Ludwig van Beethoven

By Justin Williams,2014-09-22 11:43
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Ludwig van Beethoven

     Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the greatest musicians in the music history. Not only did he inherit the Classical music from Mozart and Haydn, but only started the Romantic music. He was in a hard life, but what happened to him made a music giant, and opened a new music generation!

    In his early years, he effected by Classical music. He learned from Haydn and other Classical music composers. That's why Beethovens early works

    were Classical. Like three piano trios op.1 and three piano sonatas op.2. But by the time went by, Beethoven was not satisfied with the old style. the Pathetique and the Moonlight Sonata had represented only the most obvious

    innovations in style and emotional content. As the hearing went down, he knew that he was sort of run out of his time. So he decided to enter a new creative phase, which was called middle period. The Third Symphony Eroica was

    composed at that time. The most obvious signature is heroism. And that was

    the same signature as the Romantic music. So, I think that is the beginning of the Romantic music.

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