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By Jeanette Taylor,2014-09-22 11:33
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Report 1

I attended a concert named Americana Celebrating Great American Poets &

    Composers in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on last Saturday. Its main part is choir.

    It was performed by Chabot College Chamber Choir which has four sopranos, four altos, seven tenors, and nine basses. Moreover, there were a conductor and a pianist in the concert.

    They performed fourteen songs, including I Hear America Singing, The Gift to Be Simple, Roots and Leaves, Frostiana which includes The Road Not Taken and Choose Something Like A Star, The Boatmen’s Dance, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Ching-A-Ring Chaw, He’s Gone Away, Shenandoah, Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier, Kansas Boys, The Terrible Tale of Tom Gilligan, I Dream A World and Rejoice and Sing.

    The Boatmen’s Dance, He’s Gone Away and Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier are

    solo, the choir sang as background. The rest of the songs are choir. There are several songs have their own soliloquies. The song Shenandoah is the only song without piano, is a

    sight singing song.

    The concert only had one instrument, piano, but was not simple. Instead, it’s beautiful. But I think, the vocals should count as instrument too. I have learned about choir in this concert. Normally, there are four parts in it. Soprano, tenor, alto and brass. A conductor is needed, too. For making vocal voice of choir prominent, the background instrument has to be simple, like piano in this concert. If we want to emphasize one part, other parts have to sing in a low voice.

Solo is very familiar. The voice is used as background which called chorus, can’t be


    I did enjoy the concert that day. The choir had a good performance. Especially the song The Terrible Tale of Tom Gilligan, between the performance, tenors and basses sang with a lower sound, made the song funnier and more impressive. Soprano whistled the melody. The whole song let the church surround a relax, happy and lovely enviroment. In the last song, Rejoice and Sing, the choir clapt as the beats. It

     was really attractive. I had a lot of fun in the concert!

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