem solving and still there are some cases we cant speak to public directly. As lacking

    communication is an obstacle to students problem solving as well as long

    term development of our school, we eagerly need to complete our communication methods.

    The proposed approaches

    A. Build information collecting boxes in school building to gather students voices

    B. Save a section of school newspaper and do it as a mutual communication part

    C. Give answer to most concerning questions through newspaper and bulletin board and send letter as for private issue

     Project objectives

    A. Through build accessible information collecting boxes, make students

thinking easily heard by our school leaders.

    B. Shape our already existed school newspaper to be flexible and more useful for communication by changing style of part of the paper. C. Improve responding efficiency to students question in using the

    newspaper bulletin board and private letters.

    Expected result

    A. Information collecting boxes will be built in every living building as well as every teaching building and question papers are collected and sent to principals daily.

    B. A new section will be set in school newspaper and together with bulletin board give answer to students concerning question.

    C. An answer-letter group will be built with the response of writing back to private papers

    Detail activity plan information collecting boxes

     Start End Responsibility

    Design modal box June 15 June25 Modal designer

    Boxes making June 28 July 3 Implement Factory

    Setting July 5 July 15 Implement workers

    2. Design commutative section of school newspaper

    Design format June 20 July 15 Graphic designer

    3.daily activity afterwards

    Collect letters Daily Letter collecting men

    Back to newspaper Two papers for key Professor teachers and

    and bulletin board issue every two day school leaders

    Back to private letter Daily Duty teachers and

    school leaders

    Time order of activities

     June 15 - June 30 July 1 -July 15 Later Build boxes ;;;;;; ;;;;;;

    Design newspaper ;;;; ;;;;;;

    Activities after ;;;;...

    The project will be hold according to activity plan and time schedual if

    there is no exceptional case so that our project will be finished on time.

    Project personnel and budget

    Starting phase

     resources number Cost per unit Total cost

    1 1000 1000 Modal designer

     4 500 2000 Implement worker


    1 1500 1500 Graphic designer

    Equipment Information boxes 40 15 600

    Total budget in starting phase 3100

    Daily operation phase

     resources number Cost per month

     Letter collecting man 2 1000

    salaries Newspaper responding person 3 1500

    private letter responding person 5 2500

    Total budget in daily operation phase per month 5000

    Because most of implement workers do not need to work whole day, I

    just list the overall reasonable budget.

    Evaluation and Conclusion

    Our self management organization will evaluate the result of

    this project through investigation among our students every week. All of

    our school students and teachers will supervise this work. We hope that

    our students will benefit a more on-limits communication environment in

    the project and our university may get a long term development with free


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