Dutch International Student Trainee Agreement

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The educational institution can end this agreement, having heard the educational supervisor, the student-traineeand the on-site supervisor if the


    Dutch Student Trainee Agreement

    PART I

    ; A copy of the passport of the student-trainee must be attached to

    this form

    ; This form must be present at the address where the internship is


Personal information international student

    Family name First name Date of birth day/month/year Place of birth Citizen of Is a residence permit required? Yes/No

    Dutch residence permit number Is a copy of the passport Yes/No attached? Telephone


    Home address during the internship


    Information Dutch educational institution

    Name of educational institution Address Telephone E-mail Unit of educational programme (e.g. faculty)

    Name of Educational Supervisor Telephone Fax E-mail Information host organisation


    Name of host organisation

    Internship address for student-trainee during the training period




    Name of on-site Supervisor




    Internship agreement

    Article 1: Objectives and tasks of the internship

    ; The purpose of this internship is to provide the student with experience

    of the practical application of theoretical knowledge he or she has

    already acquired and to acquire new skills and knowledge. The host

    organisation and the educational institution will ensure that the student-

    trainee is given tasks and responsibilities according to the level of

    competence of the student and the educational objectives for the training

    period. This agreement therefore is not an employment contract.

    ; Educational objectives: skills and knowledge to be acquired, defined

    by the Educational Supervisor.

    ; Tasks of student-trainee: responsibilities in order to meet these

    objectives, defined by the on-site Supervisor in consultation with the

    Educational Supervisor.

Article 2: Supervision and evaluation

    ; The educational institution (or unit of educational programme like a

    faculty) will assign an Educational Supervisor responsible for the

    student's internship and the host organisation will name an on-site

    Supervisor. If any problems arise, the on-site Supervisor will contact the

    Educational Supervisor.

    ; At the end of the internship the educational institution requires a report

    from the student-trainee, the detailed requirements for this report will be

    available to the student before the internship begins. The host

    organisation will be presented a copy of this report.

    ; The host organisation will provide the student-trainee with an evaluation

    of his or her internship as well as a written confirmation that the

    scheduled work programme has been undertaken and completed.



    Article 3: Internship arrangements

    ; The number of envisaged ECTS points for the internship:

    ; The training period will take place excluding the (parts of) days that the

    staff of host organisation is not working:

    from to

    ; The daily schedule of working hours of the host organisation applies to

    the student. The minimal hours per week of internship will be:

; Student-trainee will not be present at the host organisation on:

    ; The student-trainee must comply with all the regulations of the host


    ; The compensation for expenses per month will be:

; The compensation for travel expenses will be:

; The host organisation offers the necessary facilities for the student-

    trainee to execute his tasks and achieve his/her objectives.

    ; The student-trainee is obliged to apply secrecy to his or her activities

    during the internship at the host organisation if requested by the host


    ; The author’s rights on the achieved results lie with the student-trainee if

    not explicitly regulated otherwise. Both the student-trainee and the Dutch

    educational institution may use the results for internal purposes without

    consultation of the host organisation..

    ; The written internship report must be presented to the on-site supervisor

    before it is handed in to the educational supervisor.

    Article 4: Social protection / Insurance

    ; The host organisation will protect the student-trainee against any form of

    intimidation or discrimination at the workplace. The principle of equal

    rights will prevail.

    ; According to Dutch law (art. 7:658 lid 4 Burgerlijk Wetboek) the host

    organisation is liable for injuries and damage that the student-trainee

    may suffer from during his/her internship.

    ; The student-trainee will make sure that an insurance is concluded for

    accidents and liability in the workplace by either the host organisation or

    the student-trainee itself according to Dutch law.

    Accidents insurance number

    Liability insurance number

    Article 5: Dispute

    The student-trainee addresses the on-site supervisor of the host organisation in


    the first place in case of a dispute. If the dispute cannot be settled amicably

    between the student-trainee and the on-site supervisor it will be presented to the educational supervisor in order to try to reach a solution suitable to all parties.

Article 6: End and ending of the internship

    1. The internship ends

     a After the period agreed in article 3.

     b If the student-trainee ends his study at the Dutch educational institution.

     c If all parties agree to end the internship.

     d If the student-trainee dies.

     e If the host organisation is bankrupt or will be dissolved.

    2. The host organisation can end this agreement, having heard the student-

    trainee and educational supervisor :

     a If the on-site supervisor concludes that the student-trainee is not

    following the rules of the host organisation or the directions of the on-site


     b If the student-trainee does not comply with the regulations with regard to

    secrecy as agreed upon in article 3.

     c If the student-trainee acts in a way that a host organisation cannot be

    requested to accept according good reason.

     The on-site supervisor informs the educational supervisor about any ending

    of the internship.

    3. The educational institution can end this agreement, having heard the

    educational supervisor, the student-trainee and the on-site supervisor if the

    educational institution concludes that the internship is not complying with

    the educational objectives and/or the tasks laid out in this agreement or the

    student-trainee cannot be requested to deal with issues according to good

    reason. The educational supervisor informs the on-site supervisor about

    any ending of the internship.

Article 7: General provisions

    1. Deviations from the articles in this agreement must be agreed upon in writing by the educational supervisor, the student-trainee and the on-site supervisor.

    2. This agreement will be governed by Dutch law.


    The signatories confirm the accuracy of all statements made on this form and

    agree to all principles and articles expressed therein.

    ; Name of educational institution

    Signature, stamp and date

    ; Name of host organisation

    Signature, stamp and date


; Name of international student

Signature and date

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